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Search for website,faster to find what you need,like hot keywords:celine luggage,Celine Trapeze,celine purse,Celine Phantom etc. Celine Luggage Nano Bag Black Pink Apricot Come with serial numbers,authenticity card,dust bag and care booklet. What you can receive the designer Replica Celine Luggage Nano Bag Black Pink Apricot is just the same with the pictures here you see. Finally, I have started an album of all the Nano pics of the different colors I can find, and it is located here for anyone who wants to look at it. I am an LV girl, and I had no clue about Celine until just recently when I browsed through a magazine.

The latest colors for Celine Nano and Mini Luggage bags consists of dark hues in burgundy, navy blue, black and brown. Buying a Celine Mini Luggage Tote bag from a previous season at a reputable designer consignment store is a great option now that prices are rising.
Celine Luggage Nano Bag Come with serial numbers, Celine authenticity card, Celine dust bag and Celine care booklet.
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I would like a lighter colored bag as I already have a Givenchy maxi black Nightingale and med Midnight PS1.

Here is a picture of the Nano bag in yellow, as sent to me from my Nordstrom's SA back in January.
I apologize in advance for not remembering exactly which store sent me which photo and when, but at least you can see what is available. I believe they are sold out right now, but you can check other stores or keep tabs on the Finds and Intels thread.

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