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Living in the Northwest we have so many wonderful options for budget friendly or cheap weekend getaways. Here are our favorite picks this week, for some great deals you can get on Pacific Northwest Getaways. If you want to know what some of these destinations are like, be sure to check out our northwest travel reviews page for some of our favorite affordable getaways (and savings tips).
Be sure to check out our Northwest Travel Reviews page, to get more inspiration for cheap weekend getaway ideas!
If you are thinking about Disneyland, we have created an entire page with Disneyland Savings tips too here. If you’re a Costco member, find out how to save on travel using the Costco Travel services here. This site contains affiliate links of which I would get part of the sale should there be one.
Schools make cheap couples weekend getaways not only because they provide inexpensive concerts and performances but also because there are usually numerous low costs restaurants near these universities in which to add to your savings when eating out beforehand or afterwards.
If you’re trying to keep your costs down so you can relax, have fun, and enjoy each others company at a price you can deal with, whatever tool, resource, or cheap vacation ideas you can take advantage of will bring you that much closer to inexpensive but still great weekend getaways for couples cheap!
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Like a lot of websites, Warner's use cookies to provide a better online service to you.  If you're happy with this, simply carry on looking for your perfect break or find out how to manage cookies. Book a cheap weekend break with Warner Leisure Hotels and be spoilt for choice with great activities, fine dining and superb entertainment. We have 9 hotels in the UK, which include Grade I and II listed buildings and an amazing Castle, and 4 coastal resorts located by the sea. Our cheap weekend breaks include all the leisure and entertainment from one of our regular breaks but at a special offer price. Our cheap weekend breaks sell out fast, so don't miss out! For our best deals we recommend that you frequently visit our site as our offers are regularly updated. Our latest cheap weekend break options include exclusive online savings of up to 20% off and spa break offers including save up to ?250 per room we offer throughout the year. Other cheap weekend break offers can be found using the search boxes below. For full information on what we offer, you can start planning a cheap weekend break from the options below or choose to find out more about our other short breaks. If you’re looking to enjoy a coastal getaway or a country retreat within the next 2 weeks, explore our selection of last minute breaks for a great saving.
Whether you want to relax, unwind and be pampered for 2 or 3 nights we have the perfect Spa break for you! Cost of calling Warner *Calls cost no more than calls to geographic numbers (01 or 02) and must be included in inclusive minutes and discount schemes in the same way. Getting from Madrid to Lisbon is pretty inexpensive, with plane fares as low as 25 euros each way on Easyjet. Granada is about a five hour drive or bus ride south of Madrid and makes a great weekend getaway year round. Granada makes an ideal weekend break for those who adore the outdoors, as its gorgeous mountains are ideal for ski trips and hiking excursions. The small country of Andorra borders Spain and France, and makes one of the best (and closest) escapes from Spain available.
It may be a touristy place, but the options to escape the masses and get in touch with nature are infinite, so don’t worry about crowds! Only 4 hours by bus from Madrid, tickets to Valencia are around 25 euros each way, making this journey one of the most ideal cheap weekend breaks from Madrid. Visiting Valencia is an easy cheap vacation because the main attraction are its beautiful beaches. Another lovely beach town, Malaga is located in the south of Spain beckoning visitors with vistas of sand and ocean as well as surrounding hills and traditional Spanish architecture.
Malaga is not a town that overwhelms with its list of “Things to See.” The beach, of course, is the most important place to visit in town, and you can spend hours walking up and down the coast and stopping for a bite to eat along the way. Ryanair has great cheap flights to Bilbao (around 40€ roundtrip!) that will have you in this fun northern city in no time. Bilbao is also home to the Guggenheim Museum, which, if you can’t afford going inside, is still really amazing from the outside, and its many angles will have photography fans fascinated!
For cheap weekend breaks from Madrid the list doesn’t get much better, these eight destinations are an incredible way to spend your weekend! Weekend getaways can be very pricey when you factor in the cost of entertainment, food, travel, and miscellaneous expenses. Several times a year, major websites offer various promotions and discounts for vacationers.
In addition to enjoying deeply discounted rates, off-season travel also allows you to relax during your trip.

Popular tourists destinations are usually more expensive than off-the-beaten path destinations.
Cheap All Inclusive Vacations Nowadays, cheap all inclusive vacations are being offered worldwide by a lot of different resorts. Cheap Honeymoon Packages Weddings are expensive, so many couples do not have a lot of money left over for an extravagant honeymoon. Cheap Trips With the right information, anyone can come up with a great plan on taking cheap trips for great cheap vacations.
Cheap Train Tickets Planning your rail travels can put a dent in your wallet if you're not careful. Within driving distance we can see the mountains, wine country, beaches, and city getaways. Be sure to bookmark this page (or pin it to your travel board here) as we will be updating it weekly (each Thursday) with new ideas! Book a two-night stay for two in the Shining Star, Shining Eagle, Deluxe Cowboy, or Cowboy Boutique Room Sundays to Thursdays for $259 or Fridays and Saturdays for $379 with dates available into October (blackout dates apply).
Have you stayed at the Lion and Rose before – we would love to hear about the hotel if you have (or do decide to stay).
Room rates are $49.00 per person per night including dinner and breakfast for each day of your stay. We have some great break ideas whether you're looking for a cheap weekend break with lively entertainment, adventurous activities or a relaxing spa break. You may also wish to sign up to our email newsletter for regular updates on our promotions and offers.
Calls from landlines are typically charged up to 9p per minute; calls from mobiles typically cost between 8p and 40p per minute. The flight takes around 6 hours each way (there’s a layover), but the trip is easy to make over a three or four day weekend. Even if you don’t make it to the mountain, you can see the beautiful snow capped peaks from just about anywhere in Granada capital, even during the summer months!
You can usually find cheap flights and also have the option of driving– from Madrid it takes about six hours.
With breathtaking mountain views, especially when covered in crisp, white snow, Andorra is a must for anyone looking for a quick and inexpensive weekend getaway. Flights can be even cheaper than the bus if you plan your trip far in advance, but in a pinch, the bus does just fine! Playa de la Malvarrosa and Playa de las Arrenas are the two beaches in town, quite close to one another in case one is too busy. Public buses and metros do exist, and busses run often between the stations and the center of town. Train tickets from Madrid to Salamanca cost under 20 euros each way, and the trip lasts fewer than three hours.
The seafood rice dishes are just amazing, and the slow pace of life and hot sun will make the day seem endless and heavenly. With plenty of centrally located hostels to choose from, I’d recommend one near all of the pintxo bars, to make staggering home in a food coma much easier!
You can also take an inexpensive cable car to the top of a large hill and see the best view in the city. Finding cheap weekend getaways is possible if you track the rates and make your purchase at the best time. There are several months a year when the hotel and resort industry slows down, including the start of the school semester and after holidays. If you feel as if you need a break and you want to spend a few days away, head out of town without spending a fortune.
We have access to family vacations, romantic escapes, outdoor vacations or urban site seeing.
Because Lisbon isn’t a tourist hotspot the way some other European cities are, prices for hotels and hostels aren’t so inflated.
Walking through the old neighborhoods is what it’s all about, and there’s nothing much better than sitting up on the hills with a glass of vinho verde and looking out over the city and the ocean below! Make sure to take in a sunset from the Alhambra, known to be among the most beautiful in the world. Located in the Eastern Pyrenees Mountains, Andorra is undoubtedly one of the peninsula’s best spots for winter skiing and summer hiking, and many tourists also choose to accompany these activities by a stay in a rural cabin in the winter, or a camping tent in the summer.
If you need some time out of the sun, the Jardines del Turia and Valencia’s Old Town are beautiful areas to wander through. Some choose to leave very early in the morning, others very late at night, so as to have the maximum amount of daylight in the stunning city of Seville.

However, if you travel light, you can walk from the bus station to almost anywhere in the historic city without taking much longer than 20 or 30 minutes. The city is much smaller than any of the previous ones mentioned, so you can easily spend only one night there and still have time to wander through the city streets.
If you’re a bit more active, there are hiking and swimming options for you in and around town. The thing about weekend getaways is they are great for unwinding, refreshing, and spending time with your family.
This makes comparison shopping a breeze, so you are able to plan cheap weekend getaways quickly. If you are looking for a low-key getaway, the off-season is a perfect time to hit the road. Airlines charge high baggage fees and cheap weekend getaways can quickly turn into several hundred dollar vacations.
Even if you are not the adventurous outdoor type, you can still avoid the most expensive destinations.
You'll find everything from ways to save at the grocery store, online shopping deals, free or affordable family events in the Northwest, dining discounts, frugal DIY tips and much more! A private room at hostels like Lisbon Central Hostal, cost only 25 euros per person for private rooms (dorms, of course, would be even cheaper). Food is delicious and inexpensive, and the more hole-in-the-wall a restaurant is, the better it will probably taste. Granada also offers some of the south’s prettiest beaches, and the locals are known to escape the month of August on the coast. And if you want to splurge a bit, go visit the aquarium, an incredible architectural wonder full of amazing creatures. Hostels are very affordable and shockingly beautiful and clean, many with rooftop gardens and a variety of free activities. Once settled into your room, wander through the city and look at the brightly colored buildings and bell towers. The architecture of Salamanca exhibits a beautiful sandstone color, and all of it is built in the same style. Just like traveling to Seville, some choose to make the voyage overnight so they can sleep on the bus. A vacation spent outdoors is what Malaga is all about, so take a pair of shorts and your sandals and you’ll be ready to go.
Small portions of food usually skewed with a toothpick and served on a small slice of bread, they are Basque style tapas and you’ll find them in bars all around the city. If you end stressed because of the cost, you are defeating the purpose of the mini-vacation. In some cases, travelers can find hotel and flight discounts for more than 50% the in-season rate.
Since you are only planning a weekend away, there is nothing wrong with checking out a small local town. The nightlife is alive and well in Lisbon, with more bars than clubs making for an even more budget-friendly going out agenda! Food in Valencia is not as expensive as in Madrid, and you certainly can’t leave town without sampling the famous paella.
Moreover, the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca looks magical at night when the building facade lights up. Drive a few hours, find a charming bed & breakfast, and enjoy a break from your usual routine. With a little extra time, day trips to towns like Sintra and Belem are easy and inexpensive too, and totally worth it if you have the chance! Valencia is known as being the birthplace of paella, and their dishes are world renowned as the very best.
Open-air markets also appear throughout the week, so you’ll never lack things to see or do. And of course, don’t forget the wonderfully delicious and incredibly cheap tapas of Seville.
Such a small place doesn’t need much time, so this cheap weekend break is perfect for those on a tight time schedule who just need a little time away.

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