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Convert your hitch-mounted cargo carrier (CC-100 - sold separately) to a platform-style, 2-bike rack with this adapter. Today we will be reviewing the Stromberg Carlson Bike Rack Adapter for the Stromberg Carlson Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier, part number CC-125. Well go ahead and place our bike up on the carrier into the front wheel hoop that we secured loosely. Thatll do it for the Stromberg Carlson Bike Rack Adapter for the Stromberg Carlson Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier, part number CC-125. We didn't like just having washers, and again because the expanded metal is not a very heavy gauge on mine, we decided to add some longer brackets on the bottom to keep it from pulling through the expanded metal. I am very happy, this is exactly what I was wanting and by being able to order just the brackets it made it very affordable for me.
First, I was surprised and thrilled that my order was upgraded on the shipment and arrived so quickly! The product was what I expected and just what I wanted to help make a flat bed trailer into a trike hauler. My husband is BIG on DIY and had an idea of how to make his own attachment to our cargo carrier for bikes. I can say that I am going to replace the lock nuts with wing nuts so the racks can be changed to fit different size bikes.
My husband is BIG on DIY and had an idea of how to make his own attachment to our cargo carrier for bikes. The Bike Rack Adapter is an overall great product, the straps however are not, I highly recommend heading to your local auto store and buying real tie down straps. Versatile Sport Rider Special Edition bike rack and cargo carrier combo lets you carry 2 bikes and your gear or 4 bikes without the basket. This simple bike rack mounts easily in just minutes to a cargo carrier (sold separately) which is capable of carrying heavier bikes and scooters without such a high lift. If the cargo carrier is needed, take a look at the latest 'Ultra' Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier by Ultra Fab.
Front and rear bike wheels slip into the included wheel hoops, and 2 tie-down straps help to keep bikes in place during transit.
Now this accessory will easily convert your hitch mounted cargo carrier, part number CC-100 to a platform style two bike rack.

Youll just bolt the wheel hoops to the mesh floor or your cargo carrier positioning them anywhere within the mesh to accommodate bikes of various lengths.
I put my sons 26" MTB on and everything worked and was very stable with the provided strap.
I attached bike tire brackets, but that caused the aluminum to bend, so I removed the brackets and attached them to a white oak platform sized to fit inside the hauler.
We were able to participate in a planned ride and did not have to lay the bikes in the back of my truck. I did mount the inside loops in the opposite direction so they wouldn't rub the fenders on my grandson's bike. This convenient, versatile rack combines a platform-style carrier with a cargo basket, giving you the ability to simultaneously transport 2 bikes and 90 lbs of gear on your hitch. The kit contains four tire holders, eight carriage bolts, eight flat washers, eight lock nuts and two tie-down straps.
Well place our first wheel hoop here and using the carriage bolts, well slide them through the wheel hoops and then through the wire mesh. With that done, well repeat the same mounting procedure where we can then tighten them down securing them to the wire mesh of our cargo carrier.
I have not taken a trip yet, but I plan to strap the bikes down with a couple extra straps because there was some movement with just a single strap. Now when we take our bikes on RV trips, it is a breeze to unload and reload our bikes onto the carrier. This means no more leaving that extra camping gear behind because you want to take your bikes along, and no more switching out your bike rack and cargo carrier for separate use.Platform-Style Bike RackThe Sport Rider Special Edition platform-style hitch bike rack gives your bikes the royal treament. It features rugged steel construction, powder coating for years of durability, and a convenient tie-down strap. The metal mesh platform lets water drain easily and is made of powder-coated rugged steel for years of durability.
Now this kit will allow you to hold up to two bicycles while still leaving some room for other gear. Well then use our flat washer and nylon lock nut on the other side to loosely secure it in place. Well then place the bike back into the wheel hoops and using the nylon strap well secure our bike to the carrier.

This feature-packed rack consists of a two-bike base unit and a removable two-bike extension unit, allowing you to use the carrier as either a two-bike rack with the cargo cargo, or as four-bike stand-alone rack. Well go ahead and install our other two tire holders where we can then remove our bike and shift it towards the inside and place our other bike on the outside, which will give us our two bike carrying capacity.
First the carrier is the standard 60" width but i had issues getting the tires to sit on the grate, i notched the ends so it would fit with no rubbing. The two pieces also make the rack easier to handle and install because you can slide the base into your hitch and secure it before adding the extension.Precision-Slide Clamping SystemConstructed of rugged steel with a sleek black powder coat finish, the Sport Rider SE uses cushioned hooks to stabilize your bikes.
The four wheel hoops have a black powder coated finish, which will resist rust and corrosion. The precision-slide clamping system allows the hooks to slide up and down the rack's upright masts. Just squeeze together the push-to-release levers on one of the hooks, slide the hook to the desired position, and release the levers. Both those issues coupled with the fact that even with them secured properly they still have flex due to being mounted to the grate. Over alll it is a great idea and would work great for a 26" bike, but would not recommend for a 29".
The hooks are different sizes and each one functions independently, meaning that each two-bike unit can hold two bikes of the same or different heights.Adjustable Wheel HoldersThe wheel holders accommodate bicycles with wheelbases up to 60 inches, and you can adjust the wheel hoops by sliding them along the horizontal arms. You don't need to pull out a wrench every time you install the rack on your hitch - just turn the easy-to-access handle to keep the rack from rattling. The rack also comes with an 8-foot-long, vinyl-coated, braided steel cable lock that deters theft of your bikes.Both the cable lock and the hitch lock have push-to-lock bodies and are conveniently keyed alike.
Or if you want to transport one standard bike and either one recumbent delta trike, one recumbent tadpole-style trike, or one adult trike, then you can use the HRTRK-ADP-2 adapter (sold separately).

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