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Home A» Decorating Resources -- Also note those subcategories in the orange navigation, above! The hardest part about finding and buying vintage wallpaper, in my opinion, is that you need quite a few rolls to do most jobs. I found and purchased dozens of fantastic rolls of vintage wallpaper from a local store in the next town over that had been in business since the 1950s. This past summer I scoredA 10 rolls of the absolutely gorgeous pink-gold-creamy-gray design wallpaper (above)A at an estate sale for $8. Vintage wallpaper is the best, Marilyn from Hannah’s Treasures is a friend of mine, her collection is amazing. I do have a question…is there a source (or sources) cataloging wallpaper by period (or is it just too vast a catagory)? There are also lots of sellers of vintage wallpaper on Etsy but as so many of them sell with crafters in mind you must weed through to find sellers of full rolls. Pam, LOVE the collection- especially the one with what looks like little rectangles of Italian? I have perused the online vintage paper stores, all with great stuff, but not enough in multiple rolls for me, sadly.
I do have a local source near dad’s place in Florida, a thrift that gets alot of it, and I haved been lucky in scoring some vintage rolls there, 2 bucks a roll, mostly good for drawer liners and backing bookcases, etc.
I will definitely start haunting the old design stores still in business near my place in Michigan for more! I love me some wallpaper — here are some favorite stories about both vintage and new wallpaper resources.
Shopping for vintage clothing online can be as confusing as trying to find a needle in a haystack. But when it comes to knowing where to buy vintage online, not every vintage lovin’ gal wants to just go by word of Google. Knowing where to buy vintage online can seem daunting with so many websites to shop from, so I broke down the top 5 online vintage marketplaces to give you a clearer picture for deciphering how best to take advantage of each. While each site has their pros and cons, these vintage marketplaces share the common ground of providing vintage lovers like you with the opportunity to shop vintage clothing online from the comfort of your own computers. Which of the online vintage marketplaces described below do you prefer using to shop vintage and why?
Let me know by leaving a comment on the post, or saying hello via Facebook, Twitter or Email! The best pro for buyers when shopping Ebay is their buyer protection service, an Ebay-guarantee that you’ll receive the item you paid for or be reimbursed in full by the seller. THE BASICS: Next to Ebay, Etsy is the second biggest online vintage marketplace, attracting an average of 8 million people to its site monthly.
Etsy is a great site to shop for vintage in a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing experience than Ebay. Additionally, Etsy has a handmade goods section that complements a vintage lover’s homespun personality.
PROS: In addition to affordability and aesthetics, shopping Etsy allows you to connect with a vintage seller in a more personal way.
Make sure that you have registered successfully for and understand how best to use Paypal before purchasing through Etsy. I love spending an hour or so shopping on Etsy because the site allows you to focus your search by also inspiring how you might search, too. Additionally, after you search for an item you are given a tool on the left hand side of your page (see picture above) where you can plug in a specific item location, price range or shipping destination.
Ruby Lane’s homepage allows you to search for or browse items in one of these specific categories. Because sellers are subjective to their own pricing, you may sometimes see a piece priced unreasonably high OR if you’re lucky, too low!
For the most part, Ruby Lane has attracted a community of vintage sellers who pride themselves on the best vintage pieces. Ruby Lane will actually suggest other vintage items to you related to the item you are currently viewing on the page.

If you are looking at a formal vintage dress in the price range of $300 you’ll be shown other formal dresses in a similar price range below the listing (see image above).
The pro side of this is that alongside clothing, you can also shop for a vintage Coca-Cola sign for decorating purposes or vintage china for an upcoming dinner party. Thankfully Art Fire does have a drop down menu categorizing the various ways to shop vintage on the site. The picture above displays search results for the free shipping category, which is always a huge perk to receive when shopping online! The site is growing and has definitely grown fast since it’s founding in August 2011. I love for the most unique feature of all online vintage marketplaces listed in this very article. Also, I just checked out for the first time and it looks like they have a really cool phone app!
Even if you’re not in the market for a high-end pre-owned piece, Raymond insists that everyone’s closet could use a few vintage goodies to add that special something to an otherwise ordinary wardrobe. Often with vintage, it’s not the size but the undergarments that truly make a piece fit correctly. This means a specific vintage garment might not look the same today without a specific undergarment, so its worth noting that before you buy. A quality vintage garment or accessory can cost as much as current couture (ahem, vintage Chanel) so why would someone choose a pre-owned item over something brand new? To better educate yourself, talk to people who run various local high-end vintage stores or seek out local vintage dealers. If you fall in love with something that doesn’t quite fit, remember that vintage items can always be nipped and tucked to make them perfect for you. That said, there are items from another era that simply cannot be altered, so it pays to be aware of your body’s proportions.
You may fall in love with a beautiful printed garment or a beaded dress, but check to see if the fabric is in good condition.
We’re all guilty of letting our clothes hang around in those pesky dry cleaning bags, but Raymond says it can be especially harmful to vintage pieces. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. Over the years, they had transformed to sell art supplies and had phased out their wallpaper business. When I was looking for a bathroom sink about eight years ago, I found it by placing an ad in my local newspaper.
I love that flower paper you found at the estate sale (the pink-gold-creamy-gray design) Are you going to use it all? I grew up with the fourth one (in different colors) wallpapering one wall of our kitchen, with brown tile counters, linoleum floor and a maple hutch. I am restoring a house that has been in my family since early 1970’s, all the furniture, decor, and wallpaper is original from when the home was built in 1963.
Another way to buy vintage online is through vintage marketplaces, where independent sellers list their pieces for sale by auction or to buy at set prices. You’ll notice that Ebay has millions of visitors every month while sites like Ruby Lane and Artfire attract roughly 500,000 visitors.
Sometimes the sellers create very long pages that require you to scroll down at length for all the information.
I’ve spent 5 minutes staring at my screen trying to figure out how to contact the seller with a question! The American Archive vintage dress shown above has a current bid of $51, but the buy it now price is $198. I’ve heard stories of bidders winning vintage at unheard of prices with the right stroke of bidding luck. Many vintage lovers argue that they can find vintage pieces for less on Etsy, because there is no bidding on the site and therefore all prices are determined by the seller and not by the results of a bidding war instead. This is another step to the buying process which may complicate matters regarding payment, shipping and fees. If you’d like to purchase an item locally, you can potentially arrange for pick-up of the item from the seller so that you can avoid shipping fees. The site also does a great job of showcasing featured items and shops so that top quality items have a chance to be seen by your eyes.

You’ll notice that while there are fewer deals to come by on Ruby Lane, you have more options to buy designer and top label vintage pieces versus just run-of-the-mill department store finds. They each attract a similar amount of visitors monthly and sell vintage clothing alongside collectibles. When first tackling Art Fire, shop with a goal in mind so that you avoid getting sidetracked!
If you’re on a tight budget or want more for less, focus your search here for results that keep your bank account happy. I’ve discovered vintage clothing listed for nearly half the amount it would cost on other online vintage sites.
The average amount of visitors to site is nearing 100,000, which is a fraction of what competitors Ebay and Etsy attract and about one-fifth the amount of site traffic garnered by Ruby Lane & Art Fire. I predict that with each passing month, vintage lovers will find a greater selection of pieces available to buy at affordable prices on
Often all about the thrill of the hunt, there are few things as satisfying as unearthing a truly incredible piece (or five) from another era. Here, the fashion forager offers insider tips on how to buy vintage clothing like a pro, and score killer high-style finds.
No matter how much you adore the fabric of a coat or the drape of a dress, if they’re too short or long-waisted it may not read right, Raymond points out. High resolution and widescreen wallpaper specifically designed for Desktop backgrounds and mobile.
I put that word ROLLS (plural) in there, because I don’t want to see single rolls, of which there are multitudes.
I saw some vintage rolls on display — they were selling it for craft projects — and simply asked, Is there more? I have always wondered about Designyourwall and whether they can truly replicate the fantastic inks of vintage wallpaper. I have gotten a hold of one company but they said that they have to change the print 20% for copyright reasons, but if they do that, it won’t match the rest of the room since I am using it to repair not completely replace. However, learning how to buy vintage clothing can also be tricky and, frankly, overwhelming.
The show featured visits from some of the entertainment industry’s biggest names, such as Dita Von Teese. We also saw Rihanna’s stylist seeking items for the singer’s Grammy Awards ensemble, and Raymond pulling potential items for Lady Gaga to wear on tour. Learn how to spot condition issues, what eras work for you and how collectable an item is before you jump in,” Raymond advises. “Vintage fashion as an investment is best left to the truly educated. If you invest $25 [or] $30 in having the cuffs shortened or the waist slightly taken in so that it’s not puffy, it can make the difference of looking frumpy to looking like it’s tailor-made,” says Raymond.
Today, I would start on craigslist, though, because all listings are free and because craigslist is so much more well known.
Personally, I would aim for the true vintage stuff, or the higher end stuff with excellent printing technology from the likes of Bradbury, Sanderson and Schumacher. Can you recommend anyone else who re-manufacture the prints, I still have some of the original but not enough.
It’s important to know how to recognize and identify the signs that may make an item valuable and collectable. So, a key reason to go to the expensive, specialist placesA is that they know this, and they’ve collected lots and lots ofA multiple roll sets. Also, once you find a seller who seems to deal in this stuff save that sellers’ searches as well.
Owner Steve took me down to the basement, where my head started to spin and my fingers started to itch, I couldn’t slap that credit card out fast enough.
Lots of folks read these ads with great intensity — maybe yours will catch their eye, causing them to remember, “Hey! I bookmarked them a ways back – thank you for the reminder to me to check them out in more detail.
Take lots of before and after photos and I’ll put you on the blog when you are ready for prime time.

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