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You’ve got your summit day kit dialed in, your favorite pair of hiking shoes picked out, and you’re just about packed for the ultimate outdoor summer adventure.
Best Summer Weight Sleeping Bag: Marmot’s sleeping bag line wins awards with every update, so it’s no surprise that the Always Summer, a 40-degree down bag, once again garnered a lot of praise from testers. Best New Technology: The guides and design team behind Eddie Bauer’s First Ascent line have redefined lightweight with their new Airbender bag.
Best Made-in-America Sleeping Bag: When you start talking to the ultralight climbing and thru hiking crowd about their sleeping arrangements, a handful of brands make the cut. Best Sleeping Bag For Hunters: Colorado-based Kifaru got their start in 1978, and the Slick Bag harnesses their decades of hunting and tactical innovation. You’ll find all kinds of features and specifications in the search for your next bag, but the following three variables are what matter. Weight vs Space: Choose based on what matters more to you or the conditions you plan to backpack in.
Best Sleep System: We spotted the DownTek-treated Zirkel SL at Outdoor Retailer this winter and we’ve been excited about it ever since. Best Sleeping Bag For Extreme Weather: REI’s -20 degree Expedition bag is a true four-season bed.
Best Sleeping Bag for Car Camping: Loading up the car with all your best gadgets and extras for a night near your favorite lake or the festival grounds?
Best Fast and Light Sleeping Bag: Weighing in under two pounds, the Mercurial 1S is perfect for ultralight fastpackers and hammock campers. What's New, NowToday in Gear: May 6, 2016An homage roadster from a car startup, an all-in-one tech peripheral for your bike, a paperweight toy for your desktop and much more.
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Keep it in your trunk, and no matter where you are, grab a pina colada and pretend you’re relaxing at the beach. This sleeping bag is made from 100% Polyester and you can unzip the bag from the bottom up to allow increased airflow. After you spend some time trapped in a nightmare cocoon with your them, you won’t even want to be a part of the family anymore. Below you will find a selection of some of the best sleeping bags from which to choose based on your plans for use.
This comfy, warm Coleman Big and Tall Dunnock Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is great for tent camping. This 20 to 40 degree adult sleeping bag features a cotton cover with a soft cotton flannel liner and a comfort cuff that surrounds your face with extra soft material, making for a cozy and warm night's sleep outdoors. Others have used it for added comfort and warmth while sleeping on their in home air mattress, sleeping in their 18 wheeler cab, sleeping on their boat and sleeping in the car while camping. Sleeping bag is washable but it is recommended that you use a front load industrial washer. There is no top or bottom to this bag so if you want a left or right zipper option then you can just flip the bag open.
To keep you warm on the coldest of nights the Coleman North Rim Extreme has a 0 degree Fahrenheit temperature rating.
This bag is filled with 60 ounces of Holofil 808 insulation and is made of diamond ripstop polyester cover material as well as a polyester lining material to help prevent rips and tears. Comes with a useful sack storage that can also be used for storing other items that may be affected by extreme weather conditions. The family sized TETON Sports Mammoth Multi Season Sleeping Bag is perfect for family outings.
There are interior storage pockets where you can stash your personal items for safe keeping. There are three no-snag, self-repairing zippers with metal pulls that open on either side and bottom so you can exit without disturbing your sleeping mate. The Mammoth has cushioning around zipper and shoulder to keep drafts out and offset seams to distribute fill evenly and eliminate chilly spots. This Doublewide series eliminates the need to zip two bags together so there's nothing keeping you apart from your cuddle bug. The bag has a no-draft collar, no-draft wedge, no-draft zipper, no-draft center flap and double zippers allow entry from either side of bag. The material on this Big Agnes doublewide: Nylon rip-stop shell fabric with water repellent finish, nylon taffeta lining Big Agnes M3 synthetic insulation.
When insulation material is compressed under your body, it loses most of its ability to insulate. Stay warm while campin in colder temperatures with this Grizzly two-person +25 degree Rip Stop sleeping bag. Zippers located on both sides will allow you to easily exit the sleeping bag without waking your partner. The Wenzel Lakeside sleeping bag is a reasonably priced sleeping bag that is good for temperatures down to 40 F degrees. Be aware that even though it rolls up to a good size, it does not come with a carrying bag, so think about your use and whether or not this is a problem for you.
The Coleman Trinidad is durably constructed of a polyester cover with a soft tricot liner and is great for warm-weather camping. It has three pounds of ThermoTech insulation to keep your comfortable and warm down to 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Additional features are the Zipper Glide tailoring which allows smooth zipper operation around corners and the Roll Control locks the bag in place for easier rolling. The Coleman Biscayne sleeping bag is a perfect warm weather bag for camping out or just star gazing on your back patio. This sleeping bag features 4 pounds of ThermoTech insulation and is perfect for sleeping from 40 to 60 degress F. The ZipPlow feature plows fabric away from the zipper to prevent snags and the ComfortCuff feature surrounds your face with softness. The Semoo sleeping bag is a 3-season lightweight sleeping bag which is great to use outside in the autumn and spring. Semoo is well-known in the manufacturing and distribution of leisure outdoor gear in many countries for enjoyment during your relationship with nature.

Good for three seasons this Free Walk Envelope Sleeping Bag weighs just 3.6 pounds and is easy to carry.
The outer surface material of this bag is waterproof and it has a temp rating of 50 Degrees F. Comes with a matching sleeping bag case that has criss-crossing straps and a cord lock to hold the bag in.
Walk with your sleeping bag on because this bag has a full zipper design on the bottom enabling your feet to breath freely or walk if you would like. Bag accommodates heights up to 6' 3" and the shell is 210T anti-tearing plaid fabric, while the lining is 190T superfine polyester pongee. Other features are a built-in wind shield, detachable hood and elastic rope in the cap, providing free adjustments. This sleeping bag is rated for 3 Seasons, use this sleeping bag for temperaturs 32 degrees F to 54 degrees F. Your child or grandchild will love to snooze inside this colorful sleeping bag from Wildkin featuring Trains, Planes and Trucks.
Your little one will love cuddling up inside a cool, colorful alligator sleeping bag which will make every bedtime a popular word in your home. The interior features a contrast color lining ans is stuffed with polyester fill that makes it cozy and comfortable to play on or sleep in.
This Princess sleeping bag is perfect for slumber parties and offers little girls a stylish and comfortable place to rest or sleep. A sleeping bed liner is nice to have when you are going camping and you are not sure how cold it might get to be while you are there. It is advertised to provide about 12 degrees of thermal protection in addition to the rating of your sleeping bag.
Use the Cocoon Silk mummy liner alone in warmer weather or put it inside your sleeping bag to add warmth for those chilly winter nights.
This liner protects and keeps your sleeping bag clean and can add up to 5 degrees F to the temperature rating of your sleeping bag. Some people like to use this when spending the night in a hotel, silk feels cool in the summer. To clean you can hand or machine wash the Cocoon Silk Mummy liner with mild soap, drip dry or tumble dry on low heat. This liner is super packable, lightweight and nice for hiking or camping when you need a little extra warmth at night in your sleeping bag. The super insulating Thermolite panels provide added warmth in the torso and foot bed areas. A liner helps keep the inside of your sleeping bag clean which helps save it from the wear and tear of many washings. Mummy shaped liner features a 3D footbox providing plent of room for your feet and a drawcord hood with a mini cordlock cinches around face to hold warmth in.
Bring the silky, soft comfort of a Sea to Summit 100% Premium Silk Sleeping Bag Liner to your next camping, backpacking or hotel travel. When you are camping out or back packing and want some added comfort to your sleeping bag or cot, then you will want to add this self inflating air pad by ALPS. In addition to providing a more comfortable bed site it will help keep you warmer by creating a barrier between the cold ground and your sleeping bag. Just roll the Coleman Self inflating pad out and open the free-flow valve and the pad will automatically inflate itself. You can count on this durable, weather resistant polyester shell to hold up night after night and the tufted design to offer even more added comfort.
Take this compact nighttime comfort and support along with you and when the fun is over just open up the valve, push out the air as you roll it up, then squeeze out what's left with the compression straps and throw it in the trunk with rest of your stuff. Get in your beauty sleep while camping or use during your exercise session, just wherever your travels or adventures take you. The non-slip fabric on this mat keeps it from sliding an there is an easy twis valve for inflating and deflating.
Note: Sleeping bag liners are called a variety of different names depending on who you ask. Sleeping bag liners are used by travelers, backpackers, camping enthusiasts, cyclists, hikers, hunters, survival junkies, and just about anyone else who loves the outdoors. Sleeping bag liners are traditionally used for keeping your sleeping bag clean and sometimes adding warmth to your bag.
You’ll find that there are a wide variety of materials used when it comes to sleep sacks.
Materials used: Silk, Ripstop Silk, Silk-cotton, Cotton (Traditional, Egyptian, Organic), Flannel, Fleece, Microfleece, Microfiber and more.
In my opinion, one of the main factor you should take into consideration while purchasing a sleeping bag liner is its overall comfort level. Quality liners should be capable of insultating your body in colder climates yet also be breathable enough to keep you cool when sleeping in warmer climates.
We all know how tough it is to choose the best sleeping bag liner,  travel sheet or whatever else you want to call it.
Fortunately, I’ve done the research and all the dirty work so that you no longer have to worry about searching and comparing the never ending list of options out there on the market these days.
I'm a location independent blogger, freelancer and world traveler with a passion for adventure. So when you get to your campsite after a long road trip of grueling hike into the wilderness, don’t get caught unrolling the same musty sleeping bag you used to surf couches back in your college days. Water repellent down, stretch baffles, and insulated zipper guards and draft collar make this the perfect bag for warm summer camping. Western Mountaineering’s ExtremeLite series of sleeping bags are without a doubt part of that elite set.
Featuring RhinoSkin shell and lining that the company says will stand up to boots-in-bag use, continuous Climashield insulation along the whole body, expanded shoulder space and extra-wide foot boxes, the Slick Bag is an excellent extreme conditions bag. Featuring an integrated sleeping pad sleeve along the bottom, the bag ensures you’ll never wake up alongside your padding rather than atop it.
A double zipper system allows you stay comfortable in any temperature; unzip the inner zipper to reveal a little extra space and dump heat, or keep both zippers closed when you’re high above the treeline.
The semi-rectangular cut has extra room to fit a liner bag ($109+) for extra warmth (it’s rated at 45 degrees alone, so you’ll probably need the liner most of the year). It may seem a little strange at first, but the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed’s unique comforter top is the most versatile and comfortable sleeping bag we’ve used in years.
Be thankful you’re not alive to see your grave desecrated in this way by your obviously spiteful family.
A good, warm, comfy sleeping bag may fit your needs more if you are camping, hiking, climbing, hill walking or even to function as a bed during emergencies.

You can have a bed that works for just one person or a double sleeping bag for several people.
If you are searching for a sleeping bag that is nice and roomy then you will like this Coleman White Water. The two-way zipper will let you allow airflow at the foot of the bag to regulate temperature when the weather is warmer.
The mammoth is designed for sleeping as many as 2 adults and 1 child or 4 young children and keep them warm in temperatures as low as zero degrees F. Big Agnes eliminates the unnecessary bottom insulation and replace it with one of two pad sleeve designs to accommodate the pad which provides the insulation.
Easily transport this sleeping bag using the included custom duffel, which features compression straps to make the bag smaller for easy packing.
The Hyperloft insulation keeps body heat inside the bag for warmth and built-in large chest baffles and draft tubes will keep the wind at bay. Others who have purchased this bag have found it comfortable for warm weather camping, sleeping in dorms, tent camping and sleeping in their new house before the beds arrived. The offset quilt construction prevents bunching and reduces cold spots to give you a good night's sleep. The Zipplow feature plows fabrics away from the zipper to prevent snags while the Comfort Cuff surrounds your face with softness. The ThermoLock construction reduces heat loss through the zipper which helps keep the interior of the bag warmer. Relying on S-shaped quilting design, the filing cotton will be fixed and the sleeping bag will be more durable. It is a great multi-use sleeping bag for Survival, backpacking, biking, scouts and camping. This sleeping bag for kid has soft cushioning, a matching travel pillow and an easy to carry makes it comfortable for kids to carry and use. The Melissa and Doug Augie Alligator sleeping bag features a bright green alligator with animated eyes, extended hands and feet and soft white fangs around the opening. This liner has a soft fleece touch to the skin and it fits easily into the stuff sack that is provided with your purchase of the liner. The Reactor Plus is constructed of insulating Thermolite fabric, a hollow-core, breathable fiber that provides extraordinary warmth for its weight.
The top fabric is tough, lightweight Ripstop and the bottom is polyester taffeta and it has non-corrosive nylon valves.
They’re usually a lot thinner and a lot more compact than your traditional sleeping bag, classifying them as being very portable and very easy to pack. Some sleeping bag liners are specifically designed with extremely lightweight materials that allow your body to breathe and stay cool during the night.
While you probably won’t be able to test one out before you buy, my advice would be to read up on all of the reviews before you make a purchase. Of course, this all depends on where you’re headed and how much room you have in your pack. I’ve personally tested both of these companies and they both make a really high quality liner that will suit all of your needs. Here’s a list of the best sleeping bag liners, sleepsacks and travel sheets on the market. These 10 sleeping bags bring the comfort of home to the dirt floors of the high country, and everywhere else, for that matter. It’s also the most expensive on our list, a fine example of getting what you pay for. Featuring 850+ fill power down, microlight 12- and 15-denier nylon shell fabric and a dual zipper (plus foot box zipper), the TerraLite is a perfect bag for campers who want a superb bag weighing less than two pounds. Pertex fabric, Insotect Flow Construction (for uniform heat distribution) and water-repellent down round the Zirkel out as a perfect bag for wet environments. Water-repellent down and face fabric, as well as an independent hood and collar closure, firmly plant the Expedition as a powerhouse for heat retention.
It’s reversible, with different temperature ratings for each side, so you’ll be prepared for any weather through summer and fall. The Primaloft Sport insulation is wicking, so even humid nights or desert camping will be comfortable year-round. The inner comforter can be tucked in or folded out for different temperatures, and the foot vent, hand pockets, and sleeping pad sleeve make it an effortless favorite. Since these are really a protective bag for a person to sleep in then giving a nice cozy sleeping bag to your local shelters is not a bad idea either. Some come with zippers where you can zip two together to make a sleeping bag for two persons. If you are planning on sleeping on the ground then you might want to consider one of the sleeping pads shown below to give you added comfort.
This Coleman White Water 40 Degree sleeping bag features Coletherm insulation and is cotton flannel lined with a polyester cover. This Coleman big and tall sleeping bag includes loop fasteners that make it easy to fold-up. Features a ZipPlow that plows fabric away from the zipper, preventing snags, which is one of the last things you want to encounter in cold weather.
It is a portable, inflatable nylon mat that boasts a non-slip surface for a frim grip and an easy-twist valve. As a matter of fact, many outdoorsmen and travelers prefer to sleep in a sleep sack versus sleeping a sleeping bag any day. This is hands down the best way to find out how comfortable your liner is going to by without ever actually stepping foot in it.
If you’re headed for colder climates, your best bet would be to pick up this comfy fleece sleeping bag liner. As you’ll notice in the comparison chart below, the quality and prices range anywhere from $25-80 dollars. It might be overkill this summer, but if you’re heading anywhere high altitude, you’ll thank us while your partners shiver all night.
As a bonus, both the Mercurial and its liner unzip to lay flat for blanket or comforter use around camp.
Sierra Design’s 800 fill DriDown is the finishing touch for a three-season bag weighing in at only two and half pounds.
It comes complete with a slip cover to attach any two 20-inch-wide sleeping pads, which fit inside the bag; because it has a backless design, it packs down to the same size and weight of a traditional bag.

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