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Since there is no VAT on the Chanel handbags in Hong Kong, it is common to think that the handbags are much cheaper.
If you’ve ever travelled to Hong Kong, you’ll see that most of the locals are crazy about European labels. Since there are less Chanel shops in Hong Kong than there is in the western world, the demand is higher. It strange that HK is more expensive, because all the time i though there are no tax in hk so must be cheaper.

Hong Kong is more expensive simply because there is more demand, there are billions of people living in china alone. The cost to export the bags from these countries to the US and to HK should be around the same price.
With a high demand, the Chanel handbags in HK are considerably more expensive than in the United States.
I decided to compare the Chanel handbag prices in Honk Kong with the prices of the bags in the United States.

Therefore, the cost to transport the bags should not make a huge difference in how the overall prices of the bags.

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