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The biggest upgrade and difference is the shank of the cargo carrier now has a 2 inch rise, whereas before it was a straight shank without a rise.
Clearance Distance - The Curt # C18153 offers 4 additional inches of clearance from the hitch pin hole to the nearest part of the carrier when folded up.
The weight capacity of both cargo carriers is 500lbs so the carrying capacity is the same between racks, but what makes the difference is that the angled shank elevates the platform for better ground clearance and easier loading.
The Surco offers 5-inches of clearance from the hitch pin hole when it is folded up in the storage position while the Curt # C18153 offers 9-inches of clearance when folded. The weight of the cargo carrier is a little bit more than the weight of the Yakima roof rack. 6) When you leave the carrier in the camp, your vehicle is lighter off-road than when you are using the roof rack - you cannot leave the roof rack in the camp.
My personal opinion is that the cargo carrier is a good option if you have to drive a long distance, on a family vacation. My dad bought one of these a few years ago, while we still had our Grand Cherokee, and it made that Jeep a much better travel vehicle. I recently took a trip to the beach, about 300 miles one way, with 5 peoples luggage in my roof rack. It all really depends on how you plan or carrying your cargo, how you drive, and how far you're traveling as to which cargo hauler is best for you. When I had a job, I'd take the wife to work with her bike tied down to it so she could ride the bike home instead of waiting for me to get off work.
As for the tag issue, its only two bolts and my carrier has a location to mount the tag so nothing blocks it. Partially because I'm fairly tall, 6'4, so getting stuff up or off of their isn't too difficult.
Partially because I'm 36 and reasonably healthy, so I am physicaly capabile of getting stuff up there.. Along with Canada geese, many retirees begin flocking to warmer climates this time of year to avoid the doldrums that accompany the cold, wet winters in the north.
Once things begin to thaw again in the spring, those who choose to make this yearly trek head north once again to their permanent residence. Not to be confused with your average vacationer, snowbirds spend an extended amount of time in the sunny paradise of their choosing. Fledgling snowbirds often begin as typical vacationers, traveling to visit friends and family in places like Arizona, Florida, Texas, and New Mexico. Wherever they go and however they choose to get there, one thing is for certain: each snowbird has their own distinct migratory pattern that, despite its cyclical nature, sets them apart from the rest of the flock. The Lid Rack lets me strap bulky items, wet items, and dirty items to the top of my cargo carrier, giving me extra room inside my vehicle to help keep it clean, organized and accessible. Having the option to add more gear – safely and securely – takes a lot of the stress out of packing for me. Installation of the StowAway Lid Rack is easy, though it requires two people and some tools. When I don’t need the extra carrying capacity, the StowAway Lid Rack is unobtrusive and doesn’t get in the way. So here I go, cruising down the road, doing everything in my power to keep taco crumbs and Diet Coke out of my lap. So why, why, why do I store my cargo on the roof of my Jeep … knowing that I’ll have to climb on a door jam to get access to my stuff?
Overhead racks are also inconvenient, unwieldy and often require two people get everything unloaded without dropping or damaging anything – including the side of the vehicle. Fortunately, StowAway has a terrific solution: a rack that attaches to my trailer hitch instead of the roof. You can get a base package, that includes the heavy-duty frame and rack, the SwingAway frame for clear vehicle access and a hitch tightener to eliminate wobbling and vibration. If you’re fond of tailgating, or want to add a grill station to your campsite, you can get the Tailgate Grill Station Plus package, which includes a Cuisinart Grill and acrylic snap-on cutting board.

So how do the different rack styles differ?  First, hitch mounted rear cargo racks attach to the rear receiver hitch, whereas the rooftop version is on the top of a car or SUV.  Let’s break it down, what are the advantages and drawbacks of the two cargo carrier styles? Rear cargo racks are easier to mount due to their location.  Rooftop racks are above ground level and make access to the carrier contents more difficult than their hitch mounted counterpart. Rooftop carriers are inherently more secure due to their location above the vehicle.  Both styles are equipped with locking mechanisms on the boxes, and either the roof rack or hitch. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the nearest part of the carrier is 9 inches when folded and 19 inches when in the down position. It also has an angled shank to provide 2-inches more ground clearance at the rear of the carrier. Rugged, corrosion-resistant hitch cargo carrier has side rails that help contain gear and offer lots of tie-down points. The Sidekick is sure to keep golf clubs, camping supplies, and anything else you need safe and secure. This cargo box has high-end features - like a dual-side-opening lid and easy-to-use mounting clamps - without the high price tag. You cannot stack your things high so that they would obstruct the view of your license plate and the signals. At some points I felt like the truck was going to get pushed off the road by the random gusts of wind, so the aerodynamics of a roof rack are pretty bad for long trips IMO. Carbide black powder coated carrier holds wet or messy cargo you don't want inside your car.
Although not considered residents in their southern homes, snowbirds often become highly involved in their temporary communities — some even find jobs or volunteer for local charities in their home away from home. When the time is right, these fledglings fly the nest and begin what becomes a lifelong quest to avoid cold and wet weather conditions by taking up temporary residence in warmer climates during winter months. There are no actual data sources capable of providing complete, consistent coverage of temporary migration in the United States because the U.S. Top landing destinations for Florida’s snowbirds are Key West, Miami, Fort Myers, Orlando, and Tampa. For wealthy retirees seeking warm sunshine, world class golf courses, an abundance of tennis courts, country clubs, and high-end shops and restaurants, Southern California is the place to be! Texas has a little something for everyone, and the tropical South Texas climate is particularly irresistible to snowbirds.
When snow begins falling in the coldest regions of North America, thousands of snowbirds head to Arizona where daytime winter temperatures average 70 degrees and RV parks cater to the seasonal residents.
For snowbirds who enjoy warmer weather but still want to participate in outdoor winter activities, Alamogordo just might be the perfect winter destination.
Although you might expect a snowbird to fly south for the winter, more adventurous snowbirds often choose to turn their migratory trek into a road trip, traveling along the interstate and back roads so that they can stop off to visit family and friends, state parks, or other tourist attractions along the way.
The Lid Rack mounts to the top of the StowAway cargo carrier lid with heavy-duty brackets and anodized aluminum tubing for strength and security … because my gear is precious to me and I want to make sure it arrives in the same condition in which it was loaded. But it calls to me … elegantly, patiently, beckoning me to load up all my goodies and take those one, two, three extra days on the road.
The heavy-duty, steel cargo rack has a black powder coat finish to resist corrosion, 5” side rails to keep your gear secure, and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Additional StowAway customization options include a bike rack for four bikes and rod holders to carry fishing rods. The sturdy steel carrier sidewalls fold down for easy cargo loading and unloading and convenient storage. Swing away carrier, allows you to access the back of the vehicle without having to remove the carrier or any items. I do not know how a heavy cargo carrier would affect a vehicle with softer rear suspension.
The plus side of the rack is I had 3 girls luggage for a week all in there, plus mine and my buddy's stuff; it'll hold a ton of stuff.
After all, while it’s snowing and blowing with temperatures below freezing up north, these lucky folks will be wandering about the golf course, basking in the sunny warmth of a balmy 75-degree day.

And while there are many things that set the snowbird apart from the seasonal vacationer, the greatest difference is that this migratory pattern isn’t a one-time deal… it’s a way of life.
Census Bureau only defines permanent residents, not snowbirds, and they are counted at the place where they live and sleep most of the time as opposed to where they are on a specific day when the Census took place. From Palm Springs to Palm Desert, the Coachella Valley is a snowbird hotspot that offers the ultimate in resort living. Located on the Gulf of Mexico, and featuring a bay front promenade, arts and museum district, waterfront restaurants, golf galore, plentiful shopping and beautiful beaches, Corpus Christi is one of the most popular snowbird destinations in Texas. Quartzsite is one of the most popular and affordable places to take up temporary residence in Arizona.
With an average 70 degree temperature, snowbirds can spend their days in the lowlands and afternoons skiing or snowshoeing in the mountains. While some drive the family vehicle to a condo or apartment that’s awaiting them in their temporary paradise, others invest in a motorhome or camper, finding an RV park that caters to the snowbird community preferable to a resort or condo complex. So in addition to my Hitch Cargo Carrier, which attaches behind my vehicle instead of inconveniently on top, I have added a StowAway Lid Rack. And one of the last things I want to do is arrive at my destination with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup on my butt. After all the effort of staying clean – no matter what I’m wearing – I always get dirty hauling my gear off the overhead rack. And – to give me access to the cargo in the back of my Jeep – the StowAway Hitch Rack has a unique swing-away frame that pivots 180 degrees. This means, that you have to have a base camp, and that the base camp must be easily accessible. This carrier can fold up and when in the folded up position it will be 5 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole to the nearest edge of the carrier.
Despite the lack of data, however, there are certain states that see a definite influx of temporary residents (and a boost to their local economy) during the coldest months of the year. Other hotspots include Galveston, Port Aransas, Rockportand South Padre Island, which is known for its abundance of fishing, boating, bird watching, and shopping opportunities.
With thousands of acres of low-cost and free public camping areas known as Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVAs), Quartzite’s population swells from a few hundred full-time residents to several hundred thousand snowbirds each year. Local attractions include the White Sands National Monument, International Space Hall of Fame, and McGinn’s Pistachio Tree Ranch. Steel Cargo Carrier are there Any Disadvantages for Aluminum ConstructionYou are correct there is a weight advantage for aluminum, item # C18100, over steel, item # CC-100, but the biggest reason aluminum is considered over steel, for most of our customers, is corrosion resistance and appearance. CURT Cargo Carrier # C18153The first thing I would do to determine which fold-able cargo carrier would be the best for you would be to measure the distance from the center of the hitch pin on your vehicle out to the furthest point our of the rear bumper. The steel mesh floor of this basket has smaller opening compared to the Rola carriers, # 59502 and # 59550 so it is less likely to allow something to fall through. You do not need to upkeep the carrier with spray paint every couple of years with aluminum like you do steel. This measurement will tell you which cargo carriers will be able to be folded up once installed on your hitch. If you will not be using the carrier very often then I would go with the Pro Series carrier all the way. With 300+ days of sunshine and humidity averaging approximately 40%, Albuquerque is one of the most popular Snowbird destinations in the entire Southwest.
I might need extra beach chairs, a rubber raft, or a duffle bag full of diving gear (or hair care products).

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