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I ask because when I went to New York City for BlogHer awhile back, I flew out of the Akron-Canton airport. It was apparent that the first of the four ladies in line had not traveled often and it was most likely her first time flying. Next thing I know, she pulls out of her carry-on a bottle of lotion as big as the one above.
Then she pulled out an enormous round container of what must have been very expensive cold cream or another lotion because the agent handed her a plastic bag and she started scooping the cream out with her hand.
What I couldn’t understand is how could she have possibly not known that she couldn’t take those items through security? Thankfully, other than losing my belt in the x-ray machine which is a story for another time, the rest of my flight was uneventful and I was really glad everyone at La Guardia on my way home was aware of the rules. Given her age, and if she was cognitively and developmentally age appropriate I find it odd that she would not know of these rules as well. Even though the rules have been in place for awhile, it still shocks me what people think they can bring in their carry-ons. Even though I haven’t been on a plane in 20 years (sad, I know!) I am aware in a very vague way that they now have limits on things like shampoo and lotion and if I was going on a trip wi Owuld def be researching the specifics.
I’ve seen SO many ladies in my travels having to toss HUGE bottles of expensive creams. I understand they are making these rules for our protection but its kind of sad that such rules are in place.
I caught some grief over bringing baby water and formula on a plane a couple years ago thankfully they let me go through because I just kept saying to them “am I suppose to have my baby starve and scream on the plane because of a stupid rule” oh and another time I bought one of those mugs that you stick in the freezer that have a little liquid I refused to throw it out because I bought it as a gift so I had to go back and check it in with my luggage whoops! I was forced to throw some NEW bottles of skin care away a few years back, precisely the day this 3 oz.
Love the story – but there is always somebody out there who does not know about the rules or think that they are an exception and they will let them through!
We never fly and although I know there are a lot of crazy rules about what you can and cannot pack, I really have no clue about it and would probably be that person. I have to be honest, I had no idea there was a limit on sizes of liquids you could bring on a plane. Winter in Venice – Prestige At The Palazzo Family Suite PackageA year or so ago, Dave and I went on vacation to Las Vegas. Features:CONSTRUCTED FROM 100% BPA-FREE SILICONE - The bottles are made of high quality soft silicone. Traveling or going gym with small containers and putting them all in a zip-lock baggie usually means something will leak and you end up washing everything at your destination.
The bottles are liquid- and air-tight, but don't overfill them to reduce the chance of leaking, and to make it easy to use the suction cup. Silicone containers should not be used with products containing alcohol, salicylic acid, oil, silicone, DEET, hydrogen peroxide, or any flammable or corrosive chemicals. Traveling off the beaten path with high heels, a straightening iron and a whole lot of lipgloss! Do you have any autumn or spring trips planned?  How will you be packing a transitional wardrobe?
What’s that, you say?  Why, it’s a gigantic pile of my clothes!  What will I be bringing on this eight-week trip?
It might seem impossible but it is doable: everything you need for your entire daily life can easily fit into a carry on sized backpack. How to approach the packingFor a start you should remember that it really doesn’t matter if you’re packing for a month or the rest of your life. This is how both our final piles of stuff looked when we left for our infinite travels in August 2014. She was not with the 3 other ladies but they were trying to be helpful and telling her how to put her items in the bins and to take off her shoes. They told her she couldn’t bring it on the plane and that she would have to throw it away. It was clear that she was very embarrassed and she had a line (although a small one) of people waiting behind her. The rules have been in place for ages and you only have to turn to the tv, the radio, a newspaper, online, and even simply ask another person to find out you can’t pack liquids over 3 oz.
I have no idea how long the lady was there for or what she ended up doing but hopefully she made her plane and everything went more smoothly for her.
If this had taken place at a busier airport I could imagine that the agents and the people in line wouldn’t have been so patient or friendly.
I guess there are lots of people who do not fly or have not flown in years and have not kept up with the rules. Then if this did happen to me, I would probably ask TSA to throw the container away so I didn’t hold anyone else up. I always condense my items into smaller containers anyway, so I am not lugging around big bottles. Alex and I each have one and I had space enough in mine that I picked up a ukulele in Istanbul and snugly fit it next to my clothes, still not exceed carry-on demands! You will most likely run out of shampoo or outwear a pair of shorts if you are traveling for a very long time, but it is better to buy a new shampoo than bringing two bottles.First thing you need to do is consider your restrictions: Are you doing carry-on only?
Crazily comfortable and good for transit although I have to put up with jokes from Alex every time I wear them.Navy blue skintight three quarter pants.

The important thing is to bring something that can be worn for formal occasions, and to remember to bring underwear! Okay I am breaking my own rule about only bringing one of everything, but I really like all the writing in my journal to be in the exact same color and thickness, and since I got the cheapest pens they had I really doubt each will last long.Tape. Alex is American after all, and if we decide to go to the US, I want to have this document printed so I can get past those scary American immigration officers without any trouble…Insurance police. Although some things have been exchanged and I did pick up a ukulele along the way, this was my original packing list. Easy to navigate, quick to get through, comfortable seating areas, and everyone I talked to was very friendly. I was surprised to see that there were only 4 people in front of me and everyone was in a great mood.
Mostly I’m fine with it, though I do hate trying not to lose track of my travel documents during all of the show changing and whatnot.
The … ReadEmbassy Suites Winston-Salem ReviewRecently we took a road trip from Cleveland down to Charleston, South Carolina. The soft thick silicone body makes them super easy to squeeze and harder to be damaged than disposable plastic containers in transit. Our bottles are easy to fill and to squeeze out whatever you put in them (shampoo, body lotion). This guide is designed to help you pack light, weather you are going on a two-week trip or a two-year trip. Will you need to save space for special equipment like a big camera, hiking boots or a dressing gown for a wedding? Short enough to roll up to knee shorts and long enough to wear instead of denim jeans.Denim skintight mid-thigh shorts.
I could bring staplers, clips, and markers too, but you’ve gotta keep the office utensils down because if you start to bring those things the list could go on. I do have the phone number written down and my insurance company’s app on my phone, but this is one document you can’t have in too many versions. With everything in it my bag was 9 kilos, and keep in mind that when you are in transit you will be wearing a lot of your clothes which will make your bag lighter.Hope you found this useful and got an idea of how to limit the content of your backpack!
In between naps, we enjoy pursuing our passion for travel and sharing our experiences with our readers. While on the trip we … ReadHyatt Place Greensboro ReviewOn our road trip back from our family reunion in Charleston, we were excited to stop overnight at the Hyatt Place Greensboro.
My colors are Bordeaux – beige – navy blue, but I allowed the “beige” part to include several shades of brown and camel.
If you want to know more about us and hear the story of how a Dane and an American decided to run away for good you can read our live novel or take a look on our collection of small moments from the road. This post continues the … ReadTop 5 Adventures In Colorado That Have Nothing To Do With SkiingNormally when I think of Colorado in the wintertime, the first thoughts that come to mind are mountains and skiing. It is safe to hold any liquids, even food.LEAK-PROOF DESIGN - Lid closure is pretty secure.
There is something deeply satisfying about walking down a beautiful street in a Spanish city, knowing that you are carrying your life on your back.
All these things are important to take into account when determining your "space budget" and "weight budget".Personally I was packing for warmer places (why not stick to the sun when we're traveling anyway?) which made things easier. In this way you wont need to bring both jackets, thick sweaters, medium thick sweaters and light sweaters.
When you need short but not skintight.*Tribal pattern light material high waisted short shorts.
I swear you can get this exact model in oriental shops all over the planet.Microfiber Towel.
I could have gone without since I have the soap bar, but decided to bring it because I had space.Conditioner. These are small, cheap locks of a bad quality, but if you ever need your bag stored in a reception, your bag is a lot less likely to be stolen if your zippers are locked together. Personally I really enjoy how much you come to appreciate each piece of clothing (even when it has holes), and how you don’t need to consider what shoes to wear (although they have plenty of holes too).
Instead you can wear a long sleeved shirt underneath a regular t-shirt, or you can wear leggings underneath your shorts if you need something in-between hot and cold.The clothes I packed are mostly summer clothes, but wearing all of it at the same time is always an option - So far I've never been cold. Choose light cotton for most clothing and lighter non-wrinkly fabrics like silk or satin for dresses and shirts. Also useful for hostel lockers as some hostels charge you a fee if you didn’t bring your own lock.Sewing kit.
Is it the picture of the plane hitting the second tower, the towers crashing down, the … ReadDo You Exercise When You Travel?Whenever I travel, I always pack workout clothes. These bottles even have an internal gasket to prevent leaking out even you hold it upside down unless you squeeze the bottle. But even if you would love to bring your entire closet but are restricted to your hiking backpack, I hope I can help you out. I am only bringing this because I am travelling indefinitely with very limited amounts of clothes.Bose Earbuds. You can see the gasket when you squeeze the bottles.QUALITY GUARANTEE - If the FORESEEX bottles are damaged (non-human factor) in one year, just contact us. If you are traveling long term it is a bad idea to choose white as the lighter primary color, as it would have to be washed separately from the darker items.

Even things that used to be a must when packing for a trip, like pen and paper, might not be useful to some people.In this category is also everything that is completely not necessary, but which you are bringing anyway. Do this far in advance as some, Hepatitis A and B for example, need to be given twice with a month in between injections.)Cash. Doesn’t match anything, but I got it at SXSW and love sleeping in it!.Bordeaux skintight tank top. Yes I am talking about that stuffed animal or those neon green party glasses you can't live without.
No, seriously, there are some things that might not be vital, but are their weight worth in fun. Choose a complimentary colorThe idea is that the two primary colors will be the base of your wardrobe, and the complimentary color will be one that is found in patterns on clothing items or in accessories. You don't have to pack huge bottles of things like shampoo, body lotion, and conditioner, etc. If you like, the complimentary color can be more wild and bright, as this will make your general look more interesting.
This is the only employee benefit of being a nurse…6 small make-up products, 3 make-up tools and tampons.
Good for when you travel in pairs or for meeting people in hostels.6 small packs of liquorice.
I could have done without them, but they save me from having to wash constantly and give me more clothing options.
Because I am Danish and want to bring a little something to remind me of home.Spanish castanets.
Because… well I don’t play the ukulele, but how fun is it to bring a musical instrument traveling?
A lot of travelers feel most comfortable bringing printed copies of all these things in a big folder, but when you are trying to travel light, it can be an advantage to keep as much of your data as possible electronically.Generally most bookings (flight tickets, bus tickets, hostel reservations) don’t need to be printed. A lot of airline companies even have apps from which you can check-in and receive the barcode right on your screen.
Better safe than sorry.ElectronicsFor an in-depth discussion on what laptops and phones are good for travelling, you should probably go to another blog. For example a shampoo that works as a body-wash, a face lotion with build in foundation (BB-cream) or a travel-comb with a mirror on the back. So just don’t, okay?It is a good idea to bring another valid picture ID apart from your passport, since you don’t want to carry this around with you, except from when traveling from one location to the next. I apologize to all electronics enthusiasts for my following amateur tips on this subject…Wise words on laptops:First of all having a smaller laptop is obviously better. If you don’t have a driver’s license, most countries provide some other sort of valid picture ID.
If you have a student ID too, this can get you discounts in variable places and is definitely worth bringing.Always bring more than one credit card. This soap can be used to clean anything you need cleaned; from you hands, body and hair to your clothes.
Because it is so thin, it doesn’t really matter that the screen is 13’’ and not 11’’ in my opinion.Instead of investing in a backpack that has a computer department, it works bringing a sleeve for your laptop. Allegedly you can even use it for brushing your teeth since it is 100% organic, but I really doubt that would be comfortable.
A computer department takes up more space in your bag than most laptops need, and the addition usually makes the backpack a bit heavier.If you are traveling for a long time and will be taking pictures or otherwise need electronic storage, remember to bring an external hard drive.
I also don’t know how I feel about lavender smelling breath…The fluid limitation:Those of us traveling with carry-ons face yet another challenge. This device eliminates the needs for cameras, alarm clocks, flashlights, maps, compasses, books, envelopes, calendars, board games, calculators, notebooks, dictionaries, watches, iPods, guidebooks, and even computers for shorter trips.
In addition to this rule, all your fluid containers must be able to fit snuggly into a 1 liter plastic zip-lock bag.Again the travel-sized products are an advantage. I don’t know how our parents did without.I traveled for 6 months without bringing a laptop or a camera and never needed them.
When walking around in dangerous areas I made sure to put the cheap phone in my purse and keep my iPhone in an inner pocket or other hidden place (this is one time when bras come in handy). With the new technology your Smartphone most likely takes just as good pictures as most digital cameras. In this way, if I was robbed in the street and someone wanted to take my phone, I could let them have the cheap one. Examples are deodorant sticks, soap bars, powder foundations or solid lotion (turns fluid from body warmth). I even heard of people who would dry up dollops of toothpaste and bring them as small solid drops. Alex managed to sneak his onto 4 flights before having to leave it behind in Antalya airport though.

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