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You'll find the most trusted brands in luggage, including American Tourister, Atlantic, Briggs & Riley, Eagle Creek, Hartmann, Samsonite, Travelpro, and Tumi, on eBay. Hard-sided suitcases: Hard-sided suitcases feature wheels, locks, and pull straps and are especially durable against wear and tear. Semi-soft suitcases: Lightweight semi-soft suitcases offer more room for expansion than other types of suitcases and most have wheels and straps for easy transport.
Soft-sided suitcases: Light and expandable soft-sided suitcases have zipper closures and stiffeners instead of an interior framework. Carry-on luggage: Carry-on luggage is small enough to stow under an airplane seat, usually less than 22 inches in size.
Business Cases: Business cases can hold your computer, important papers and, in some cases, an overnight change of clothes.
Duffle bags: Big and roomy duffle bags have soft sides and will carry a lot of clothes and accessories. Totes and casual bags: Simple tote bags in every size are ideal for day trips and other casual outings. Garment bags and carriers: Use garment bags to transport suits, dresses, and other special clothes on hangers. Backpacks: Designed for more casual traveling and outdoor trips, backpacks work for people willing to pack light.
Ensure that outside joints are reinforced with welts and piping to stand up to the abuse of luggage handlers.
Make sure your garment bag has two brackets to prevent wrinkles, a number of handles to suit your needs, and straps to hold your clothes in place. Check for wheels that have a wide track, have a bearing system, and are recessed into the actual frame of the bag.
Once you know what type of luggage you want, go to the Travel portal, click Luggage, and start searching for items on eBay.
Categories: The Categories list on the left side of each page will help you narrow down your listings by item type.
Before making your purchase, make sure you know exactly what you're buying, research your seller, and understand how eBay and PayPal protect you. Always make sure to complete your transaction on eBay (with a bid, Buy It Now, or Best Offer). Never pay for your eBay item using instant cash wire transfer services through Western Union or MoneyGram. In the unlikely event that you don't receive your item or it is not as described, eBay Buyer Protection will cover your purchase price plus original shipping. Hard-sided luggage has a rigid shell that stands up to knocks and bumps, so it's ideal if you're a frequent flyer or if you like to bring home fragile souvenirs from your trips abroad. Some people prefer the elegant appearance of hard-sided luggage, especially on cruise holidays where 'dock appeal' is all part of the romance of the journey. Soft-sided luggage is usually more lightweight and, depending on the style, folds down small for storage. Soft-sided bags are also useful for special items, such as boot bags for wellingtons or walking boots, or for a casual weekend away.
A new type of hybrid luggage has a soft fabric stretched over a rigid fibreglass frame, which gives you the protection of hard-sided luggage with the lighter weight and multiple pockets of soft-sided. Ultimately your decision will come down to the type of travelling you do most often and the look that you prefer. Four wheels really come in to their own when you're queuing for tickets or to check in, as you simply nudge the case as you shuffle forward, with no worry about it toppling over – especially useful if you have more than one case. Watch this video to find out more about the features of our Four-wheeled Two-piece Luggage Set. ABS is often used to make crash helmets, so it's very strong and comes with an attractive finish.
Nylon is a rugged man-made fibre which is woven to make a durable, lightweight waterproof fabric. In a recent poll, the top things people like to have with them on a plane journey are; something to read, an Ipad or laptop, their own blanket, moisturiser or lip salve and a change of underwear and a toothbrush, just in case the hold luggage gets lost. Most airlines let you take just one bag on a plane, so choose one that's large enough to get in everything you want, plus your handbag, wallet or purse. However, even the smallest allowable cabin bag usually has enough space for everything you need for the journey. In fact, bags of this size can even be enough for a weekend away, provided youa€™re smart about your packing. Our Hard-Shelled Four Wheel Case comes with an On-board Case which should suit most airline cabin baggage requirements. Just as you need to be careful of the size for on-board bags, you need to watch the weight of bags checked into the hold. There are many different types of travel luggage, but one of the most important features is whether the luggage is soft or hard. Hard luggage is now made out of sturdy yet lightweight materials; however, hard luggage is much heavier than soft luggage of the same size. Most airlines only allow 44-50 pounds (20-23 kilograms) of checked luggage and charge for any amount over this. The durability of luggage varies drastically depending on the material it is made out of and its construction.

Hard luggage is less likely to get scratched than soft luggage, but once it does get scratched, it is more noticeable. If rolling, hard luggage gets dented, it can affect the way that the wheels roll or even prevent the luggage from closing properly. Air travelers should note that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has guidelines about locked luggage.
When it comes to accessibility of luggage contents, soft luggage prevails over hard luggage.
Hard luggage is easier to clean than soft luggage simply because it can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Soft luggage does not always have wheels but, because it is lighter than hard luggage, it can be easier to lift. Many factors can affect the price of luggage, including the brand name, size, material it is made of, style, and extra features. The features of hard luggage are combined with those of soft luggage when purchasing hybrid luggage. These combinations mean that the luggage offers more protection against impact while still being lightweight and providing the traveler with features like expandability and exterior pockets.
The process of buying luggage can be confusing because there are so many different factors which can affect the suitability of the luggage for travel, the durability of the luggage, and the price of the luggage. Your choice of luggage depends on numerous factors, such as personal preferences and mode of travel.
A brief internet search shows there are a mind-boggling amount of online luggage sales sites with styles and brands to meet the need of any traveler.
Family travelers need luggage with wheels, telescoping handles, and bags for each family member.
It is important to understand some of the common luggage terms you may find on internet sites. A suiter is a removable feature in larger suitcases which allows travelers to carry a suit or two in the lid of the suitcase.
Once you have compiled a list of your luggage needs, shop a reputable online luggage shop like BricStore.  Browse the site for the products you need or enter keywords in the “search” box and let the site find suggested matches for your product.
Remember to check the closeout, bargain and sale sections and coupons for Bricstore to see if products that meet your needs are available for a lower price. About UsNeil aka Duff is a twenty-something marketing professional with too many qualifications to count! He is a huge fan of backpacking, experiencing new cultures, partying in every dingy corner imaginable and is obsessed with the very awesome concept of lifestyle design. So the next time you travel, whether it's an overnight stay at Aunt Sally's, or a 14-day cruise, get the right garment bag, backpack, duffle bag, carry-on, tote, or suitcase on eBay, the world's most inclusive luggage store. Many are constructed of plastic, metal, or other molded materials; others feature wood or metal interior frames and a soft covering like fabric or leather. If you're worried about security, then look for a hard-shelled case with an integral combination lock.
If you buy a Luggage Set they will often nest inside each other when not being used – ideal to make the most of limited cabin space.
Suitcase organiser bags can help you separate items like shoes and underwear to keep everything easy to find when you unpack. They have surprisingly roomy interiors, often with lots of pockets which make it easy to organise your packing.
This makes your suitcases easy to manouevre so there's no need to pay for a trolley at the airport and you'll never be stuck if the porter's off duty. Two wheeled suitcases have a telescopic handle and you simply tilt and pull the case behind you. These very responsive and stable types of wheels are usually only found on hard-sided suitcases. It is used in top-of-the-range soft-sided suitcases, often stretched over a fibreglass frame.
Alternatively you could invest in a security belt that you wear close to your body so you always know where your passport and money is. Remember when going through security all liquid, gels and aerosols within your hand luggage must be less than 100ml and contain within a clear plastic bag approximately 20cm x 20cm and no bigger . Many of the budget airlines now limit luggage to as little as 15 or 20 kilos (33-44 lbs) per bag.
Soft luggage is typically made of high-denier nylon or other durable material-like leather. A typical 29" hard-shell suitcase will weigh at least 15 pounds, whereas a typical soft-sided suitcase of the same size will weigh just about half of that weight.
Hard luggage offers better security because a thief could simply cut through soft luggage to get at the contents inside. Airport security officials have the right to open locked luggage, even if it means breaking the lock in the process.
Soft luggage usually has outside pockets where travelers can put items they need quick access to or where they can stuff last-minute items. This can be very useful when the luggage needs to be transported through tight spaces like when traveling by train.
So long as the contents are well packed, the rigid exterior of the hard luggage will keep fragile items inside the luggage from getting nicked or broken.

In general though, a piece of high-quality hard luggage is going to cost more than a similarly sized piece of high-quality soft luggage. Make sure that the luggage will be able to carry all of your travel items and can also fit in your means of travel (air, car, etc.). Extra features, like locks and expandability, will typically cost extra but may be worth the additional expense. You can browse through hard and soft luggage by going to the Travel page and then selecting Luggage. By educating yourself about the differences between soft and hard luggage and the options available, you can be sure to get the best luggage for your needs.
A luggage set from an online shop like BricStore provides the most versatility and best pricing.
Spinner wheels on suitcases provide multi-directional rolling with their four wheels and 360-degree wheel rotation. Some shoppers prefer to search for a brand or a popular category like “spinners” and have the sites filter results in that manner. Once you have selected the bag(s) of your choice, simply click on the item to add it to your shopping cart. Or buy a luggage set that includes suitcases, carry-ons, and garment bags in a variety of sizes.
Soft-sided trolley bags and weekender bags are a good choice for family holidays as they squash up even when packed, so it's easier to get more bags into the boot of a car.
You can tilt and pull the case or gently push and the suitcase glides along in front with minimal effort, even round corners.
It is used to make top-of-the-range suitcases, which offer the best protection and the lightest weight.
Together this makes these types of suitcases extremely light and durable – ideal for air travel where excess baggage charges seem to increase all the time. RyanAir is notorious for being extremely strict about carry-on bags – one centimetre over their allowance and you have to check it in to the hold and pay a pretty penny for the privilege.
Also plan your wardrobe so that you can manage with just one pair of shoes to match all your outfits.
Hard luggage is made from a sturdy material such as polypropylene, polycarbonate, or aluminum. By contrast, hard luggage must be completely opened in order to get to the contents or add extra items.
Most hard luggage is also waterproof and will protect contents against the elements like rain or snow. Hard-sided luggage does tend to last longer than soft luggage, so the cost ends up about the same in the long run.
Frequent travelers may find it in their best interest to pay more for quality luggage rather than buy cheap luggage which might need to be replaced often. For hard luggage, look for luggage made from polycarbonate, since this is the strongest material yet still very light.
From there, you can narrow down results by doing a keyword search or by using the filters to refine results by New Luggage, Used Luggage, and price. With a set, you can take just the carry-on or use the whole set for longer trips or vacations with the family. Medium sized luggage is usually 24 to 26 inches tall and works well for trips shorter than one week. He has been globetrotting since 2008 and with so much to explore on our wonderful planet, he hasn’t made it home yet. If you have any arm or shoulder problems four wheels are a great choice because they put a lot less strain on your upper body. Both hard and soft luggage have features which make them each more appropriate for certain situations. This is especially true if the hard luggage is not completely full and something heavy is stacked on top of it. Another favorable point about soft luggage is that it is easier to fit into overhead airplane compartments, whereas hard, carry-on luggage might not fit in these compartments.
However, collapsible, soft luggage has the advantage of taking up less space when in storage.
When buying luggage on eBay, always be sure to buy from a reputable seller so you can feel confident that you will have a good shopping experience. With hard luggage, the amount of items which can be packed is limited by the dimensions of the luggage. These locks can be easily opened by airport security with a master key so the lock and luggage is not destroyed.
Since luggage often undergoes intensive abuse and wear during travel, the possibility exists that it might not be a good idea to pay a high price for designer brands of luggage.
These bags are good for week long trips, but air travelers need to be mindful of the airline weight restrictions when packing for departure.
Rolling suitcases, telescoping handles and spinner wheels on suitcases make navigating airway terminal easier.

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