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Please note items in your bag my be removed and delivery charges may vary when you change your delivery location. Most rolling luggage works great on smooth floors and for airlines without baggage weight restrictions. The two biggest differences in rolling luggage are hard vs soft cases, and spinners vs barrow wheel arrangements. Unless you’re flying by private jet, weight has become the single biggest issue in rolling luggage. When choosing luggage, spend most of your time looking at the wheels, zips, telescoping handles, and corners. Ando will write reviews that run for pages, he’ll never think a carry piece is fully resolved, and he’ll always call it out if it should be. How will I be using this luggage?  Mostly business, personal, as a commuter bag, overnight jaunts, etc.
How frequently will I use this luggage?  Every day for work, the annual family vacation, etc.
Where will I be taking this luggage?  Cobblestone sidewalks in Europe call for much different features than a  ride in the minivan to visit family.
Does it matter what the bag looks like?  These days, your luggage makes a statement about you.  Is color, style, designer or brand important? Packability – Does this bag have the configuration that I like and need; big, minimalist-type interior that allows me to pack as I see fit or highly compartmentalized, offering many pre-determined spaces for my stuff?
Pockets – both interior and exterior – very important and highly personal – what works for you? Comfort – Is the handle the right height, is the grip comfortable?  Can I stack a carry-on for easily moving all my bags together? Accessibilty – does this bag have the right number and size exterior pockets for all my stuff?  Especially with a carry-on bag, can I get to my ID, money and electronics easily?
Wheel ‘Style’ – Do I like the control that a 2-wheel upright provides ( tip it and pull) or the maneuverability of a 4-whhel bag (spinner luggage)?
Materials – luggage manufacturers have made enormous strides in recent years developing lighter-weight fabrics that are extremely durable. Hardside luggage is becoming wildly popular and the lightweight, extremely durable materials used are why. Telescoping handles – do they lock at various positions to accommodate your height?  Do the handles have a solid feel; not wobbly or weak feeling?  The telescoping handle will bear the weight of a fully-packed bag, so this is important to note. Exterior Lift Handles – at a minimum, the bag should have grip handles at both ends so you can lift the bag with 2 hands in and out of cars, down the stairs,etc. The weight of a piece of luggage matters, especially if someone needs to carry the luggage on a plane or is going to be checking it in at baggage claim. Many Tumi luggage pieces have wheels for carry-on incorporated into the design, and can easily be purchased on eBay. Check the wheeled designs on eBay, keeping in mind that some Tumi luggage is available with four wheels (packing cases, garment bags, large fortnight trip bags, and large split duffels) while some are available with only two wheels (garment bags,duffel bags, overnight bags, garment bags and more).
The Tumi Vapor large trip and medium trip packing cases are perfect for the virtually any occasion. Tumi luggage purchased on eBay is the perfect gift to give on a variety of occasions, such as weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and birthdays.

Even if you are purchasing the luggage for yourself, keep in mind that there are still many different options to choose from, and that communication with the seller will still be important.
Choose a comfortable price point as you search for a Tumi luggage item on eBay, and remember that used luggage is always an option. They also don’t require you to ‘hold them up’, so they require less energy and let you stack other bags on top. If you go with a spinner that has tiny wheels, prepare to snag on every crack or pebble you come across.
If you really want to lock your bags you’ll need hard case luggage, with covered zippers and fixed locking points for your zip heads.
I was researching carry-on bags for the story that would eventually become Really (Truly) Light: Carry-Ons Under 5 Pounds. Since the whole story hinged on the weight of the bags, I wanted to make sure I was accurate down to the ounce.
So consider yourself cautioned: If weight is a key part of your suitcase decision, don't necessarily trust the first number you see unless it's coming directly from the company itself. Stay away from plastic – it can crack easily under pressure.  Inline skate wheel construction is incredibly sturdy and maneuvers well. The weight is super-critical, both in terms of extra fees that airlines charge for exceeding limits, but also for your own comfort while using it. Consider the purpose of the luggage, the length of the trip, and who and how often it will need to be handled to determine the correct wheeled luggage piece necessary. Buyers should choose the wheel count that they are most comfortable with, as well as the weight and size they prefer.
A businessman may not want to show up at a hotel venue catering to a business conference wheeling an Anna Sui Tumi floral packing case. Look for them on eBay in a variety of colors including copper, raspberry, black, silver, and Chianti. If breakables, jewelry, or other valuable items will be packed, choosing a hard-bodied bag may be the best choice to protect them.
With Tumi, you can purchase coordinating luggage items and incidental items that work together to make a statement.
When purchasing luggage on eBay, it is easy to communicate with the seller and request that the invoice not be placed inside of the package. If you want this service, simply email the eBay seller and give him or her the address where the item should be shipped.
This shipping method is a bit more expensive than other shipping options, but can help ensure that the item is tracked during shipping and that it arrives in a timely fashion. With so many options to choose from, there are pieces of luggage to meet any traveler's needs. However, they take up space in storage, don’t grow and shrink for the length of trip you have, and can fail pretty catastrophically. Hard wheels also make more noise, are more prone to scratching floors (by catching on small pebbles and dragging them), and transfer more vibrations through your bag.
But its de facto role as my one-stop shop for product information hasn't been quite as seamless since I discovered something a few months ago while researching a story.
To lay the foundation, I bounced around the Internet, checking luggage companies' websites, third-party luggage sellers, and, of course, Amazon.

And as I compared weight listings across sites, I began to notice that Amazon sometimes had it wrong. Also, make sure that there is adequate corner protection around the wheels.  In the case of spinner luggage, the 4 wheels should be mounted as far apart as possible for overall bag stability. Evaluate your individual needs and circumstances or, if you're making a purchase for someone else, how they would use the Tumi luggage.
It is much easier to wheel a piece of luggage through the airport than it is to lug a heavy piece of luggage through crowds and security checkpoints. A T-Tech Gateway wheeled medium trip back, an Alpha, or a Zurich Tumi wheeled bag will not only serve the purpose, but it will make a simple, business-like statement. Hard body Tumi luggage designs are heavier than fabric designs, but are also more durable and are not subject to rips, tears, or other damage that can be incurred within the luggage compartments of airplanes. Bags that mostly include clothing do well with fabric designs that are flexible or collapsible. If purchasing a large hard packing case and a messenger bag or a garment bag, for example, you may want to choose colors and designs that go together.
This tip will ensure that the gift recipient will not know how much money was saved by purchasing it on eBay. Many eBay sellers ship quickly, so be sure to email the seller immediately after the purchase of the Tumi luggage. It is important to communicate with eBay sellers, especially when giving Tumi luggage as a gift.
Many shipping services will place large items, such as luggage, on a porch or beside the door. Barrow luggage (think wheelbarrow) typically has bigger wheels (better for rougher surfaces), and needs less structure, so you can make soft cases that grow and shrink better with your needs. Soft cases were lighter until the last few years, but their biggest strength is that you can semi-collapse them to better fit your size needs. My best guess was that the shipping weights and the empty case weights were getting mixed up somewhere in the process, but I couldn't verify that. Lightweight totes, garment bags, satchels, gym bags, backpacks, or duffel bags may be the best choice for someone who needs to carry items to and from a location on a daily basis. Remember, matching luggage not only makes a statement, but it can be much easier to find everything as it comes through baggage handling.
Tumi makeup cases and lightweight bags for women can also be purchased at an economical price on eBay.
The eBay seller will communicate the shipping and delivery choices in order to ensure a timely delivery.
Once this is determined, you are ready for the next step when it comes to purchasing Tumi luggage on eBay.
Buyers should consider a small leather bag, a lightweight messenger, or a toiletry case from Tumi for specific lightweight needs. Many eBay sellers will giftwrap an item for a small fee and can include a gift card if requested.

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