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By now, most of you have probably considered the advantages and disadvantages of buying a Celine bag.
So many bags at virtually every price point mirror the Luggage Tote's shape, proportion and flared gussets that we've done not one but two roundups to demonstrate the enduring trend.
Phoebe Philo, Celine's creative director, also oversaw the creation of the Chloe Paddington and Silverado Bags in her time at Chloe.
Celine bags have been an industry favorite since more or less the moment that LVMH brought on Phoebe Philo. I remember the first time I spotted the matte grey Celine Phantom Luggage tote with neon orange edging.
I can totally understand not wanting to carry a bag that you feel like everyone else already has, but Celine's line goes so far beyond the Luggage and Trapeze bags. As LVMH, Celine's parent company, has recently realized, obvious logos have become something of a fashion liability.
I thought I had seen and processed my thoughts on every Luggage Tote imaginable in the years since its debut, but this past weekend, I walked past a woman in my neighborhood carrying the Luggage Tote in box calf leather, the same as is used for the Classic Box Bags. Because of the status and taste-level that a wisely chosen Celine bag can telegraph to those around you, the bag can often have the effect of making everything that's worn with it look more purposeful, more considered and almost infinitely more tasteful. I have not purchased a Celine bag at this point, I have considered it several times but in the last few years Givenchy has received my bag budget dollars. I just purchased my FIRST celine Shoulder luggage in black pebbled leather and I cannot wait to receive it next week! The one and only reason that I won’t waste my time buying a Celine bag is because they have terrible customer service post-purchase. So I’ve had it back for less than 1,5 month now and haven’t even used it everyday, but last week I noticed that the glue on the inside pocket just above the zipper had given up too and later that day the metal hardware that keeps the bag and the handle together broke! Here's Hilary Duff, taking a break from balancing her baby boy Luca on her hip to taunt us with yet another Celine Luggage Tote that she's added to the hoard.
I have a minor beef with this colorway of the Luggage Tote - I think the weird bright white, black, and beige combo makes the front panel look prematurely aged. When a newly revitalized Celine debuted the Luggage Tote in 2010 under the direction of industry heavyweight Phoebe Philo, it wasn’t immediately clear that the design would turn into the industry-altering heavyweight that it has. It’s impossible to pinpoint exactly where the tipping point occurred, but the first time I remember really taking notice of the Luggage Tote, it was on the arm of an Olsen twin.
In the intervening seasons, certain sizes have been discontinued and others introduced, prices have nearly doubled and new materials and colors abound. We’ve got a long list of these that we’re hoping to put together in the future! I love the Celine Mini Luggage but mine has become softer and softer, it was starting to deform. I love this post, thanks a lot there is so much confusion on the Boston bag, micro, nano etc. Many Celine bags under on offer at Saks in Greenwich, but I’m not sure if that was true a year ago when you wrote your comment. I eventually fell for the PS1 (after it had been out for a few years), but for some reason, I cannot get into these bags. But as iconic as it has become these past few years, something tells me that it will not last. If I remember correctly, drummed leather has suede while smooth leather has leather inside. I bought a celine micro in a solid cream color and goatskin and it was 3100$ Not 2900$…when I was in Barneys the other day I saw a nano in a solid taupe color for 3300$… How is this possible?!
La Celine Luggage Tote e una borsa nata sotto una buona stella, e una delle borse di punta della collezione primavera estate che, visto l’enorme successo, e stata proposta anche nella nuova collezione autunno inverno 2010 2011 in nuove varianti di colore.
La prima delle celebrities a sfoggiare questa bag e stata Mary Kate Olsen che l’ha indossata lo scorso marzo in una glamour versione in total black e nella versione mini, la piu piccola. Lily Allen invece ne sceglie una versione in blu cobalto in suede con inserti in pelle martellata leggermente piu chiari, certamente la borsa piu estrosa delle tre.

A conferma del successo di questa bag, la troviamo anche tra le mani di Leighton Meester che sfoggia la Celine Luggage Tote nei panni di Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. La Celine Luggage Tote indossata da Leighton Meester e in pelle di coccodrillo color crema con inserti in pelle di vitello blu scuro.
The Luggage's success also set the stage for the Trapeze and Trio bags to proliferate their details out across the industry, so much so that it's rare to find a designer bag that's been produced in the past year that hasn't been influenced in some small (or not-so-small) way by Celine's ultra-covetable collections. Having that much success in bags is not just a happy accident; Philo's prowess took Celine from an nearly moribund afterthought to a perennial industry frontrunner almost overnight. Although the incredibly wide popularity of the Luggage Tote has diluted its fashionable message a bit (as happens when any bag reaches such an enormous audience, even the Birkin), a carefully chosen Celine accessory can say on your behalf what never sounds convincing when said aloud: that you've got razor-sharp taste and know exactly where the fashion conversation is headed.
I was walking down Madison Avenue in the Upper East Side and did a double-take at the woman walking past me with it on her arm.
Even the Classic Box Bag, which has been around for as long as the Luggage, is still devastatingly elegant and somewhat under-appreciated, not to mention bags like the Edge, the All Soft and Celine's various clutches and pouches.
The most sophisticated (read: high-spending) consumers are tired of them and they no longer feel fresh. Despite the runway bags being a tad weird and conceptual, Celine's Spring 2014 show left critics salivating and sales continue briskly.
The leather is glossy and extremely fine-grained because of the particular tanning process that's used for the material, and it is gorgeous. A slouchy tank and a pair of tapered sweatpants look like a full-on outfit when a Celine bag is present, and that is nothing short of magic. Instead, the brand's attention to quality and detail are the most apparently once you open up a bag and inspect what's going on inside. There are countless threads on how people have to jump through hoops just to get their defective bag fixed. I’m a happy owner of a Phantom Luggage and with this comment, i must take care of it before i might encounter a disdainful SA! Glad I sold it because it was pebbled leather and it gets nasty looking when it’s slouchy after sometime. Not a fan of luggage, and box is too expensive (for that money I almost can get Chanel, why would I get Celine then?).
I spent 1600 € on my Celine Edge bag in May 2015, and it has broke already in three different places. This tricolor Celine appears to be the very latest addition to Hilary's rather premium designer bag collection - you can get a glimpse of her many other Celines, Chanels, and Goyards in "The Many Bags of Hilary Duff"! But I'm basically never a fan of mixing beige and white, unless you have the skin tone to balance it all out. At first, the bag was relatively easily available on the stores of shelves that had carried the brand before its relaunch, and you could even buy it online.
The right moment of exposure from the right celebrity at the exact right time can change everything for a bag’s popularity, and soon after, the bags disappeared from online retailers and long waitlists replaced in-store stock. Because Celine is very cloak-and-dagger about all its products, we’ve assembled all the information on current sizes, prices, colors and leathers that we could for Spring 2015.
Is it your business what your neighbour does with his -or not his (but not yours)- money??? That is what my Celine SA told me when I went to get my large phantom just this past September.
La Celine Luggage Tote e una borsa bella e spaziosa, e disponibile in vari colori moda ed in 4 misure diverse: mini, small, medium e large, come potete vedere dalle immagini e stata sfoggiata da Leighton Meester, Mary Kate Olsen e Lily Allen. In attesa di ammirare le nuove varianti dell’autunno inverno 2010 2011 direi che queste sono magnifiche, vero? Launched in 2010, Swa-Rai discusses a range of topics including: fashion, beauty and lifestyle experiences which includes travel, tech, family, dining and so much more!
If you're going to entrust thousands of your dollars to someone's good taste, she's about as solid a choice as you'll find.
I had seen the Phantom a million times, of course, but leave it to Phoebe Philo to use something as overlooked as edge-painting to make sure the bag continues to turn heads.

Celine doesn't currently produce any kind of logo or monogram fabric, and its minimalist, full-name logo doesn't lend itself to logo-shaped hardware.
The industry's most influential people are in love with Celine, and they know what they're talking about.
Those Luggage Totes aren't common and are much more expensive than their regular drummed leather counterparts, but the box leather gave the Luggage Tote a whole new life in my eyes.
That's where corners are cut, expensive materials are preserved and flaws are at their most apparent.
It was the first truly high-end designer bag I ever purchased, and I don’t regret it. In September the glue on the handle gave up and I sent it to their Ateliers, not only did it take more than a month to fix it and get it back but they also lost my receipt that was in my dustbag.
Funny how a bag worth 1600 € can break in no time, I have bags worth a lot less that I’ve but many many years ago and they are still intact today. They might be pretty to look at, but I’d rather spend my money on something that lasts.
I got one recently, and I love how so many people would tell me they loved my mini luggage, but they didn’t recognize the brand at all! I got a croc embossed large one which was $3750 USD so the regular calfskin large ones must be around $3450 ish, hope that helps! And when I spend so much money on a handbag I have to be sure that even my grand children will like it (when and if I have grand children… My daughter is presently only 4 yrs old)! I wanted to point out (maybe with the wrong example) that I prefer to buy bags that hold on to their value!
With the exchange rate, you can buy your flight to europe AND the bag and still save compared to the price in the USA.
When not in Chicago, Raijean can be found traveling around the country covering some of the hottest events! You find "Celine" in a tiny, metallic heat stamp on most of the brand's bags and stamped into the Trapeze's front clasp, but that's it. When I first opened up a Celine Classic Box Bag, I couldn't believe what was going on inside - it was nicer than the exterior. Or it was; I bought it about six months before I moved to NYC and sold it after I got here because I find that my lifestyle here requires a shoulder or crossbody strap and I wasn’t getting much use out of it!
In particular, we need all the intel you have on the large Phantom–information on its pricing and availability is extremely scarce. However some versions of the python bags have no stamp on the outside and it’s on the inside. She can be spotted in places such as New York for covering events such as Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, Las Vegas for CES (Consumer Electronics Show), LA for Lucky FABB and more! I spend my entire workday fantasy-shopping so that I may help assuage your doubts about potential purchases, should you be looking to have them assuaged. I just know that I don’t want to pay so much for a bag that keeps on breaking all the time and I will make a huge deal about this until I give my money back. When she's not traveling she's in Chicago, interviewing celebrities and covering exclusive events.
We've spent some time thinking about the exact same conundrums, and we've got one piece of advice, plus ten reasons to back it up: you really should go ahead and pull the trigger on a Celine bag if you love it. I've spent more time thinking about Celine bags, their price points and their merits than I care to admit or is probably healthy.
They didn’t even offer any compensation, instead they were avoiding my calls and wanted to keep the conversation via e-mail. So all I got was a lame copy of the receipt and had to tell my insurance company about it in case something would happen.

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