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With Boss Bags you can attach your bags to your bike quickly or remove and detach them quickly because the mounting brackets are included. Handle bar mounted cup holder comes with attractive chrome and stainless steel mounts for 1" handle bars.
I added this little Rack that is aftermarket made for the Sportsters and fits around the tag bracket and into the rear hole that a buddy seat would go into. I will post this crappy phone cam for now but later this evening try and replace it with a better one.
And if you happen to get one really cheap but it turns out to be for a Dyna model, well then you just use the Xena Mod concept (sockets for spacers) and all is still well.

Boss Bags are made out of 100% leather, and heavy plastic reinforced sides, bottom, back, and lid.
These drop saddlebags fit the Harley Davidson Street glide, Ultra, Road King, Road glide Click here or on photo to see more of these lockable leather saddlebags. We have leather motorcycle saddlebags, hard saddlebags, saddlebags for sportster, harley saddlebags, and more.
I expect it next week so I should be able to follow up with a rating on thier service and a complete shot of the arrangement.
So it has integrety and strength to not deform on its own All you have to worry about is making it sit still.

And makes the entire bottom an attachement plate sandwiching the rack between the plastic Sandwich plate and the bottom of the bag.

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