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ShutterstockAvoid unwanted stress during your next business trip.When you travel often, knowing the tricks that can save you time and ensure increased comfort can make all of the difference in eliminating unwanted stress. In addition to no foreign transaction fees, which is particularly beneficial for the world travelers, these cards offer great rewards that will help you save on flights, hotels, rental cars, and more. According to the Pew Research Center, only 26% of millennials are married by age 32, proving that marriage isn’t really our goal. So maybe we sign up to volunteer with the Peace Corps, maybe we hike the Appalachian Trail or spend a winter training to be a yoga teacher in Costa Rica.
Nearly four years ago, millennials from all over the world participated in the Egyptian Revolution.
It only takes finding the right hashtag to get involved in a place, even if it’s oceans away. Although I sit on the outside of the millennial generation – I adore it and realize I relate to it much more than my own generation.
Generations before us have put man on the moon, won two world wars, created the atomic bomb, mapped the human genome and have cured many fatal diseases, our generation has created facebook. AdvertiseMatador specializes in building native content + high impact display for some of the world's biggest brands and destinations. When I had a static location and endless cupboards to stash my possessions (instead of a nylon rucksack for my home), gift shopping for me was much simpler. Having travelled full-time for the past five years, I’m very tuned into what a traveler does (and does not) need. Some people hate to give gift cards and I completely understand that but there is nothing more useful and, most importantly, lightweight for a frequent traveler.
It’s the sheer variety of the items on Amazon that put these gift cards at the top of my list.
Music grows old very quickly when you’re listening to the same playlists over and over so the gift of an iTunes voucher (which can also be used to download movies or tv shows), is a gift that will be most appreciated a couple of months into a long journey. If your traveler is taking off on an around the world backpacking adventure, chances are they’ll stay at a few HI (Hostelling International) Hostels. The first year I traveled I had a Priority Pass that allowed me to have access to 850 airport lounges around the world. If you’d prefer not to give the equivalent of cash but still want to buy your traveler a weightless gift, what about a subscription. When I first left the UK in 2010, the only way to legitimately watch TV online was through iTunes, which can get expensive over time. Buying tip: Netflix used to sell gift subscriptions but these seem to have stopped for the time being. The technical idea behind a VPN (virtual private network) is that all your internet goings on are hidden from potentially prying eyes that might seek into your laptop, tablet or mobile while you’re browsing over a secure network.
Leaving home doesn’t have to mean that the traveler in your life has to leave their favourite magazine behind. Travel takes time and what better way to fill those long flights or bus rides than with a good book in your ears.
Speaking of books, if your traveler prefers to read their words than hear them, what about a Kindle Unlimited subscription.
Whether your traveler packs a top-end DSLR, their smartphone or a point and shoot, they’re going to want to back up their photos.
If your adventurer is off to the USA and plans to explore the vast array of National Park, what about a National Park Pass?
And if your traveler is off to England, why not give them the gift of the country’s most historic sights.
As someone who has a regular battle with learning languages, I’d recommend a language learning course as a great starting point for any traveler who is going to one location for an extended period of time.
Tiny bottles of travel perfume or aftershave are not the most cost efficient way of traveling with a nice scent in your bag – travel atomisers are the way to go. I don’t travel with face make-up (powder or foundation) but a concealer is on my must-pack list.
Whether you’re shopping for a bearded traveler who wants to keep their shape in shape or someone who likes to keep their hair buzzed short, a pair of travel clippers is a great gift.
I personally haven’t owned a hairdryer since 2010 and my hair is so bone straight that straighteners are of zero use to me, however, a lot of ladies travel with these items.
I had the misfortune of having to replace my carry-on bag this year when my 12 year old Antler died. Last tear when I traveled through Mexico, USA and Colombia), I tried out the Osprey Kestrel 46 litre backpack and I have to say I’m a huge fan. Each year I travel I meet more and more people who are making a serious go at documenting their trip while carrying hopes of turning their time overseas into a blogging career.
Sure, WordPress (the platform that the majority of bloggers use to publish their stories) has free themes, but standing out from the crowd can really count in this increasingly over-saturated space.
Generally I’m not the kind of person to recommend buying someone a knife as a gift, but this Swiss Army knife has so many tools onboard it can literally cope with all situations from opening a bottle of wine to plucking your eyebrows.
Not all traveler will spend the cash on travel insurance but it is one of the most vital items they should be carrying. Buying tip: those themed travel journals you can buy seem like a great idea but the reality is that they are too bulky for most wanderers to carry around on a longer trip.

If your traveler is going to be sleeping somewhere other than fancy hotels, they’re going to need to pack their own towel. Padlocks are also up there in the dull-stakes when it comes to present buying but they make perfect stocking-fillers and for most travelers, will be used almost every day.
I’m pretty strict on not carrying anything non-essential but when I saw this Bodum travel coffee press and mug, it immediately went onto my must-travel-with list. I hadn’t even heard of a downward dog until I started traveling but after years cramped on buses and bent over my laptop sat on floors, I finally found yoga, which is perfect for realigning my spine.
Make sure you buy a portable hard-drive (desk-top versions are available and are much bigger and slower). What sets us apart from other generational groups is that we absolutely require our own individual experiences. Even if we weren’t there on #Jan25 in Tahrir Square, we were staying updated on Twitter and voicing our own opinions. Long before we buy a ticket to visit, we’re connecting with the locals through social media and are actually playing a part in their culture. I’m a Millennial, currently making my way across the United States and writing about fellow Millennials I meet along the way who are prioritizing travel in their lives.
I’ve found that millennials are also getting a lot of encouragement from older generations.
You highlighted all the wonderful aspects of our generation and definitely reaffirmed for me why I like to travel the way I do. These days, as family and friends watch me select clothes based on weight and drying speed, I can understand the trickery they face as the gift-giving season approaches. When your bank has blocked your ATM card or you want to call a couple of towns ahead to book a room, it’s handy to have Skype credit to do that. At home it works perfectly and provided I have a fast connection, I can stream music for free. I recently tried one out when I was in the USA and the unlimited data kept me occupied (tethering to my laptop to watch Netflix) to out of trouble (checking in online on the move when I was late for the airport). We all know that a coffee and croissant at the airport can cost close to $10 and with free wi-fi, showers, buffer and drinks, the pass more than paid for itself. Just forward booking confirmations by email and Tripit does the rest, pulling you itinerary, saving it for access across your devices and syncing with your calendar. Whether you buy for a month or a whole year, the lack of need to pack a subscription will no doubt be appreciated. Download direct to the free Kindle app and they can be browsing their favourite mag as soon as it’s out. Women tend to complain of putting on weight and guys seem to suffer from losing muscle definition.
Audible, part of Amazon, lets you download books on the road, which can be invaluable if your traveler is in a non-English speaking country and can’t get their hands on English language books. Sadly this isn’t available outside the USA otherwise it would be at the top of my list for Santa.
Buy your traveler a gift package (Essential, Premium or Ultimate) and they can redeem it against a selection of +350 gifts in +100 countries. Whether you foot the bill for a single journey or weeks or months of travel, you’ll have one happy traveler. Offering great value for money, CityPass includes access to the main attractions in each city for one, bargain price.
You probably won’t be able to keep this a secret, but what about buying them a night in a fancy hotel (here are some of the winners on Trip Advisor). Why not buy your buddy a bunk bed for the night – book their first or last night of their trip. With transfer options all around the world, they’re bound to have your chosen route covered. One of the greatest experiences of travel is the people you meet and if your traveler can have even the most basic conversation with a person in their language, it will be the gift that keeps on giving. It’s not waterproof but it has good staying power and has visible lengthening effects when I do bother to put it on. From blotting out eyes that are showing the signs of jet-lag or one too many martinis to blemishes that pop up when you least want them to, this Dior concealer is the best I’ve found.
I have no direct experience with hair clippers so I’ll leave it to the Amazon community to guide the way. From suitcases and carry-on to backpacks, say packs and foldable bags, here are some of my favourites items of luggage.
I moved to Samsonite and despite a less than smooth handle, the bag is otherwise excellent with more room for less weight than I’ve found in any other bag. The bag is impressively spacious but the 46 litre size forces some focused packing that your traveler will thank you for when he or she is running through the streets trying to catch a train. The designs are fun and regularly refreshed but more than that, like Osprey, Dakine does a great job of putting all the right pouches and pockets in all the right places – the people who design Dakine bags certainly use Dakine bags. So much so that I have bags that pack into bags and that might seem ludicrous if it my foldable day pack wasn’t one of the most useful items I carry.
Ok, perhaps not everyone, but your travel blogger friend would probably feel pretty swish if they had their own funky blog name to immortalise all their travel tales…and it will help you remember where to go to read their posts.

Some of the biggest names in the blogging business are behind the online blogging course, Travel Blog Success. You might think a passport holder is a nice gift, but when the security fold screech at your traveler every time they pass through security, telling them to take the passport out of its holder, you’ll realise not all travel accessories are as helpful as they might seem. With thin-ruled pages, you can scribble down more on less paper than with most notebooks, they come in a range of colours, have rip-out sheets in the back (for handing over details to new travel friends) and have a pretty robust cover. We respect our parents and grandparents, but we don’t necessarily want to imitate their timelines.
Social media platforms allow us to stay up to date on what’s going on across our borders. I think another thing that sets us apart as great travelers is our tendency to follow less traditional career paths. We Millennials are at the forefront of this change and the world is watching our every move. Millennials are getting a lot of attention, a lot of opportunity to speak up for what we feel is important. It gives me endless delight to read something like this and know I’m not alone in these feelings and state of mind. Planning a trip can be expensive and while you might not want to buy a khaki green travel towel for your friend or family member (though if you do, I recommend one below), getting them a gift card means they can get exactly what they need.
However, if you’re prepared to upgrade to a monthly account, Spotify gets even better. With a Netflix subscription I was able to watch my favourite shows across Europe, the USA, Mexico and Colombia. Give your long-term traveler the gift they’ll enjoy as soon as their waist band starts to get tight. There are many competing service providers to choose from so you might want to check with your traveler first in case they have a preference.
From rafting and zip lining to dining and city sightseeing, the biggest problem for your traveler will be choosing which one to do. What I do know from guy travel friends – make sure the clippers have a decent battery life when charged. Available in different versions for men and women to fit their different frames and also sizeable if you have a shorter or taller than average traveler, you can’t beat the fit of Osprey.
Sign your traveler up for this course and as well as the step-by-step lessons on how to start a blog, get free press trips and make money, they will also gain access to a network of traveler who are already out there, writing, making money and living the dream. Lightweight and fast drying, they may not qualify for the sexiest present you ever give, but they definitely win for practicality.
Also, buying a two pack is a good idea – I always pack two but somehow always come home with only one. We can immerse ourselves in local fashions on Instagram, popular restaurants on Trip Advisor, and local meetups on Couchsurfing. The emphasis was on developing a well-researched opinion and being able to back it up, all while working with others who might feel differently. I rarely met travelers from the US on my trips and have found that today more are willing to risk an adventure. So many of us struggled to find work straight out of college, and used this as inspiration to follow our passions instead of paychecks. We need to harness this power and use it to challenge the status-quo and make really change.
Even the full-size bottle is small enough for carry-on and I use mine almost daily and get about a year’s use out of each one. World Nomads is designed by travelers for travelers and is trusted by Lonely Planet and Rough Guides. Even if you have suitcase (my current bag of choice), these are great organising tools and mean I can pack in 5 minutes flat.
This one can either be rolled or folded and although you sacrifice padding for space saving, it’s still better than no mat at all. Many more of us went the freelance route — we started our own businesses, started blogs, worked online, and pursued location independence as a priority in our careers. If your traveler is a music junkie, Spotify gift cards will definitely give them the right fix. If your traveler is leaving the USA, check from nationwide clubs where they’re going.
And how to recognize the lens that I look through, and respect that it might be different from someone else’s.
By following less traditional paths and not tying ourselves down to 9-5 jobs with limited vacation time, we have much more freedom to travel and see the world.

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