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Lite-Cube Is Designed For The Classical And Comfortable Traveller And Is More Stylish Than Ever Before. This Small Salad Spinner Features A Non-Slip Rubber Base And Stop Button For Fluffing Greens. Now Better Than Ever - Cosomolite Fl Keeps Its Iconic Look With An Impressive Weight Reduction.
For 100 years, Samsonite has continued to leverage its craftsmanship and heritage as an innovator, to create unique solutions for the sophisticated traveler.

Bonus offer: Buy the Samsonite Spin Trunk luggage set and receive a free Samsonite Digital Luggage Scale! American Tourister is all about travelling with style and confidence, with products that are durable, fashionable, functional and cost effective.
By identifying trends and interpreting travelers’ needs, Samsonite continues to infuse innovation and new ideas into travel, re-igniting the sophistication and experience of the past. Inspired by the opening construction of a softside suitcase, the flip opening is a breakthrough innovation to enhance the volume and functionality.

That is the reason why American Tourister has been a trusted luggage brand for over 80 years, and is now available in over 80 countries.

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