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Back in the 1960’s, when making electronics look like anything but electronics was all the rage (take these Empire Grenadier 6000 speakers for example), cramming a turntable into something resembling an over-sized suitcase was de rigueur for manufacturers like Magnavox.
Pyle and Crosley have already tossed their hats into this ring in this department, and now a new option is available from Electrohome in the form of the Archer Suitcase Record Player (model: EANOS300). The Archer (for short) packs two full-range speakers, each housed in all-wood cabinets within the case, and powered by a lightweight digital amplifier.
So if toting a turntable around like a musical secret agent is your bag (hey, it is called the Archer, after all) this little device may be right up your alley. In addition to spinning wax, the suitcase of sound offers both a USB input and 3.5 mm aux input for music playback from a smartphone, tablet, or pretty much anything else with an analog audio output.
You’ll have to manually place the diamond-tipped ceramic stylus in the groove, but when the record ends, the tone arm will lift and return to its resting place automatically. Now that vinyl is making a big comeback, so too are many of the retro turntable designs from the format’s heyday.

The case is there to protect the record player when it is being transported and keeping out dust when the player isn’t used. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense — what’s more hipster than a record player masquerading as a suitcase?
With the main reason of being easy to transport you want a suitcase record player to be solid and light. But not only the maneuverability is a reason why so many people look for this type of turntable. These two reasons combined make up for a though decision because there are many types and styles available.Most people search for a suitcase player because of the vintage look.
With Crosley being the king of the market you know that you buy good stuff almost every time.
Because of the suitcase the player is very easy to transport, a big pro for that is the low weight!

If you are looking for the best sound possible than you are not the right costumer for this turntable.
This turntable is there to be light, hand-able and affordable combined with a decent sound. For $73 brings this machine the ability to play al the different rpm’s and does it give quite a good sound from its two stereo speakers.
It will be a good frend for someone who is thinking to bring it along wherever he or she is going.Fore more record players click here.

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