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Passengers booked to fly with easyJet this summer may have to cut down on their carry-on luggage, in line with new rules beginning in July. According to easyJet, certain flight services simply do not have enough room on board to accommodate all passengers' hand luggage.
Bags measuring 56cm x 45cm x 25cm will still be allowed on board but they will not be guaranteed to remain in cabins. While easyJet has therefore made a significant carry-on luggage size amendment, as now, there are no particular weight restrictions in place. The airline added: 'It's a relatively small change but our statistics show that we only need to see a small reduction in the number of larger bags taken onboard to have a big impact on the number of bags we have to offload at the gate'. Established in 1995, easyJet is Europe's second-placed budget carrier so far as passenger traffic is concerned, second only to Ryanair. The views and opinions expressed here are that of the individuals and are in no way related to Copybook Ltd. Vanderlande supplies [email protected] manual landing aids to facilitate the automation of Hong Kong International Airport's baggage handling system, which processes more than 80,000 items a day. This video demonstrates the functionality of the A380 cabin cleaning truck, which is able to assist in the servicing of large aircraft. The new high-efficiency, fully-automatic and semi-automatic luggage handling system will be available for attendees to assess.
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EasyJet has introduced new cabin bag rules that will guarantee passengers with hand luggage no bigger than 50 x 40 x 20cm can keep their bag with them in the cabin.
The current maximum size permitted, 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, will remain unchanged, but passengers with a bag of this size may find that they have to put their bag in the hold if the flight is busy.
The policy changes, which come into force on 2 July, will mean that passengers who want to ensure their hand luggage is permitted in overhead lockers, or under the seat in front of them, will need to buy a cabin bag that meets the reduced dimensions. Easyjet’s new rules have been prompted by overhead locker space on aircraft becoming increasingly limited as a result of more people taking the cheaper option of flying with hand luggage only. However the reduced dimensions are smaller than Ryanair’s much criticised maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm and consumers may find it difficult to find luggage that meets the reduced allowance. An EasyJet spokeswoman said it was aware few bags would fit the new dimensions, but some manufacturers including Samsonite and Tesco were already producing bags to fit the new size.
She said new luggage measuring equipment at airports would have both sets of dimensions so passengers would know if their case would be guaranteed onboard.
Passengers with bags fitting the larger size would still be able to take them onboard if flights were not crowded. Anyone who has traveled on Easyjet recently will have noticed that there are more people with cabin bags than the cabin can actually store. Previously they have also selected bags that are hard trolley cases as these take up the most room in the cabin.
So, with effect from 2 July 2013, all carry-on luggage will need to be 50cm x 40cm x 20cm, to ensure it falls within easyJet's guaranteed admittance threshold.

In comparison, other airlines do impose carry-on luggage weight limits including Ryanair and Flybe (10 kilograms maximum), along with British Airways (23 kilograms maximum). However, if space was tight, they might have to give up their bags at the gate to be put in the hold.
However, the bag guarantee is a way for passengers to gain peace of mind that their bag will travel with them onboard the flight,' she said.
Well now they have made it official and fairer by saying as long as your bag is not larger than 50 x 40 x20cm they guarantee you can take it on board. These include Airbus A319s and Airbus 320s and no other airline has as many examples of the former (138) in its fleet right now.
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If it is the larger maximum size 56×45 x25 cm then there is no guarantee you can take it and it could have to be checked in. It may well be the only bag your taking with you and you like the convenience of not waiting for your bag on the carousal.

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