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You may not use this work for commercial purposes unless you make specific arrangements with the artist. The next thing that pops out about the piece is the strange appearance of the portal thingy behind the characters.
While the main subjects of the piece are quite flawed, I have to admit that I like what's going on around them. But thanks for your thoughts, I'll try to work harder on making my drawings look better than ever. Drop your details below and every Wednesday we'll send you a personal email message designed to smash away your fears and move you towards a life of more travel.
PLUS, we'll send you a short audio, Get Travelling: a 5 step plan for turning your travel dreams into reality. There are those who travel long term that shout the message far and wide that this is the only authentic and best way to travel. Words of rage and insult get flung towards each other, and justification rises to the surface.
My latest posts on independent travel verse guided tours, had me thinking about all these different forms of travel that are available to us, and which then would be the best way to travel. Not only does it give you a long-term deeper experience, it is also a more economical friendly way of around the world travel.
But what we think is best, is not necessarily what is best for the person asking the question.
To be honest, I don’t really care how you eventually choose to travel, whether it be for a year long round the world, a week at a resort, or a weekend camping trip at your local national park. It gives us time to leave the dramas of our day behind, to relax, and to learn a little about ourselves and our world. On our blog, we can help you to travel in the form that we have chosen as the best way to travel for us, or we can do our best to inspire you to see the world in a different way that you would like more. When you become so gung ho about your way of travel being the only way, then you’ll find yourself up late at night justifying that, perhaps with insults, in the comment boxes of blog posts.
My favorite way to travel is to live and work in a foreign country, immerse myself in the culture and make it my base to do short trips & CouchSurf to neighboring countries. While I roll my eyes at people whose heads are stuck in laptops, iphones, etc, I know everyone rolls their when I (99% of the time) insist on my own room, even though I travel solo. As my Irish friend Antone always said, “Different strokes for different folks!” Whatever makes you happy!
I would say the best way of travel for me is independent and fast (due to the lack of time I have sometimes). Like Ruth, I was also thinking of this topic last week…must be something going around the blogosphere ?? I was answering a question about what our website name (Uncornered Market) meant and how it relates to travel.
I think it is always so interesting to hear travel stories from others who travel in a different way to me. I find people are as self-righteous with the best way to travel as the best way to live life.
I’m not going to tell someone that those two weeks a year they love spending on a cruise ship is any better or worse than what I do. When I was younger sure crossing off countries on a list was great, now I’m less concerned with that. When I first started traveling I didn’t understand why someone would only want to travel in luxury, spending so much money and never seeing anyone but the person you are traveling with. I’ve only ever traveled as an expat and because I have lack of resources to have a long-term job (on purpose) I prefer that because I can work any job in any country. One day I would like to save up a sum of money and do a semi-big backpacking trip too though.
I think the longer you’ve spent backpacking the more you come to love the idea of luxury travel. The way we choose to travel is entirely personal and dependent on our individual circumstances.
My own personal travel experiences have been a mix of military expeditions for several weeks or even months at a time, general vacationing with friends and more recently solo travel for several weeks at a time.
I am curently planning a RTW for a year as my circumstances now suit this, although that is because I have made the decision to make it so, believing this will give me the best opportunity to visit as many destinations as possible, on a limited budget.

Anybody that has made the choice to travel and expand their individual horizons whichever way they choose to do so has made an important decision and as long as we all make the most of our opportunities and respect the choices of others we can all enjoy our travelling experience whether it lasts one week a year or several years.
I know quite a few luxury travellers, whose experiences are different from the budget traveller, but work for them. That's fine, though, and so long as you're trying, your style will become more of your own, and will develop. The first thing that popped out to me was the strange look of the feet, especially those of the girl, which have a potato-like shape.
It looks like you took some doodled lines and filtered raped them, and that causes it to look out-of-sync and ill-fitted with the rest of the style. The perspective is a little wonky, sure, but I like colors and aesthetic of the background- some people don't pull off simplistic backgrounds well (myself included), but I think you've done a decent job with that here. Keep practicing and you'll improve, and maybe you'll develop a more personalized and original style along the way. I recently saw an illustration made by the creator depicting Ramona having round boobs similar to those of the girl in my picture (plus she looked a bit chibi-like as well). This in turn enrages those who choose not to travel like this, instead opting for four-week vacations, or luxury travel.
We move to a country, for a couple of years, get to know the culture more deeply and then travel slowly around the surrounding countries.
You don’t have to save as much money to go in the first place, and if you choose wisely, you can earn a strong local currency to travel on. I think the one common thing about it that we all share, is that in whatever form it takes in our lives, it brings us joy. It helps brings families and friends together, creating memories that will be talked about for many years to come.
I think we can help to make it a better place, but anyone can do that whether they are travelling or not. But thinking about this for a moment, makes me reach the conclusion that sometimes I don’t care about the way I travel as long as I am on the road. In addition to some of the standard answers (open discussion, exchange of ideas, no monopoly, etc.), I realized that the way I think of it in terms of travel is that there is an uncornered market on how to travel. I couldn’t imagine living in hostels and out of a backpack for more than a few months at a time! When I was younger it was about fitting as much in as possible resulting in me being totally exhausted. I can’t tell you how many people criticized us online when the Boston Globe reported that we sold our things and spent our savings to take a year long RTW trip to explore, volunteer and raise money for charity. I know everyone gets excited about the way they travel, but that doesn’t mean its the best way for everyone else. Now I understand the beauty of what that means to those people and why it can even be nice for my SOMETIMES. We do a lot more hotel stays now we have our daughter, but we still camp and stay in hostels. Travelling around the World in one long extended trip is obviously a dream for many but will seem impossible to others with families and 9-5 jobs. However, I often think what would happen to the world if we did, as there would be no one running anything.
I wish everyone would stop worrying about have a better life than everyone else and just make it the best for themselves. Especially if you can organize a job before hand with a company that pays for your flight and maybe accommodation.
Any instance where I’m putting myself in the trust of others has always been mind expanding. I am new to blogging about my own travels and the world of travel blogs (while of course I’ve always loved traveling). It's something completely original and it is going to be used to help me feel more comfortable with drawing in general.
There isn't any such thing as an "original" style; I've been trying for years to make my style distinct, and it still gets compared to Tim Burton, for instance.
An effect should be consistent with the rest of the piece, and here I think it would have been a good idea had you drawn an equally cartoony-looking wormhole behind the characters.

The best way to go about that is to stop trying to draw a specific way and draw in the manner that feels the most natural to you. I love travel and I want everyone to do it because of the positive impact it has on our lives.
Our typical pattern is to get excited and sightsee like mad, then get exhausted and hibernate. If I have to backpack, travel at a slow pace, travel for a short period of time, go on a tour, go independent, go on an adventure trip, stay in a hostel, motel or hotel, I will do it. No one has the right to tell anybody else if their travel is too fast, too slow, or whatever. I really like to be able to come back to a place that I call home and relax during the week and then do it all over again on a weekend or a week long trip. Now that we are moving into more digital nomads rather than job expat travellers, we might look to this option more. Now, I also prefer to spend more time in one place and explore from there, which I enjoy much more and meet more interesting people this way as well. We are being as economical as we can, but traveling fast to see many countries when we aren’t volunteering to make the more of the time we have. What an awesome adventure you are having and doing something so wonderful for others at the same time. I have plenty of friends who love to go away on shorter vacations, but would hate the way I travel.
The worst thing about it is often the ones that are saying other are wrong are the ones that try to talk themselves up as true travelers and all-around peaceful beings. There were twelve of us staying in the house, we had our own maid, private pool, and views of Table Mountain. Some days we decide to bum it out and go all cheapskate and the next day we’ll clean ourselves up in a nice hotel. So I am really grateful for those who do not travel and decide to stay home and run the world for us. For me right now, the best way to travel is in short burst with short periods of working in between. As long as you’re traveling who cares for how many days and where you’re staying!
And I’m certainly not about to judge someone else for their travel style just because it may differ from mine. The only thing I would add is that however you decide to travel (and it might be different ways on different occasions) always travel with an open mind, and a willingness to learn and experience. Visas can be a bit tricky, especially when you get too old for a lot of the working holiday programs.
The girl's breasts are lumpy looking and a little uneven, and a valuable lesson you should learn should you be drawing well-endowed women is that breasts will never look good unless they're smooth, round, and symmetric (that applies to all sizes, but the larger the breasts, the more they're noticeable). I will never understand why people think it is their business to criticize you for doing what ever you want with your life.
Also I never thought about adopting a slow expat style of travel to make my trip more affordable. Even if you are closeted in a five star hotel just to wind down on a stressful life, you can still learn.
Not to mention I still get to be home for part of the year and experience everything that family and friends at home have to offer. Now that we are moving into more digital nomad work we will only have to worry about doing tourist visa runs in countries. Even in cartoon styles, anatomy is a very valuable concept to understand, and you could benefit greatly from working with it. Anything else that looks strange like the portal is because this was the cartoony part of the style. Cartoons themselves are supposed to be very flexible in these regards, but I understand that they still have some limits.

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