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Strong And Lightweight And Designed To Be Carried Like A Ruck Sack , With Laser Cut Foam Inserts This Will Be A Very Popular Product Especially With The Spring And Summer Looming Upon Us. Choosing a holster can be difficult for experienced shooters, much less those who are new to Concealed Carry. The following is a list of the most popular categories of concealed carry holsters, with an impartial discussion of each, from the point of view of people with years of concealed carry experience.
While the Infidel is virtually identical to the Triton in construction, with all the inherent drawbacks associated with Kydex, the Comp-Tac holster does have a few key differences in the mounting hardware that gives it an edge over the Galco offering. One of the newer holsters on the market, the Outbags Leather IWB holster is a very good entry-level holster and an extremely good value for the money. Constructed of leather, unlike most holsters at this price point, which are usually nylon, this is a good choice for those new to CCW.
The Sof-Tuck is a nice holster, constructed of good quality suede leather, which is comfortable to carry for extended periods. The King-Tuk is one of a new breed of hybrid holsters that are becoming very popular, and with good reason. Combining a large leather backing pad with a Kydex shell, these holsters are the best of both worlds, providing both comfort and toughness. Similar in style to the King-Tuk and Intruder holsters mentioned above, the Cloak Tuck 2.0 wins out over both based on three key factors. Constructed of Nylon-covered foam, the Barsony Belt holster is a good, entry-level holster, perfect for first time buyers or those on tight budgets.
The most significant innovation in holster technology over the last twenty years has been the use of Kydex in their construction.
One of the most popular brands of holsters currently on the market, the Blackhawk SERPA CQC for the Glock 21 is one of the best holsters I own, and is one of the best values for the money a price-conscious shooter could hope for.
Though not as popular as they once were, shoulder holsters still can be a viable option for many shooters. This holster dates back to 1970, when it was introduced by the Famous Jackass Leather Company, forerunner of the Galco Gunleather Company. While it is one of the pricier holsters on this list, Safariland is by far my favorite provider of holsters and duty gear. Not a true Small-of-the-Back holster as much as a versatile IWB, the Pro-Tech is a good choice for an entry-level SOB holster. One of the best arguments for Small-of-the-Back carry is the fact that it is a very good location for concealment, especially when the weapon is carried in a good quality holster designed specifically for the purpose.
If you spend a lot of time seated (as does a US Air Marshal, hence this holster’s name), then cross-draw carry might be your best option. I’ve always liked crossdraw carry for its comfort and ease of draw, even though it isn’t a very concealable mode of carry.
For deep concealment, carrying a weapon in circumstances that work against a normal mode of carry, the belly band is a great way to go, and the Galco Underwraps is top of the line.
In this quick video, we see why choosing the proper holster (and training with it zealously) is so important.
DeSantis Gunhide isn’t such a company, sticking mainly with a niche they pioneered concealment holsters. This perception arises because their weapons are so visible “ right there on their hips for the world to see.
If one factors in the millions of American civilians with concealed weapons permits, the professional body guards, private detectives, plain clothes police detectives, federal agents and other plain clothes law enforcement, there are many more people at any given time carrying concealed than exposed. Concealment is a tactical consideration, and those who carry so choose, whether by personal choice or by departmental regulation to not draw attention to the fact that they are carrying a weapon on their person. It can be said that an exposed weapon is a deterrent, and that one is less likely to be attacked or accosted while carrying one.
DeSantis offers a complete line of law enforcement style concealment holsters, meaning outside the waistband choices that, depending on the user’s preference, can be open bottomed or close bottomed, have retention straps or be open topped. These sorts of concealment holsters are not true’ concealment holsters in the proper sense of the word, since they are meant to be concealed by clothing such as a suit jacket or windbreaker. DeSantis’ true concealment holsters are a paragon of ingenuity and construction, being tooled from the finest saddle leathers available and form fitted to each particular model ensuring a precise and perfect fit every time. There is also the Desantis Sof-Tuck holster, which is one of the most popular holsters on the market today.
It has a clip holding it very securely to the pants, and is known for not having any issues with slipping off.
The Sting and the Trickster are another pair of innovative pocket holsters, these ones for front pockets. DeSantis is committed to its law enforcement customers and has branched off from pure concealment to other sorts of law enforcement gear as well. DeSantis sells Taser holsters, duty belts, cuff cases, radio cases, glove and cell phone cases, and magazine pouches. DeSantis also sells some amazingly well made rifle slings as well as a line of hunting rig holsters for outdoorsmen that are looking for quality rigs. A complete line of Western rigs round out DeSantis’ offerings, catering to the cowboy action shooter who is looking for finely tooled saddle leather gear. The Gold Line Shooter’s belt by Gould and Goodrich may very well take the cake for best leather concealed carry belt under $80. Galco’s Side Snap Scabbard (SSS) OWB holster (not to be mistaken for the Desantis Scabbard) is a take on the fad of snap loops.
Galco Avenger Belt Holster The Galco Avenger Belt holster is based off a traditional Askins design (there are some great biographies about the wild Col. Comp Tac MTAC (Minotaur) Hybrid Holster Review Comp Tac’s hybrid, MTAC (aka Minotaur), is a patented tuckable, slim holster with changeable bodies and adjustable cant. Maxpedition Liger Casual Belt The Liger is a unique composite 1.5” wide belt designed for concealed carry. Aker B21 Carry Belt This concealed carry belt has a polymer insert (with rounded edges to prevent fraying) to provide  additional support for your weapon. Gould & Goodrich Gold Line At first glance, the Gold Line holster is a spitting image of the Blackhawk CQC 3-Slot Pancake Holster.
Galco V-Hawk IWB Galco’s V-Hawk Holster was released in early 2011 to mixed emotions.

Galco Summer Comfort IWB Holster Review The Galco Summer Comfort Holster is an IWB holster designed from premium leather. Blackhawk CQC Holster Review Don’t confuse the Blackhawk CQC 3 slot holster with the Blackhawk CQC Serpa Holster. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. Although we already covered choosing a holster 101, we know that once you figured out the basics, you’re still left with a dizzying array of concealed carry holsters to sort through.
Kydex has no give to it, and when worn for extended periods, can be very uncomfortable. That being said, the Triton, as is the norm for Galco, is an excellent holster, and if the Kydex construction poses no problem for you, then you could do far worse.
Chief among these are the option of snap belt loops instead of a clip, allowing the holster to be easily removed and replaced when necessary.
Their Cozy Partner IWB holster is just about perfect for the purpose, and is at the top of my shopping list next time I’m in the market for a holster. I regularly carry a Glock 22 in a very similar holster (a DeSantis Intruder), and it is by far the most comfortable IWB holster I’ve ever used. Holsters of this type are neither very comfortable nor very concealable, but for those new to CCW, they will serve the purpose until better holsters are acquired.
Kydex is cheaper than leather, easier to form, far more durable, and doesn’t stretch or wear out. They aren’t for everyone—they’re pricey, difficult to conceal unless one wears a jacket, and the draw isn’t as instinctive as it is with the strong side hip carry.
Wisely, Galco has taken a “not-broke-don’t-fix-it” approach to the holster, retaining its legendary design factors. I don’t consider shoulder carry to be the best mode for entry-level shooters, or entry-level holsters, and my experience with this rig only confirmed that opinion. All my ‘work’ holsters are Safariland products, and there are a number of reasons for that. It’s not a style of carry that I’m personally fond of; my size and some range of motion issues argue against it.
Though the Galco SOB isn’t cheap, if you choose to carry in this manner, a quality holster is important. It’s comfortable, concealable, and, with a well-designed and engineered holster, which makes it a very easy platform from which to engage targets. Dual holsters and multiple pockets allow for ambidextrous carry and spare magazines, flashlights, etc. In the firearms world, there are a multitude of companies offering a full product line and every conceivable item you could need tactically “ ever.
On the plus side, one stop shopping is convenient, but on the negative side, most of these companies are rebranding generic designs, and they really haven’t put the effort into research and development that each product deserves. To the firearms beginner, it might seem as if uniformed police officers are the people most likely to be carrying weapons at any given time. They help keep the pistol safe and steady while at this same time altering its outward appearance to eliminate that I have a gun in my pocket ? look, which is actually worse than carrying a weapon exposed. While they are known for their amazing leather workmanship, they also manufacture a line of tactical nylon and hard plastic holsters with their own retention systems. DeSantis has been designing quality leather goods for over 40 years, and is among the finest holster manufacturers in the world. The Comp-Tac leather belt is pricey, but once you get it, you’ll wipe away the price tag tears. With its vegetable tanned leather and being created in the USA,  along with the technical attributes, it’ll be hard pressed to be beat. It adds the convenience of Galco’s unsurpassed adjustable paddle design, with unlimited range of holster angle options. In lieu of belt slots, two fastened leather strips are joined by a snap to give the user a convenience factor not seen in traditional slots.
However, the issue of ‘hybrid holsters’ (the union of both leather and Kydex) must be addressed.
Engineered by EDGYGEAR INC, “Ligerthane” claims to be a resin with a fabric core that has 2,000 lbs of strength. Model 151 IWB concealment holster boasts a reinforced mouth, a tension screw, and dual belt loops that feature one way snaps. One only has to view the image above to understand how fictitious that statement is; did you also see the craftsmanship? The company has blossomed over the years into many different aspects of leather goods for gun related tasks. NOTE: This list is by no means complete, nor are we saying that these are the best holsters in each category.
As was discussed in “Carrying a Firearm 301: Choosing a Holster,” that’s an option that I consider very desirable. Second is the construction—a neoprene backing pad, softer than leather, and better able to conform to the user’s body.
Blade-Tech is a newer manufacturer, but they’ve quickly become one of the top names in the business. But if the shoulder carry option is for you, it’s hard to go wrong with this rig from DeSantis. Compared to better-quality leather rigs I’ve owned, the UTG is almost impossible to adjust properly, uncomfortable for extended wear, and not secure enough for rough use.
The quality of their construction, their overall fit and finish, and the ease of use are all factors in that choice. But if it works for you, or if you’d like to see if it does, then this is a good place to start. I’ve seen examples of Bullard’s work, and really like the look and form of his crossdraw holsters. One slight hiccup, hesitation, or malfunction of equipment could have very quickly translated into a trip to the morgue.

The Comp-tac ties craftsmanship, quality parts, and innovative options to provide an extremely durable belt that will last a lifetime.
There are no fancy tightener or reinforced mouth, just thick leather, thread, and tight molding.The holster rides high with a slight cant allowing for the concealment of larger firearms, and ease of draw. The half Kydex ‘shell’ is interchangeable, allowing you to use the same leather for different guns.
Kydex is a strong, mold-able plastic, and when used in its entirety for holsters, gives the user durability and economy, while negating comfort, concealment, forgiveness, and furthermore increasing wear on the gun’s finish.
Maxpedition claims this vegan friendly belt to be abrasion resistant (a nice perk for those who have scuffed nice leather), impervious to liquids, bendable yet stiff enough for a carry belt, contains a gripping interior side, and a fake leather exterior side. The Aker also has metal snaps securing the buckle, thus making the buckle interchangeable so you can wear your big rodeo trophy. A wraparound style holster, especially with a wrapped reinforced mouth (which the Model 808 does have) is not easy to engineer. The Gould and Goodrich Gold Line 3 Slot (the Gold Line is a complete line of authentic leather goods including an IWB, ankle, and SOB holster, as well as magazine holsters and belts) pancake OWB holster designed with a thumb break, double inside line stitching, and strong molding. The Cozy Partner holster is an IWB holster featuring a retention screw, a re enforced mouth that continues up the sweat guard, two belt loops, and double stitching in the interior sides. It does not have a mechanical retention system like the carbon fiber CQC Serpa, but rather this Blackhawk leather holster relies on a thumb break for retention.
And third are the interchangeable shells—no need to own two holsters if you have two pistols you alternately carry. Their OWB belt holster is professional grade, affordable, and comes with a wide variety of mounting options. Short of a winning lottery ticket, I don’t see myself laying out this much for any holster, especially one that would spend at the very least half the year in the locker. If you’re on a tight budget, and simply must have a shoulder rig, then I suggest you save up for a better one. The main selling point for me, however, is their proprietary ALS (Automatic Locking System) retention device. This belt has kydex reinforcement — a strip of kydex that is sandwiched between the two layers of leather and sewed in place, preventing unnecessary wear down the road. It’s a great place to hang your holster, whether large or small and has a clean, classy look in either saddle brown or black. The adjustable cant is mildly reminiscent of the Blackhawk SERPA thigh holster design, allowing you to adjust to a vertical through FBI cant by the turn of an adjustment screw. On a personal note, this is the holster I use when shooting IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) sanctioned events. Although easier to don and doff, side snaps tend to be less conforming to the waist, offer the chance of unsnapping, and lack the clean aesthetics wearers are used to.
The chief complaint is it’s lack to pull the holster close to the body due to the loop behind the gun. The Rigger’s or Rescue Belt is designed for bearing the weight of weapons, tools, and accessories without sagging.
The Kydex belt clips contain multiple holes so that you can adjust the height the holster rides on. Maxpedition also states the Liger belt is made entirely of American materials and created in America.
Upon analysis and wearing, the Aker B21 is a great belt without having to compromise price for quality (or vice versa). Aesthetically speaking, the G&G Gold Line looks like your stereotypical Federal Agent holster seen in movies.
The molding and closeness of the stitching to the firearm are typical for mass production holsters, though not ideal. The CQC Holser features curved belt slots which help to place pressure on the belt, pinning it in place and keep it from sliding- an interesting, unique, and practical feature that is not commonly seen. The fact that this holster embodies all of these features makes it my choice, and worth the expense. After the initial break in period of a month, the Combat Master has become an extension of myself. With that said, the Side Snap Scabbard offers quality leather, a retention screw, and a high gloss finish. Most belts come in three different strengths- low (3 stitch), med (5 stitch), and high (poly lined). Different style and colors of clips can also be purchased, and all products are covered by a 1 year warranty. The belt loops are not spaced very wide, delegating this holster exclusively for small to mid weight firearms. The holster is designed for small to medium sizes firearms as the holster is not capable to dispersing the weight.
This author believes the kydex is molded to ensure the shape is maintained for lasting durability. Because you should expect at least three years of great service from this belt, at $50 it is an Editor’s Choice. The Bianchi Professional did take several days to break in, however afterwards it fit like a glove.
For those not wanting to look tactical or militaristic, these belts may not be what you are after.
These concealment holsters have gone on sale recently and can be found in the $40-50 range.

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