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For the stylish jet-setter always on-the-go, this nylon rolling suitcase from Prada will be your best traveling mate.
With four suitcases of various sizes and priced at less than $100, this set is an ideal choice for any man. For a truly unique and versatile piece of travel luggage for men, try the Cenzo Overnight Bag. Nautica makes some of the best luggage sets, but our favorite has to be the Charter four-piece set.
This is the only set on our list which comes with a garment bag, making it a great all-in-one solution. For our last set to make our top list, we went with a classic favorite of ours – the Traveler’s Choice Tasmania.
This is the only hard sided set on our list, as well as the only three-piece set on our list. Whether you’re looking for luggage sets that are minimal and plain, or something with a little bit of masculine style, there is a set out there just for you if you know where to look.
In addition, men have significantly different luggage needs if they are traveling on business versus a rip for fun.
Light, expandable and easily stored, it is as good for the married businessman as it is for a bachelor living an apartment. Whether a job interview or a sales presentation, looking good is the first step in closing the deal.
The generous dimensions and capacity of the Winfiled 28” Expandable Spinner just enhances this reputation. Throwing some clothes and toiletries into a duffle bag is the ideal way to get the trip started on time and with a minimum of fuss.
Made of easily cleaned polyester, this handsome piece of travel luggage for men is made to withstand the roughest treatment. It doesn't hold much but if you keep it packed, you can grab it and run at those times when its important to hit the ground running. If you’re flying, you can check the medium and large suitcase, carry on the smallest, and use the wheeled duffle bag as your personal item. Nautica is a somewhat gender-neutral brand, and a lot of their luggage sets come with a tote bag as their smallest piece. Adolfo typically manufactures clothing, but also make one of the best luggage sets for men, so we had to add it to our top 5 list.
The black and red color combination is striking and bold – definitely a top pick from The Luggage List.

A popular feature of this set is the built in TSA recognized combination locks, saving you from buying separate locks.
We hope that our list of the best luggage sets for men helps you to find the right set you’re looking for that you can gift or use yourself for many years to come. There is wide variety of travel luggage for men that can suit the requirements of the individual and of the situation. It's polycarbonate composition allows for excellent durability and is light weight, just 8 pounds when empty.
This hardcase luggage can take quite a beating although the finish does tend to get easily scratched.
Combing these two needs can sometimes be problematic when choosing the best carryon travel luggage for men.
Four wheels allow for easy travel through the airport while its flexible exterior allows you to store it in the tightest spaces.
Extremely versatile, this piece of travel luggage for men can carry clothes for a wedding or for a camping trip. It has a retractable, double handle, inline skate wheels and double zippers for extra security. The heavy duty steel wheels, the nylon reinforced exterior and the double strength, retractable handle completes the package on this extraordinary travel luggage for men. It can take a whole lot of punishment while still safeguarding its contents and it will last for an entire high school or college career. It has plenty of room for the essentials and, more importantly, can be carried anywhere without fear of looking awkward.
While I am at home I have a few things to help make my laptop user friendly.Cooling Laptops are small and packed with electronics. However, when it comes to luggage sets, there are a lot of matching patterns that tend to have a feminine look. Tommy Bahama is a brand name which caters mostly to men and has a sort of “island” motif, even though they’re based out of Seattle. Staying true to the rugged outdoorsy style that made them famous, their luggage reflects a camping and outdoorsy style.
For the guys who don’t want a tote bag, Nautica has created a few sets that have the tote replaced by a small duffle bag. Nautica definitely makes a lot of other great luggage sets, so if you’re looking for something different, make sure to search them out at the link below. It’s normally impossible to find a good quality set for under $200, but the folks at Adolfo provide a solid set four bags, plus a garment sleeve.

The truth is, most guys just want something neutral, which is why this is one of the best options for men looking for just a solid colored, good quality set. You can see from the video below that, for a hard shell, this set is very flexible and very durable.
If you have a favorite men’s luggage set that we missed, feel free to leave a comment below to give our readers even more ideas! Here are some suggestions for business trips, causal stopovers and even an option that combines a little of both. In short, it is a is spacious, sturdy and unbelievably fashionable option for the business traveler. The luggage is sturdy and secure but as with all hardside cases, the finish does mar fairly quickly. Here are some solutions that will allow you to store the casual items in their own pockets while still leaving a dedicated space for a suit and tie. Pockets and an expandable area provide plenty of dedicated space for a variety of toiletries and other personal effects.
There is plenty of room with multiple pockets and designated spaces for all your jewelry and toiletries. Available in four high contrast colors, it makes it the ideal choice for any metrosexual on the move. Thankfully, there are still sets of luggage that look more masculine and are available for sale; you just have to know where to look.
Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, this type of  travel luggage for men is waterproof and utterly secure. Two inline wheels for easy transport, an expandable upper section for extra room and multiple pockets can fill any travel need. We have sorted through all the women’s luggage sets to keep them off this list of the top men’s luggage sets. The video below highlights one of the suitcases, but it’s a pretty good representation of the overall style and quality of all the other pieces.
This set is an Amazon best seller for a reason – if you’re looking for a men’s luggage set that isn’t very flashy, go with the Traveler’s Choice 3-piece set. If you’re an avid camper or hiker, this set will probably compliment your style very nicely.

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