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With time being at a premium, easyJet offers high frequency departures on key business routes around Europe so that you can get the most out of your working day. We operate from a choice of four airports around London and both major hubs around Paris and Milan giving you more options and greater convenience. We fly to more major airports in Europe than any other airline* and our business friendly schedule often means travelling there and back for a business meeting in Europe can be done in a single day. We now fly over 700 routes across Europe and beyond to more than 130 airports in over 30 countries. If you have a FLEXI ticket, simply show your boarding pass to the dedicated Security Agent or, where available, scan the barcode on your boarding pass at the automatic barrier. Our FLEXI fares not only give flexibility but also convenience, simplicity and save you time. An all-inclusive ticket includes 1 x 20kg hold luggage, free seat selection (excluding up front and extra legroom), and no additional payment fees.
Save you an average of 38% on your business travel - The average saving is based on analysis of the prices paid (including admin and payment fees) for over 200,000 standard seats sold between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2015.
Business Network - easyJet flies to more primary airports on the top 100 European routes (city pairs) than any other airline based on Official Airline Guide (OAG) statistics figures at 2014 Full Year Results.
Catch an earlier flight for free - If you arrive at the airport early and wish to transfer to an earlier flight we can offer you a free of charge transfer on the same day subject to flight availability.
I used to think that I have earned the street-cred as a savvy budget traveller, having made several trips around South-east Asia, India and China. Little did I know the huge differences which lie between budget flights in Asia and Europe, starting from the booking process. Note: Apart from budget flights, some of these differences apply to full-fledged airlines as well. If you’re trying to save on baggage allowance, especially on budget flights, remember to pack your toiletries in easy-to-reach compartments. Not doing so can mean a trying time attempting to fish out one’s small bottles of facial wash, toner and moisturiser, and that holds up the queue behind you. During my student days where saving money was priority, my friends and I used to book budget flights to South-east Asian cities such as Hanoi or Bandung with no luggage requirements.

Little did we expect the ground staff to stop us from carrying our backpacks up the plane, as they did not fit the measurements – 50 x 40 x 20 cm. Despite my deep resentment to the easyJet, I was satisfied with all other aspects of the flight. That being said, I felt the ground staff at the Lisbon airport to be rather menacing and horrible.
Phebe is the author of The Travelling Squid, a travel blog filled with tips and anecdotes of her "career of travelling", which began at a tender age of 19. We offer allocated seating on every flight which means you'll know exactly where you'll be sitting before boarding the plane. With our FLEXI fares, you can use fast track through security with ease and make sure that your journey through the airport is quick and seamless. Access to the security lane is only available to FLEXI ticket holders with mobile or a printed boarding pass.
If you have already checked-in online and printed your boarding pass, you’ll need to print out a new boarding pass. Flights departing on easyJet’s top 50 business (by volume) European routes, of which 43 were also flown by at least one other airline on a city to city route basis. You must have already made an outbound flight with us on the same booking and be returning to the original point of departure from the original destination in that booking. I’ve also taken countless budget flights from Tiger Airways, Air Asia, Jetstar and Scoot, which led me to think that I could just breeze through budget flights in Europe. What further shocked us (and our wallets) was what awaited us on the budget flight from Lisbon to Madrid on easyJet.
Spanish airline Iberia for instance, had a whooping €10 extra charge for bookings made via Credit card.
After all, a backpack was all we needed for short trips, and it fit the overhead compartments perfectly. For instance, if your backpack exceeds the 7kg weight limit, you would have to pay for excess baggage.
Therefore, my advice is to arrive at the airport early, instead of having to rush and unpack should you find that your backpack is unable to meet the requirements.

It was like he was out to get our money, and judging by the fact that we were the last passengers, it did not leave us much bargaining power.
Despite having been to many top destinations, India continues to remain as Phebe's favourite place in the world.
I currently hold an office job, and would like to show that it is very much possible to pursue one's love for travel and hold a day job at the same time. Not only do we connect Europe’s primary airports with frequent flights we can also save you an average of 38% on your business travel costs.
Fast Track Security is available to our FLEXI ticket holders at 35 of our key airports and more coming soon. Therefore it’s essential to have a Debit card which can perform online transactions as well. As we were the last in the queue and faced the horrible prospect of the plane taking off without us, we paid €90 for the staff to stow away our two bags in the hold (Grrr…).
In our case, my camera bag had to be squeezed into my backpack, as only one piece of carry on luggage was allowed on board.
When I last checked, it was €29 for 20kg compared to the €90 we had to pay to cover the two backpacks. Paying €90 for two backpacks weighing less than 20kg is just too much – it cost nearly twice as much as our air-tickets. Phebe has a bad sense of direction but continues to travel, sometimes alone because of her quirky habits and intensely inquisitive mind. Ever since, I've been trotting across the globe with my trusty backpack sometimes alone and at times with friends, albeit with a questionable sense of direction. Arriving early would give you an opportunity to negotiate with the ground handling staff where necessary.

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