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Note:  These simple instructions are for removing a zipper in a backpack (with lining), but the same steps can be used to replace a separating zipper in a coat or anything else!
The ends of this zipper are enclosed in fabric so we’ll have to remove a bit of stitching at each end too.
Thanks for the tip, but I did that many times with the first zipper and after doing that several times (it just wasn’t a strong enough zipper for this bag), I needed to replace the zipper with one much, much sturdier. I bought a nice bag for 50p at a flee market, I didn’t think anything was wrong with it until I got to the car and found the zipper was in bad shape. Two-way zippers are very problematic and malfunction a lot.  From a repair perspective, they are a big pain. This entry was posted in Gear Care and tagged worn out zippers, Zipper repair, zipper sliders on January 23, 2016 by penny. Did you know that baby shampoo is an excellent substitute for special products such as Woolite?
This entry was posted in Fabric Tech, Gear Care and tagged DWR, laundry tips, Techwash, wash fleece, wash goretex, washing down, washing Gore-tex, washing ski wear on August 23, 2015 by penny. Do you want to change the collar?  I think the collars with these patterns are lame.  They are too wide and uncomfortable. This entry was posted in Tips for Sewing Your Own Gear and tagged cycling, lycra, Making bike shorts on April 3, 2015 by penny.
With most zipper repairs, it comes down to being able to diagnose the repair and having the correct part, if it can be fixed. Here, the plastic around the male pin at the bottom of the zipper has completely worn away. This entry was posted in Gear Care, Tips for Sewing Your Own Gear and tagged gear maker tips, gear repair, tent repair, tips for sewing your own gear, worn out zippers, Zipper repair, zipper sliders on March 29, 2014 by penny. The most common symptom  of slider failure is that the zipper coil will not zip closed,  or separates at a certain point on the zipper. If your tent zipper is not zipping, the slider most likely worn from dirt and grit, or it has been bent from hard use, getting stepped on, being squeezed with pliers, or similar. NEVER PUT A TENT AWAY DAMP: This is the number one cause of mildew, which eats away at the waterproof coating on your tent. This entry was posted in Fabric Tech, Gear Care, Workroom Musings and tagged dirty tents, how to clean a tent, tent care, tent repair, worn out zippers, zipper sliders on January 13, 2014 by penny.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized, Workroom Musings and tagged gear repair, tent repair on December 31, 2013 by penny. This entry was posted in Tips for Sewing Your Own Gear, Workroom Musings and tagged entrepeneurs; outdoors sewing, featherweight sewing machines, gear maker tips, gear repair, industrial sewing machines, needle feed sewing machine, tips for sewing your own gear, walking foot on December 17, 2013 by penny.
This entry was posted in Tips for Sewing Your Own Gear, Workroom Musings and tagged entrepeneurs; outdoors sewing, gear maker tips, lycra, tips for sewing your own gear on November 25, 2013 by penny. Some things to consider are that many machines have a limited range of what they can do either in terms of specialty work or the materials that can be handled. This entry was posted in Workroom Musings and tagged entrepeneurs; outdoors sewing, gear maker tips, walking foot on November 13, 2013 by penny. Sharing information was the very first lesson I learned when I got online back in… 90-something. Frustrated trying to find high-quality fleece, hardware, or Gore-Tex at your local chain store?
HOW TO FIX A BROKEN ZIPPER ON A PAIR OF JEANSBeginners sewing thread, often prompts wearers. It is that kind of clothing that will become more and more comfortable each time you put it on.
If you need a reference, the Singer books on active wear, sergers and stretch fabrics are all very good. If you only have a regular machine for your seams, use a good thread, sharp knit needles and a stretch stitch.
If you like your jerseys short, you will want to check the length and adjust all the panels of the patterns accordingly. On RS, put zipper face down, reversed ( pointing to bottom of garment) on the front, aligning bottom stop with mark.
Be sure you are over the tape that is on the other side, this stabilizes the bottom of the zipper.

For the next step of actually sewing the zipper tape to the fabric, a nifty notion called Wonder Tape is very helpful. Peel the backing off the Wonder Tape, and turn cut edge at the “v ”, and press along the zipper edge to secure, making sure there is no distortion.
Cut your binding strips the same length as the armhole plus seam allowance, or just a hair smaller. The zipper pin will thread into the slider for a while, but it will become more and more difficult as time goes on.
Even a very slight amount of bending will affect the meshing of the zipper when you zip it. This makes for incredibly even feed of varying weights and thicknesses of fabric at any speed. She also taught me to quilt; not like I do much of that lately but that is beside the point. I ventured onto Usenet, (rec.backcountry) posted my services, and was immediately and thoroughly flamed for advertising on a non-commercial board. I hope I was clear, beacause I do it for year and saved a ton of zipper (for me and all around me).Thank you for sharing this, it’s always useful! As far as fully replacing zipper, contact cement works great for positioning and holding it in place for sewing. Note: All projects, patterns and tutorials featured on this website are for personal use only. However, once the zipper slider comes off the zipper track; it seems almost impossible to fix it. The keys to washing down is a mild soap like Down Wash by Nikwax, and prolonged very low temperature drying in a dryer. For the most part, just follow pattern directions on the suggested patterns, but please review my notes for ideas and tips.
Chances are slim to none that your local chain store will carry anything that you need for these projects. If you want contrast patterns for your jerseys, swim lycra prints are fun to use but do not make a whole jersey out of swim lycra. If you like to open your jerseys all the way down or close to it, just substitute the length you want.
From the RS, stitch across the end of the zipper, right next to the stop, taking only 3 or 4 stitches, and back stitch.
If the zipper itself is not damaged, a new slider of the correct type can replace the bent one. Zipper slider failure is extremely common, and it is caused mostly through normal wear and damage. If it is impossible to not stake it taut without a zipper pulling apart, that is a design flaw.
Silly me, I was advised to get this machine a long time ago, but being a cheapskate I procrastinated for years. This machine is hugely sentimental for me as it is the only thing of hers I got when she passed. This machine has been invaluable for professional looking finishes on stretch items, softshells, fleece and more.
The most common example is someone who wants to do small scale manufacturing, finds me online, and wants me to tell them everything I know so that they can get started. Thank you to Kathleen, Joe, Judith, Kevin, Patrick, Patrick  and Greg… the range of knowledge you have shared with me has been immense and I am ever grateful. I know that feeling, and that’s why I have compiled this list of specialty retailers.
I already have basic hand sewing and never ever thought I would need to learnt to sew with a machine. The replacement will mean that you won’t be wearing these particular jeans for a day or two perhaps.However, there is a simple fix which you can employ to emerge out of this situation victoriously. If you really have something good, we will publish it with your own name in our online magazine.
Mildew is from moisture, and hydrolyzing of the PU is due to age and exposure to environmental conditions.

My suggestion is to cut a piece of blue tarp the same size as the tent floor and place that down inside the tent. And truthfully, this one belongs to my husband’s sister, but she has given it into my caretaking.
This serger  also does everything the Babylock does, but I keep it set up just for coverstitching. It is limited by speed, and for heavy fabrics both by  piercing power and the inability to run heavy thread.  However, it is incredibly precise with beautiful stitches.
Most of my information I have either found online, in books, or through generous mentors and others willing to answer my questions. I didn’t know any better as I had read about Usenet in Better Homes and Gardens, of all places. And so, I started to look for books for beginners at the library, borrowed a few and as I went through the pages I became excited. First, take the scissors and make a small cut between the teeth of the zipper tape (you want to make this cut as hidden as possible). It was explained to me that the wash-in cleaner is a vehicle to prepare the garment for the DWR renewal, and not a cleaner pe se. Note: I have been hearing good reports from people who have washed tents without detergent in a front loader  (non-agitator) machine. The body of the tent may  not show the age that the  UV-baked fly is showing, but trust me, it’s old. I don’t use this machine tons, but I am glad I have it for the results it can produce.
Anyway, some kind soul, and to this day I do not know who it was, emailed me and let me know that the way in was to participate. I don’t use it nearly as much as I used to, but for precision work, button holes and certain repairs it is still very handy. So I did – advice on repairing gear, cleaning gear, where to find fabrics and other tips, with a one line signature.
It has been been fun being a resource, and of course people think of me when it’s out of their comfort zone to do some work.
For months I tried to find tutorial or tips on replacing a zipper on bags, there a few but none was good or near enough to what I wanted to learnt (this goes on for awhile, had a baby yadda yadda yadda…) until today I found your blog. The slit needs to be a deep one so that you can easily put the zipper slider back on track.Once the zipper slider is on track, you can zip up the jeans.
Take a needle and some thread and start repairing the area so you can slide the zipper down again without the fear of losing anything on the road, this will make for a temporary stop (be sure to make it thick). This method is great for a temporary fix, but don’t forget to take you pants to be repaired tough. Now to attend to the opening that was left by the slit; you’ll need to make a stopper with the thread and needle that you have.
However, do get it replaced as soon as you can!Advertisement NOW WATCH: Weird Toilet Poo Cafe Moscow. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. But when that zipper just doesn’t seem to close up properly anymore, things get a little frustrating. Hoodies that can’t close and keep you quite as warm anymore, ruined jeans that make you look as if you ate too much and had to undo them, and the contents of your bag spilling out in the street are all situations that I just do not have the patience for.
Call me lazy, but I just hate having to take things in to get a zipper replaced, so I’m trying to find a way to express my extreme delight for learning how to fix this problem myself, once and for all. I guess I’ll start by sharing this miracle with all of you…Video Insturctions:Video by Ucan Zippers.What do you need for this simple operation? Just your troubled zipper and a pair of pliers will suffice.Basically, all you need to do is clamp onto the slider with your pliers to make the teeth engage. Just make sure to line up the teeth correctly before clamping, and then give it a little up-and-down zip test to ensure that the ordeal was a success.Another one of life’s little annoying problems, solved!

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