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I'm torn between installing a receiver hitch to mount my Saris Cycle-On bike rack, and purchasing a new roof mount rack system for my 2013 Altima. For those that have installed the receiver hitch and have mounted a rack or towed with it, have you had any long term issues (long term being relative here since these are fairly new ;-) ). Any issues with the receiver hitch or bike rack (if so equipped) riding too low or scraping? Other downsides of a hitch are the aesthetics of having a receptacle on the back of a sports sedan, and the additional ~40 lbs of weight of the hitch mount that you'll be lugging around all the time.

But the no-touch, no aero drag, low-theft potential, and the full access to the trunk are certainly in favor of the hitch mount. I had the roof rack on my old Toyota corolla, and like the poster above said, it knocked down a good 10-15% even without a bike or snowboard. That's why for my highlander, I went with the hitch mount even though I have stock roof rack. I also worry about pulling into the garage with bikes still on top with a roof rack system.

Did you have to remove the plastic undercarriage piece that covers the wheel well for the spare tire?

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