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My best bag is an ollie and Nic becuase it was the first expensive bag I ever bought myself.
The best bag I have ever had is a ruck sack from next which my family says looks like a dead cat.
My favourite bag is a Liz Clairborne shoulder bag that I’ve used and loved for many years. My best bag was a beautiful green suede Accessorize one which I loved, but a year travelling round Australia with me pretty much ruined it! My best bag is a Kickers one I bought that lasted through 4 years of being dragged round uni with books etc in. My best ever bag was a bright red cuboid handbag that I bought in the Clarks sale when I worked a Saturday job there as a teenager.
My best bag was a leather bag that my husband bought me in Belgium many years ago, it took great courage to throw it out after it had way gone by it’s sell by date. The best bag i ever had was in college i had a quicksilver sholder bag it was so girlie and gorgeous but was used so much just ended up all tatty so i had to say goodbye now all i have is a plain black changing bag i use for my daughter which is starting to look well used lol !!!! My best bag has to be the one i’m using now, it is a baby changing bag by koto from boots. My best bag was a plain black leather one I bought from TJ Hughes for the bargain price of ?15.99, I used to carry my life round in it, unfortunately one of the handles snapped but I did get 4 years use out of it. The best bag I ever had was a free baby changing bag I received when I was pregnant with my son. However, the one that I remember is a bright canary yellow one that my mum insisted on me taking to my first interview.

When I was at school I had an old-style battered satchel which was Tardis-like in that it could hold more text books and Jackie magazines than you would think possible. The best bag I have is a matthew williams one, its great as it has lot of seperate compartment, however its ready for the bin I have used it to its death! Just the bag I am looking for, I am a stay at home dad and have a 6month old daughter I look after so this bag would suit me fine.
My son has seen this on the tv and really want one so I thought why not enter who knows his wish might come true. Not the most attractive (nice though) but if nuclear war struck it would survive along with the wasps. It had loads of compartments for nappies, wipes etc and also had a little see through plastic wallet attached inside for used wipes etc to be contained in so they didnt contaminate the rest of the bag!! I love my big black Radley bag as it will hold EVERYTHING but I think my favourite is actually my Nica Nemo Grab Bag.
It is my favourite as it has lots of room and pockets and the most ‘trendy’ looking bag I have ever owned! Well as a result the  YUU bag (activity centre more like!)  was born, You basically purchase a voucher and kids get to go online to YUU world and design what they want to go inisde their bag then it is persoanlised and sent to them.
The rest of the bag is red,with a zipper pocket for my purse a pocket for a bottle and pen holders.

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