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Instead of simply buying the cheapest suitcase you find, match your luggage with your travel needs. With the summer travel season in full swing, Americans are setting off for destinations near and far.
We have displayed some brilliant prices in the UK for lightweight suitcase in Bags .To narrow your lightweight suitcase search you can use the list of Refined Categories on the right or further drill down by using PriceInspector's search bar at the top. Designed with 4 swivel wheels and retractable tow handles for ease of use, the Z-frame EVA black trolley case features a waterproof base, clothes retaining straps and interlocking zips, all designed to keep your luggage as safe as possible. Perfect for those want to make the most of their baggage allowance, these lightweight cases starts from just 1.8kg. Hitting the high street in their thousands, the traditional shopping trolley has come a long way in recent years.
Weighing between the weight of an iPad (18") and the weight of a laptop (32"), the Aerolite range ensures that you'll spend less time worrying about meeting baggage weight restrictions, and more time enjoying your holiday. About Aerolite The Aerolite brand is proud to offer the world's lightest luggage sets, helping to ensure millions of travellers worldwide enjoy more of their travelling experience.

This unique design two wheel suitcase offers the trend aware and exclusive print at a great price.
The case features telescopic push handle, two large easy access front pockets and corner wheels for stability.
While the cost-conscious travelers among us may gravitate toward the cheapest suitcase they can find, shopping on cost alone could backfire.
Just ask the writer (yours truly), whose suitcase handle broke during what might otherwise have been an idyllic walk from the Paris Metro to a hotel.Michele Marini Pittenger, president of the Travel Goods Association, a national organization for the travel products industry, points out that there are some remote destinations where fixing or replacing damaged luggage just isn't feasible (fortunately, Paris doesn't have that problem), so broken bags can ruin the experience. Are you a business traveler who needs a sharp-looking rollerboard suitcase to fit in an overhead bin?
She says she replaced her bags for free four years after purchase thanks to the lifetime warranty.
Her husband takes short trips to Europe and Asia with friends and prefers not to check bags, so he chooses ones "with as much interior packing space as possible and straps [that are] lightweight but beefy enough to be comfortable."When shopping for herself, however, Whitt opts for waterproof fabrics, since her luggage might be strapped to the top of a vehicle for transport, and two sturdy wheels.
Nowadays, most airlines charge for checked bags unless you have status with that airline or a rewards credit card.

Buying luggage from a brick-and-mortar store gives you the chance to see and feel a suitcase or bag in person before you buy.
If durability is important to you, see how the suitcase functions when it's filled with stuff. If youa€™re buying luggage online, read lots of online reviews from fellow travelers to get a feel for durability, storage space and so on.
Other shoppers will let you know if the stuff is legit." Many online retailers run special sales or offer discount codes, so search online for those before you buy.

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