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On our first cross continental flight with our kids, things did not go as smoothy as I wanted.
This will seriously help you out, and then you can check your stroller in with the rest of your luggage instead of lugging it through the airport. My daughters other seat is a Britax Marathon which we used from about 8months until about 27months. I agree that the Sunshine Kids, now just called Radian, is a PAIN to install, and it seems like you have to be an engineer to figure out the instruction manual. No it was not dragging, but to be honest that roller bag was a tad too small to be using for this. I was wondering if you knew that child tickets include the check in of your car seats and strollers for free (one for each child). If you don’t have metal ring at home, we were able to do the same thing with a Carabiner that we had laying around! I have only used this method personally with a 20 lb seat and a 25 lb child for a total of 45 lbs, about the same as your car seat alone (I have never heard of such a heavy seat).
I am so glad this trick worked out for you and you have some extra money to spend on your trip ?? Happy travels!!!

Unfortunately, they do make you disassemble your carseat luggage stroller whenever you go through security or get on the plane.
A quick type of my ebay login and $12 PayPal dollars later, I had ordered something I thought would be amazing. I saw one of those strap things at a Just Between Friends sale a few weeks ago, and I almost bought it. I love this idea but am wondering if 65 pounds is too much weight to do something like this. I would still give it a try, but make sure the rolling suitcase you use has a really sturdy body and handle. I also agree it is extremely heavy feeling, even though when we weighed it at the airport it only weighs 23 lbs (still, that is the same as my double stroller). I do not have to push the bag so far down while walking to get it to work like I did with that green bag.
Join me as I research travel tools, strategies, and the best ways to have fun traveling with my three energetic children. I originally found a product at One Step Ahead that I thought would be helpful, a cart that you put your child’s car seat on so you can use it as type of stroller.

It operates using the LATCH system that all new car seats in the United States have (if you have a car seat that is not from the US, check out the TOTEaTOT below). In fact, we probably will buy a ring and do this, because our carry on is kind of small, and the TTCSTA we bought is a little bit too big for our otherwise alright rolling carry on. So, if you don’t have a car seat with the LATCH system, this seems like an interesting alternative. I like the Britax Marathon much better, but the Radian does hold the child until a higher weight and taller height. Carrying two car seats through the airport was definitely something I wanted to avoid doing again. Although a lot of reviews on this product are disappointing to say the least, so I would definitely go with Jessica’s homemade solution if you do have the LATCH system. Four, the Radian can be folded in half for travel, this was a big selling feature as we live internationally and take flights frequently.

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