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When I was boarding a flight from IQQ (Iquique) to LPB (La Paz), I came across this passenger that was seemingly carrying all his earthly possessions with him to the plane.
I am not sure how many plastic bags he had altogether, but I believe that it was around 6 + his winter jacket of course.
The LAN’s hand luggage allowance is basically two pieces in economy and maximum of 8 kilos.
My hunch is that this guy was way over his checked luggage allowance and decided to carry the extras on board rather than paying for the excess weight.
Until airlines eliminate the financial incentive to carryon instead of check the problem will only get worse. Boarding any Air China flight regionally from a city with cheap duty free that has to be picked up in the airport (think Seoul) is absolutely laughable. I believe that some airlines are offering service that allows you to order the tax free for your return flight and it is then waiting for you in the aircraft. The disaster comes when they start sticking all their junk into the overhead compartment, either leaving no space for anyone’s else things, or pushing their stuff in and breaking laptops, cameras and chocolate boxes. I heard (from the duty free people) that items purchased at duty free shops didn’t count against your carry on weight restriction. On a similar note, Ryanair has teamed up with Samsonite to offer a hard-shell carry-on bag which is guaranteed to meet the airline’s carry-on luggage weight and size restrictions.

And, sensing a commercial opportunity because of consumer’s anxiety that they won’t be able to take their luggage onboard, Ryanair and Samsonite have come up with a lightweight carry-on bag which (when properly packed) complies with Ryanair’s approved carry-on bag dimensions.
The Samsonite F’Lite 55cm suitcase weighs 3.2kg and is from made of hard wearing polypropylene. With 75 million passengers per year, Ryanair is an interesting distribution partner for Samsonite.
Not only that, Lian-Li is building on the series’ form with the TC-01, an optional trolley accessory for the PC-TU300.
The PC-TU300A will cost $230 (USD) while the PC-TU300X will go for $250, though Lian-Li hasn’t revealed what the latter has to merit a higher price.
I’ve seen quite a few times people with literally a dozen large duty free bags in addition to a few rice cookers. I really don’t use tax free for anything else than getting rid off some extra local currency that I may have.
Of course, it is always someone else’s fault, as they had the nerve to bring luggage on board in the first place.
This has led to an increase in the size and amount of carry on luggage that passengers take on board, which in turn has caused issues with available space in the overhead bins.
AirBaltic normally charges passengers in Economy a fee of EUR20 to 30 per checked bag one way.

Each Ryanair passenger (excluding infants) is permitted to carry one piece of cabin baggage on board free of charge, which should weigh no more than 10kg and not exceed the maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm. Raymond is a frequent presenter at in-house trend sessions at airlines and airline suppliers around the globe, as well as at industry events such as the Aircraft Interiors Expo and Future Travel Experience. The flight attendants seem very adept at dealing with it though, it’s impressive compared to the likes of United where they are always yelling to the front to start gate checking long before boarding ends.
Last time, I used $100 USD worth of Argentinean pesos at the official rate at the tax free upon leaving Mendoza. Airlines such as American Airlines have responded to this by introducing early boarding fees, allowing passengers to board early so they can store their luggage, while low-cost airline Spirit Airlines has even introduced a fee of USD20 to USD40 to take hand baggage on board. This is a problem that could be remedied though with a small change in the way duty free is picked up in Seoul, normally you shop downtown and pick up at the airport after immigration. If they would allow pick up in the airport before check-in then people could put it in checked luggage at least. Sure there is room for abuse that way but the amount of duty free that people carry onto those Air China flights is ridiculous.

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