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Our Metz, Oxford, Barcelona+, and Lyon+ bags are only a few of the many bags to get you from A to B in the city that has banned wheels. Of those who have visited Venice, you will know that the winding alleys and streets are, although pretty, not built for the 30 million tourists it sees each year.
To combat the damage caused by plastic and rubber wheels along Venice’s aging bridges and paths (not to mention the irritating sound of a case on cobbles) the City council have banned them from May 2015, fining those who ignore this rule with a whopping €500 fine.
Measuring 55x40x20cm, this lightweight backpack can be carried on your bag and has an impressive capacity of 44 litres! This sophisticated 50x40x20cm bag is guaranteed to stay with you in the cabin when you fly Easyjet and comes with zipped compartments inside to keep your things super organised. This trolley and backpack is perfect for those who prefer wheels but need to adapt for the streets of Venice. Following the huge success of our Barcelona backpack, we’ve upped our game and brought you something even better. Keeping to the 50x40x20cm measurements, the Barcelona+ fits within Ryanair and Easyjet hand luggage restrictions.

View detailsFitting within the 55x35.5x20cm Easyjet baggage restrictions, It'll fit all airlines, including Easyjet, Ryanair and British Airways, and give you a substantial 42L of packing capacity. Ideal for packing clothes, toiletries and travel essentials, this lightweight carry-on bag gives you the maximum allowance for hand luggage on your flight. The bag also features two external pockets, great for holding your passport and phone when not in use. The new Dussel Warwick Cabin Bag is a professional case designed to meet the new, stricter airline requirements for hand baggage.
Compact at 50x40x20cm, you’ll still avoid those annoying luggage check in fees but have the choice between wheels or shoulder straps. 40 litre Lightweight 650g backpack with compression straps BUY HERE Categories: Luggage, Suitcases and Travel Bags, Hand Luggage, Shoes and Bags. The multi-functional design has been tailored to suit all needs, whether you prefer to scoot through the terminal with your bag by your side or staying hands free with your bag on your back…Perfect for dealing with kids!
However, just incase you go a little crazy with the souvenirs on your way back, the firm compression straps on each side will keep your bag trim.

The measurements include the wheels and feet so you have no nasty surprises in the airport!
A comfy, quality bag that can be used as a trolley or backpack and designed to maximise your load without compromising space or weight.
Description cabin approved hand luggage lightweight suitcase only 1.5kg Bag, accepted in most airlines like Ryanair, Easyjet, BA and Many More. This onboard cabin max size backpack by Roamlite is the max allowed to cover all airlines for hand baggage.
Lightweight and foldable, this bag is designed to fit the new Easyjet requirements of 50 X 40 X 20cm.

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