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Today's tech gadgets have a battery life that seems to last an average 5 minutes, which doesn't go very well with long-haul flying. Well, have you ever found yourself fumbling around trying to fit everything into your case? Or the gadget problem, where all of your latest and greatest tech runs out of juice mid-way through your flight? For 15 years, I have had one outfit in my closet that is earmarked for overnight airplane travel. Even though Chicos is clearly rated M for Mature, they have a siren song that called to me-namely comfortable, wrinkle free clothes that travel effortlessly. Tossing my pennies into the fountain of youth means eschewing carbs and talking myself out of Botox on a near daily basis. Just because I was rethinking my airplane attire didn’t mean I had to throw out my standards.
Maxi dresses are also perfect long-haul clothing options and meet all the requirements: comfortable, long wearing, and cute. Caption: Bright Navy Maxi from Charming Charlies, Coral chain necklace from Charming Charlies, Taupe and Coral Ballet Flats from Old Navy, Grey-Purple wrap.
Cons: Scarf, belt, and maybe shirt (depending on the relative crankiness of the TSA) will all have to be removed at security. Please note: any and all spam links will be deleted immediately to uphold the integrity of this blog carnival. I am working on my go to overnight plane outfit – I am actually liking some stretchy jeans with a tunic top right now.
I always look at maxi dresses and palazzo pants and think how perfect they would be for travel. One of Andrew’s favorite things that we got from his great-grandfather is this record player and sound system. All I can tell you is how happy Andrew was to play a record loudly on those speakers for the first time ….
Papa allowed me to go through the jewelry and also gave me a bunch of scarves – I’m totally gonna bring back the scarf. One day, when Julie and her in-laws were almost done cleaning out Papa’s house, she came home with a big box for me. I was looking through these, taking some pictures and commented that I couldn’t wait to read them – and Julie seemed surprised!
One of my biggest regrets is that Andrew and I never made the time to go record his stories. Salsa is the standard model in Rimowaa€™s suitcases with the handle bar and zipper design, it is best for carrying heavier content in long-haul, winter and shopping trips. With the built-in touch display in the new model, scuba-divers and skiers may preview the photos and videos right from the camera. GoPro Cameras are hailed as a€?the worlda€™s most versatile camerasa€?, its small body size, durable built, and professional quality video and photo capturing functions allow you to record your wonderful moments in any extreme environment. Rent-a-Suitcase, provide travel supplies rental service to the busy a€?urbanersa€?, manifests the cost-saving, environmentally-friendly and, most importantly, space-saving way of travelling.
If you live in Hongkong or Macao or plan a trip over there then you've come to the right place. Yes, send me Groupon e-mails for the latest offers for great local services, goods and getaways that are personalised based on cookies used by my devices, my location, browsing and purchase history, or other information I provide.* Privacy Statement *You can reject and delete cookies directly via your browser and you can manage your newsletter subscriptions at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any Groupon newsletter you receive. Brand Agility a€“ the guys that brought us the now infamous Ducti duct tape wallets have come up with another corker with the Mendoza Panzer luggage. The Panzer suitcase, which has just just arrived in the UK, will certainly turn heads at the airport.

This unconventional case not only looks great but it is as tough as a tank with a lightweight hard shell. The seductive design will ensure it stands out on the carousel while the tough exterior means it should withstand being knocked about by baggage handlers. During our testing we pushed the extendable aluminium handle back inside and used the case as a seat while stuck in queues.
Another nice feature is the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) approved combination lock. It allows US airport security to open your case during checks rather than force it open by destroying the lock. This is a fantastic case from Mendoza who have established a reputation for quality and durability. With its sleek, curves, this value-for money suitcase is both stylish and ideal for a quick getaway.
The ideal choice for holiday shoppers, this quilted design is expandable and gives up to 20 per cent more packing capacity - handy if you're planning to return with more than you took. A classic case from Mulberry, the Branson is compact enough to be used as carry-on luggage.
The fourth Kerrygold Ballymaloe Literary Festival of Food and Wine runs from May 20-22 and this year organisers Litfest HQ plan to deliver the most electrifying, educational and inspirational programme to date. Almost four out of five (79%) people believe the amount of alcohol served to airline passengers should be restricted, according to a survey. By Una Brankin For the much-travelled Danielle Farrell, meeting the man responsible for one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the 20th Century was an experience she'll never forget.
By Allison Bray Isis is planning to massacre more Western tourists at some of Europe's most popular beaches this summer, according to Italian intelligence reports.
This is the best collection of 9 new super suitcases which will solve many of our travelling woes. No problem, one of our featured cases uses compression technology to suck the air out of your case.
Using amazing triangulation tech combined with your smartphone, the super case of the future will be able to diligently follow you as you trope through the airport. These clothes rarely get to come out of the closet, but when they do, it is guaranteed that they are going somewhere special. I still wanted comfortable, wearable clothes that would look just as good when I got off the plane as when I got on the plane. I will also need to add a second layer for warmth and I am tempted to grab that Chicos Travelers jacket and throw it in my bag. I always go with a long flowy comfy cardigan because I freeze on planes, and love to wear maxi skirts when traveling. Which means he lived in a house that he bought in the early 1960s and barely changed in the subsequent years.
But I hope the rest of you appreciate how lucky we feel to now be the owners of all these amazing vintage things that really feel like an inheritance. Comes with better handle, add-a-bag holder, and a 2-flex divider system, Salsa Deluxe is best used for medium to long haul, business and family trips. With the elegant look and durable material, Classic Flight is your best option for short to medium, business and trendy trips. Topas is best used for photography, scuba-diving and ski trips where you bring delicate gears. Its 4K quality with the special SuperView mode allows travellers to take professional videos and photos, making the trip much more memorable.
As space has become tremendously costly in metropolitans, especially Hong Kong, storing a large suitcase at home that might be used for once or twice a year has become burden for many families.

Its clever inside features include laundry bags, shoe bags and plastic pockets for any spillables.
This one is available in coated-canvas with the distinctive LV print and a new army design.
Available in seven colours and prints, it has copious amounts of room for packing and numerous pockets inside. As you roll the case, it cleverly captures the kinetic energy from the turning wheels, storing it as juice for your iPhone.
This means that you can pack 33% more gear and still squeeze your bag into the carry on section. Flip open the app and you get an instant location for your suitcase, helping you and your gear to get re-united much faster and easier than relying on the airport staff. What they don’t tell you when you are looking at those glossy brochures of Paris and Barcelona, is that it will take you 18 hours and two layovers to get to your destination. That is, until that day when I knew, deep down, that if I put on that outfit one more time, I was making a choice to merge permanently into the old lane.
Translation: I am not going to help out the eternal march of time by making choices that make me look older.
They offer full coverage-hello, skipping the razor today, and eliminate the need to tug at a hem or completely keep your legs together. But there is always the fear that you will stray one direction- and look like you are wearing your pajamas, or the other direction-and look like an extra from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire.
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Means he and his wife got a lovely big set of dishes (my guess is the late 60s or 1970s) and never needed to replace it. With Rent-a-Suitcase, travellers can simply reserve for their travel supplies, pick up when they needed, and even customize different gears for every destination and duration.
Groupon has coupons for basically everything, you can save in restaurants, during a shopping tour or your travels and even in areas such as healthcare, wellness, beauty or services. The other is a truly genius case which turns the kinetic energy from its turning wheels into juice for your iPhone.
I needed stretchy pants that didn’t wrinkle and they provided, and really, there was nothing to worry about. I just wanted to add some youthful style-and by youthful, I mean I want to look my age, not two decades advanced (or worse, the attempt to look a decade younger). In the spirit of community, it would be ideal if you visit some of the other blogs and keep the travel tip love circulating. Today, I wore leggings (as pants, yes) with a tunic and Frye boots because I was flying to Montana where boots are going to be needed. Means he had small, interesting curios all over his house and no need for new fangled technologies. If you go in there and you are under the age limit, they sweet sales ladies will either smile and preemptively assume that you took a wrong turn and direct you towards The Gap, or they will ask you what size your mom wears.
Keep in mind, though, you will land wearing the same clothes that you were wearing when you left home 12 hours and two layovers ago.
Clothes for long-haul, overseas travel must be chosen carefully to give you the most comfort and usability.

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