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Whether you’re prepping for a weekend getaway, a month-long honey moon, or for your first year of college, you want to make the most of what you pack. This handbag from Next is gorgeous - my only requirements for a flight bag is it must have an across the body strap and do up, I don't want my belongings rolling down the aisle! What do you put in your hand luggage?  Any essentials you think I am missing and should consider? Sammie Foster21 May 2013 at 17:13I recently made a whats in my hand luggage post, link Here I would suggest sunglasses? If you are jetting off to a far-flung destination on the other side of the world, you are likely to be feeling excited and thrilled at the prospect of an exotic adventure in foreign climes. However, amid all the anticipation, you may feel slightly daunted at the thought of the flight ahead, and wonder how you will get through all those long hours in the sky.
Holiday companies such as Thomson now offer a premium economy upgrade where, for a fee, you can enjoy benefits such as luxury wide leather seats, extra legroom and a personal television screen in a dedicated cabin. In addition, upgraded seats offer perks such as an extra luggage allowance and priority boarding. If you really want to splash out and start your holiday in style, then business class will give you even more luxury on board. Some aircraft, such as the Emirates A380, go one step further by offering luxuries such as showers and on-board lounges, while Qatar offers a sommelier service to match wine to your menu choices, designer sleepwear and food from celebrity chefs. If you would like the chance to secure a cheap upgrade, look out for airlines that offer the opportunity to bid for business class seats when they are unsold. It’s also important to make sure you get to the airport in plenty of time, rather than causing yourself extra stress by arriving at the last minute.
Finally, another option you may want to consider when booking your flights is splitting your journey so that you have a stopover in another destination to break up your time in the air.
Packing a handy ‘survival kit’ to take on your flight will give you some home comforts while in the air. A small tube of toothpaste, toothbrush and face wipes will give you the opportunity to freshen up, while a small tube of moisturiser and eye drops will help combat the drying effects of the cabin air.
Painkillers can also be handy to have just in case, and remember to pack any other medication that you may need to take along with your prescription. You’re going to be airborne for a long time, so looking after your health while flying is important. The low cabin pressure coupled with long periods of inactivity can increase the chance of deep vein thrombosis – a potentially fatal condition. Another good trick which will help when you land is to set your watch to the time of your destination.
Finally, make sure you drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration and steer clear of alcohol, caffeine, salty snacks and heavy meals.
Keeping busy with a variety of activities while on board is essential to make the time pass and help you feel like the journey is going quickly.
On-board entertainment will usually be provided, so to check out the films that are likely to be showing, log on to your airline’s website. Hand-held games consoles, apps on smartphones, books, magazines and newspapers will all help to divert your mind and beat the boredom too.
The thought of travelling with children on a long-haul flight can be a stressful prospect; however, there is plenty you can do to make sure the flight is more enjoyable and an adventure for them. And, if the thought of a long journey with the kids is holding you back from booking your trip, research what facilities there are for children with different airlines. Mums and dads will be able to sit back and relax as the kids get involved with activities such as face painting, making hand puppets, drawing competitions and learning magic tricks.
With a little preparation and research, a long-haul flight really doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect casting a black cloud over your holiday. Get into the mindset that the journey is the start of your holiday and the opportunity for time out and relaxation before you touch down. Incorporating some of the above tips will help to ensure you land in your destination relaxed, refreshed and raring to go.
All tips that you gave for long-haul flights are good and pretty much standard for sensible passengers. Believe you me, it is just as stressful for the parents but I do agree with you that families should be put together so that those without children can have more peace. I have to agree totally- we travelled a few years ago from Heathrow to LA and had a child of about 2 who screamed the entire journey.
Could not agree more the sooner there are separate cabins for people with and without noisy disruptive children the better.
I agree with you, I have had flights ruined by unruly children , whose parents lack all responsibility, even to the extent of lying down in the aisle, or looking over their seat top and making noises or faces at you, which their parents seem to think is hilarious.
I agree with all this about children and how their parents can completely disregard other passengers discomfort at their precious offspring antics. Completely agree about children and believe that if there were child-free areas similar to the old no smoking areas, some passengers would be prepared to pay a small premium. Well said,ourselves have just experienced a torturous 8hour journey back from America where we paid extra to reserve our seats and sit together but in front of us had two children probably about 2yrs + 4yrs which too no fault of there’s complained-cried and shouted at by there mother and in the seats directly behind had 2 teenage girls sitting with there father which continued to kick the back of our seats continuously for about 1 hour until I’d finally had enough and asked them politely if they could stop with there father saying absolutely nothing to them !!! I have to admit that whilst I have flown many times long haul, I have until now had the chance to travel in BA Club World or First, having only ever made one transatlantic flight in Premium Economy. I will be fully researching the airlines & seatguru etc before making my booking for summer 2014. I take an empty refillable plastic water bottle and fill it up air-side, then refill each time its empty when I get up from the seat.
And finally, when you get on the aircraft, why does it seem that the extra legroom seats are always occupied by somebody about 5’3″ or shorter? If I was at home and someone told me to do nothing all day except watch films or read my book and they would bring coffee and food and alcohol whenever I wanted, I would think it was my birthday!!
As someone who finds it hard to do nothing, I actually embrace the enforced, guilt-free relaxation that a long haul flight brings!
ALSO CLARE’S COMMENTS ABOUT GETTING UP FOR REGULAR WALKS,HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO WALK UP AND DOWN AN AIRCRAFT?? My long haul flights are to Australia, I always take a book and watch the in flight films or listen to the music, I very rarely sleep much and find the break when changeing planes gives me time to exercise and sit more comfortably. If you are used to turning left and your circumstance have changed and you now have to turn right the best advice I can give (from personal experience) is don’t get hung up about it. My long haul flights used to be for demanding business meetings but now I know I can really look forward to a great holiday and seeing good friends again. Why do the government ban using mobile phones why driving, and let mothers take children in the back of their cars?
Kids are not the worst people to travel with, I would sooner put up kids than overweight people who not only fill thier seats, also want half yours, and the ones who have to recline their seats even on a shorthaul flight giving you even less room. When going away on a city break or a short trip, travelling with hand luggage only will not only save you time, it can also save you pounds on checking in your luggage, making your break even better value for money.
However, you have to be careful not to fall foul of hand luggage size and weight restrictions.
Here are the benefits of employing the hand-baggage-only technique and our top tips on how to make your journey as easy as possible. There’s no need to join a check-in or bag-drop queue on departure and no need to wait for bags at the luggage carousel on arrival.
You keep your bag with you at all times, therefore it can’t get sent to a destination different to the one you are flying to. You avoid checked-in bag charges, which can be up to ?75 one way with Ryanair (for a 20kg bag in high season on selected flights when paying at the airport or booking via call centre). You are in control of your things, not reliant on the baggage system and you can avoid lots of queues.
Ensure you know the hand luggage restrictions for the airline(s) you are travelling with, especially if you are connecting from one to another or if you are returning on a different carrier. EasyJet, for example, will accept any weight as long as you can place it in the overhead locker, whereas Ryanair allows one cabin bag per passenger weighing up to 10kg, plus one small bag.
Some airports such as Gatwick, Heathrow and Manchester also allow you to buy duty free and then collect on the way back – meaning that you never have to take the items on board, avoiding cabin bag weight limits altogether.
If you do have hand baggage that is over the limit, be prepared to have the bag taken from you and an excess baggage fee charged. BA also offers a further option for customers on short-haul domestic and European flights from London. There are three main schools of thought on packing techniques for small bags: rolling everything around a central item, folding everything into squares or bundling items around each other. Always wear any heavy items you need such as coats, jeans, hoodies, boots, shoes and belts. All clothes should be lightweight – many companies specialise in selling items that are light, wrinkle-free and easy-care.
You need to obey the 100ml rule at present and decant items into small bottles that fit within one plastic bag for security. Use the pockets of your clothes to take heavier items on board which you can transfer to your bag once you are on board (eg phone charger, camera, books, and toiletries).

These often start to add weight especially if you have multiple items and multiple chargers.
Notebooks are smaller than laptops and if you are travelling for only a few days then you may not even need the heavier and larger items.
Most airlines will not allow you to pool your hand luggage allowance across a party of people, so ensure that each bag is not over the limits where a weight limit applies. I understand that there needs to be restrictions on the size of luggage due to the capacity of the planes, there should be a global standard for this. I have had my handluggage trolley case for years and have travelled with it on many different airlines(including Thomas Cook) without problems. I experienced the same problem but can’t seem to find a trolley case small enough to conform with Thomas Cook regulations. Now I have seen British Airways hand luggage allowance I am no longer surprised that the overhead lockers are always full and latecomers have to put their bag under the seat or have the crew store it for them out of reach. I had the worst experience ever at Southampton airport, the Flybe check-in staff could certainly do with some customer care training as they don’t seem to give a hoot about the customer.
Pockets are very handy ie cargo pants,shirts with pocket both sides,jackets, overcoat with things in pockets you can get on the plane with another 5 kilo and upwards in those pockets. Not just seeing how much you can jam in your suitcase, but having your clothes, shoes, toiletries, and more arrive at your destination as easy to find and presentable as possible. F1 Spacepack Clothes ($46): This carry on-sized bag is designed to allow for double compression of its contents. F1 Go Clean Set ($52): Clean freaks have something to freak about with these labeled travel pouches that keep cross contamination at bay. Pack-It Folder 18 ($28): This travel folder acts like kryptonite against wrinkles if you pack it right (simply fold your clothes using the lightweight packing board inside).
Grid It Med Grey ($24): Woven rubberized bands hold your personal items snugly in place on this gray grid, from electronics to craft supplies and even snacks (a guy added a banana to the Grid-It in this video).
Pack-It Mobile Locker ($38): This red piece of luggage may look pretty typical from the outside, but unzipping it reveals three compartments that unfold into a hanging locker of sorts. Pack-It Shoe Sac ($13): Keep your kicks in their own compartment with this specialty shoe sac. Pack-It Compression Sac Set ($22): To pass efficient packing 101, you must get down with these basic compression sacs.
Set of 8 Travel Packing Bags ($8): The more the merrier with this set of eight mustache-faced travel bags. Signature Travel Jewelry Case ($50): Meet the ultimate jewelry travel case: a multi-pouch, waterproof linen binder! Pack-It Wallaby ($35): This dopp kit transforms into your own portable medicine cabinet, complete with a mirror! Travelus Mesh Pouch Long ($10): The unique design of this mesh pouch makes it incredibly versatile. Monopoly Travel Underwear Pouch ($27): Stuff your skivvies in this weekend travel case made for unmentionables. Travel Zip Organizer ($31): Quit guessing which color maxi dress you packed with this see-through organizer.
Pack Bags ($36): These Pack Bags lay flat and zip wide open to make packing as easy as it can be.
Zucca Pro Road Warrior Luggage ($305): As its name implies, you are a true packing champion when you wheel around this luggage. There’s plenty you can do to make sure a long flight goes smoothly – and even that it becomes a relaxing part of your holiday.
And upgrading may not cost as much as you would expect – the option with Thomson, for example, costs from ?179 per person return. Air New Zealand have launched such a scheme for economy ticket holders and others look set to follow.
That way, if you haven’t already reserved a seat you’re more likely to get a choice, you can have a leisurely stroll around the airport, pick up any last-minute bits and bobs, and board your flight feeling calm. For example, if you were flying to Australia, you could consider breaking your journey and exploring Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong or Dubai, or a trip to New Zealand could include a stop off in LA. An eye mask, ear plugs, inflatable or travel pillow and a blanket will help you nod off – but make sure you have stowed your valuables away out of sight before you doze. Remember, though, that liquids in hand luggage are restricted to 100ml per item and need to be transported in a clear, sealable plastic bag. To reduce the chances of this affecting you, wear flight socks, get up for regular walks and make small circling movements with your ankles. The air conditioning on a plane can fluctuate on a long flight, so wearing layers will ensure you’ve got the option to warm up or cool down depending on the temperature. This will allow you to mentally adjust to the time zone of the place you are visiting and help combat jet lag. While you may be tempted by the trolley passing by, being strict will help you to feel better during, and after, the flight. However, also downloading a selection of your favourite films or TV shows on to your laptop or iPad will ensure you don’t have time to get bored.
Between that, snoozing and eating, you’ll wonder where the time has gone and will be coming in to land in no time. For example, Etihad Airways have just announced they are introducing a nanny service  to their long-haul flights to help keep kids entertained with 500 expected to be working on-board by the end of the year. And definitely don’t let the thought of hours in the sky put you off booking a long-haul holiday in the first place. Sometimes children seem uncontrollable by parents but I’ve never seen the crew intervene to ask what can be done with a child for the comfort of the other passengers. I have done my share of traveling with my own and grandchildren from babies to teenager and understand the frustrations. Most of my flight anywhere are ruined by children allowed to do whatever they want, as long as the parents are fine. I was sitting next to the galley with the curtain ajar with the light straight into my eyes.
I find headphones or earplugs work well but they do not stop the child kicking the back of the seat, which seems to happen often.
There’s nothing worse that having my knees crushed within 1 second of the seat belts sign going out. On my last trip I had to change planes in Singapore and again in Brisbane, I arrived at my destination with no adverse affects and enjoyed my months stay to the full.
That didnt last for long I can assure you.I think the idea of having families with kids all together would be great,preferably on the wing seats,Im sure they could be installed. Forget all the privileges of 1st and business class and concentrate on your reason for getting on the plane is to travel from A to B and nothing else. My wife who travelled business infrequently has no problem with travelling economy because her experience of “privileged” flying was much more limited! It will only take 12 hours and we will have a great time in a warm climate seeing good friends again I am really looking forward to it. I find a sports bra without wiring is most comfortable on a long flight, especially if I’ll be trying to sleep sitting up. Plus you get to the taxi queue or car hire rental desks before the rest of the passengers you have travelled with. It is not going to get damaged being loaded or unloaded and it is not available for someone unscrupulous to break into and steal your personal items. Ryanair, for example, will only accept the first 90 large cabin bags measuring 55cm x 40cm x 20cm while easyJet gives overhead locker space on a first-come-first served basis. These can vary and it will affect bag size, number of bags allowed and whether there is any weight limit. To avoid this, always pre-book an extra bag online rather than risk being charged at the gate -which will cost you more. A hand-baggage only fare is now in operation which is a low cost option for those not wanting to take checked baggage.
If you can, choose a soft bag for carry-on luggage as it will be easier to cram into overhead bins and it is lighter – giving you more weight for your items. The aim is to carry as little as possible and to buy items you can find locally wherever you can.
Otherwise stick to the concept of the capsule wardrobe – essentially, a small number of pieces that co-ordinate to produce multiple outfits by all working together.
In most places, you can buy something easily and quickly if you really need an item that you left behind. This allows for less stress when unpacking a crumpled shirt or blouse and also means they can be hand washed at your hotel and worn again. Use pockets as well for travel documents such as your passport, tickets, travel insurance, driving licence and money. When it comes to weight the variance of the weight of 200 -300 passengers far outweighs the weight difference in luggage therefore I conclude it is just a money making exercise for the greedy airlines. When it comes to weight the balance of the weight of 200 -300 passengers far outweighs the weight difference in luggage therefore I conclude it is just a money making exercise for the greedy airlines.

About 3 weeks ago the trolley case was refused by Thomas Cook at Manchester because it was about an inch too big to go into their cage. Unless it is filled with gold or bricks, that size bag is not going to weigh much more, if it is filled with just clothes.
I once asked a stewardess to help me and she was not very happy as she said it was too heavy. Their hand luggage size is smaller than other airlines and they delight in catching out returning cruise passengers often slagging off staff at other U.K.
This means that I will go to great lengths to avoid Ryanair in future….well done that airline!! I have a bag that is use for those airlines which is too wide and deep by 5cm to fit into the Ryanair gauge. To make bulging suitcases a thing of the past, streamline your packing process with these 30 super efficient ways to pack your stuff.
Made of heavy duty nylon, each set of three comes with a bag for laundry, shoes, and of course, stuff. Those who are good at following instructions can fit up to eight collared shirts and four slacks in this briefcase-sized bag!
With a diagonal zipper that allows for maximum packing efficiency, this bag can be folded in half for toting and tri-folded when not in use for easy storage. These water-repellent pouches are even more versatile because they come in three sizes and a variety of colors.
It’s a perfect way to pack for day-long hikes, early morning boot camps, or even the gym!
It may not look super chic, but it expands to twice its size, so you can bring home twice as much in the same bag.
By loading in your clothes and rolling it up tight, you can save up to 80 percent more packing space just by eliminating excess air! Designed by a pilot, this carrier contains a removable passport pocket and built-in organizers large enough to hold tablet-sized devices. These bags come in a variety of different sizes so you can pack as much or as little of what you need in these cheery, space-saving containers. The real clincher: its built-in power hub lets you charge up to four USB-chargeable devices while using only one outlet.
Bend it in half to accommodate your travel-sized toiletries or leave it long to house writing utensils for jotting in your trip journal. The inner bag cleverly detaches for easy storage in your carry on while the main pouch keeps your main stash of underwear in one place. This genius pack includes four leak-proof pump bottles designed to eliminate product waste.
Made of a chipper yellow mesh, this travel case allows your garments to breathe, making it a great accessory for closet or under-the-bed storage too. Mesh pouches can accommodate multiple devices, chargers, and memory cards, keeping your electronics and their accessories all in one safe place. Made of ripstop nylon, the classic Baggu is a simple, single-compartment carrier that folds flat after each use.
Besides its bottom zip pouch and main bag, this over-the-shoulder sling has an easy-to-reach top compartment perfect for keeping boarding passes and other frequently used items close at hand. The dapper bags can be paired together to create an efficient packing system sure to rival that of nesting Russian dolls. This inflatable-padded carry case is an awesome solution for traveling long distances with your two-wheeler in tow. Therefore, it may be worth considering paying a little extra to upgrade for any benefits that are important to you. And now this option frequently includes access to airport lounges, complimentary food and drink, and flat beds, ensuring you can get more than just 40 winks and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. Therefore you can ensure that you don’t end up seated by the toilets or in a seat narrower than usual.
All flights should be divided into sections where no children are allowed, a little like quiet parts of trains. Just be unlucky enough ti sit next to the galley with the aircrew chattering all night whilst you are trying to sleep ! My own kids are perfect but they have manners and respect for other people which seems to be lacking in a lot of people ????
I have a 14 year old daughter who will be flying New Zealand to London alone and she is more than mature and mannered. Other than spending a little too much on duty free rubbish (scented candle) my trip was fine and the best holiday I’ve ever had. I have Multiple Sclerosis and one reason I usually travelled in Club when on business was a result of this (my employer did this to allow me more space). Unless emigrating or visiting a dying relative, I can’t see any reason why babies need to be on long haul flights at all. I once went on a long haul flight which lasted over 7 hours with a tit for tat pushing competition going on between me and the teenager sat behind me who simply was not capable of travelling without having her feet permanantly stuck to the upper part of the back of my seat! I know I only pay for transport but surely that should involve a stress free journey not getting wound up by other folks nuisance. Sleep as much as you can (if possible) watch movies and just think about where you are going and how much you will enjoy it when you get there! Unfortunately it is not always possible to leave your kids at home and travel as adults only.
And if you want to be able to actually hear the movie (or indeed your own MP3 player)take your own headphones, the kind that go right in the ear and block out more of the engine noise. For example, depending on your route and the time of year that you travel, you could pay up to ?70 at the gate for an extra 15kg bag with Ryanair.
If you plan to wash items at your hotel you could use a laundry service or wash them yourself – in which case take a plug with you as most hotel bathroom plugs are poor. It seemed that easy jet staff couldn’t be bothered to enforce their airlines own rules as I guess at least 25% of the women on our flight had both hand luggage plus a handbag.
Constant hot & Sunny weather meant i needed very little for the day time (swimming trunks, pack towel and sunblock) and just a pair of trousers (dress code) and shirt for evening meal. I can never understand people that don’t check the security requirements before they travel. Easyjet have made me put stuff under the seat and I was not late as people had stupid big coats for the Icelandic weather, took them of and rammed them in the lockers. I have an illness and get weaker by the day, I am sure that I will not be able to lift my own case soon. Airports calling them soft when they discover that you are a centimeter or a gram in excess. Made of protective padding that’s lighter to carry than an iPhone, it fits the definition of travel made easy.
There is nothing more annoying that having a child behind you kicking into your seat or constantly touching you. On my return flight there were some kids (2 brothers) who wanted to sleep, they didn’t make a fuss, their parents asked for blankets (which were retrieved from business class) and they slept.
After the flight I was drained because of the effort involved in giving as much as I got in return. If they kicked the seat on front (which they did whilst asleep) their parents would apologize profusely. If they have to be on, then I agree there should be a separate insulated area where they can all scream together.
I have tried asking politely if they wouldn’t mind packing it in but my politeness is seen as a weakness by both the kids AND the parents who believe that they are always in the right. Recently travelled to Greece with Thomson, only 4 hour flight but no in-flight entertainment, and nil for the kids so no wonder if the kids become restless!
The only problem I encountered was attempting bringing a full size airosole deodorant (LYNX) onto the plane on the way there. I am not grouchy either but some parents just seem incapable of keeping children under control. I genuinely HATE flying and hope that the airlines bring out a cattle class for low lifes who insist on travelling like scum. However flights can be ruined by fellow passengers who overindulge in alcohol, or if unfortunate to sit next to an obese person or someone who constantly chatters at you. I was told that it had to go in my main luggage which of course i didnt have so had to go in the bin.
As the trolley case weighed 1.1kilo and I was only 19 kilos on my hold luggage, the trolley case went on the carousel empty. I am due to fly Thomas Cook tomorrow and I have purchased a trolley case exact to their measurements.

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