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Gal - the biggest of all Bugaboo Strollers!), so there is more storage for of your shopping of the day. Yet sometimes it’s those same long lists of features that end up making the app hard to grasp, or in some cases ultimately useless. Here is a very clear and detailed progression of the Bugaboo Cameleon Models through the years. If you have a child or follow celebrities and don't know what or who Bugaboo is, then where have you been all these years??? Bugaboo took on more re-modifications to their Classic Pram and since then it has changed to; Frog in 2001, Cameleon in 2005, Cameleon+ in 2007 and then the Cameleon3 in 2012 which is the Latest design to date. This entry was posted in Bugaboo, Prams and tagged Bugaboo, Prams on 27th November 2013 by Leanne.

The Gecko was the Cheaper alternative to the frog which was then updated to become the Cameleon.
A slouchy bag with a handy drawcord closure holds your essentials and fits snugly under your favorite stroller. Bugaboo are re-nowned for innovative Prams and Pushchairs for the current Parent and Baby market. Their first Prototype was something out of the ordinary and was totally different to anything else on the Pram Market at that time. Due to Bugaboo being called "Bugaboo" and there ability to adapt to different terrains there adopted the Name Frog. The self-standing design features padded wheels, handle and shoulder straps for comfort and travel ease.

The Bugaboo Prototype then was re-modified even more and became the Bugaboo Classic in 1999 that then transformed through the years to now be known as the Bugaboo Cameleon.
Then when their introduced the Cameleon Model which name was adopted after the Reptile Chameleon it was a very fitting name to describe they new range which now was totally customisable in that you could pick the base colour and the top colour so that it was totally unique to your own tastes and style.
This was also revolutionary and a great trend-setter for other Brands to follow suit very quickly!

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