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UC Berkeley is known for being the best — our faculty is superb, our campus exudes both stature and charm and the surrounding city is full of top-notch eateries and shops. The back patio at La Note Restaurant Provencal is the kind of the place you were hoping to find when you came to Berkeley. Warm, doughy bread smothered in cinnamon and gooey frosting, covered in pie crumble, cookie dough, chocolate chips and fresh fruit.
Customers start with a basic roll and then choose from dozens of fruits, toppings and frosting flavors (from fruity ones to others such as macadamia nut and cream soda). The student body has spoken, and its choice is clear: For delicious Mediterranean cuisine at an affordable price, La Mediterranee reigns supreme. Owners Levon Der Bedrossian and Garbis Baghdassarian, both from Lebanon, claim many of the dishes have been passed down through families for generations.
Although there are more high-end establishments of Italian cuisine in Berkeley, no restaurant has been the odds-on favorite for so many generations of Berkeley students. Upon coming to Berkeley, I was promptly shepherded by an upperclassmen friend to Ici Ice Cream.
Located in the Elmwood neighborhood, Ici is run by Mary Canales, the former pastry chef of Chez Panisse, and Mattea Soreng, and boasts an ice cream selection with great range, as they offer different flavors almost every day. It’s impossible to walk a few blocks in Berkeley without seeing a place that sells sweet little balls.
Brazil Cafe is an eclectic shack a block away from campus on University Avenue, and if you walk by to catch a whiff of the rich and delectable meat, you might just be offered a sample of Pedro’s yummy tri-tip, topped with mouthwatering garlic-cilantro sauce. It is no surprise that Brazil Cafe’s tender, juicy tri-tip sandwiches have been voted the best in Berkeley for several years in a row.
Brazil Cafe opened a new location further down University Avenue to ensure West Berkeley residents aren’t deprived of the best sandwiches in town. With a very sparse collection of late-night food options available in Berkeley, Top Dog dominates the market. One factor that contributes significantly to the restaurant’s popularity is its generous serving sizes. There is a wealth of Mexican options in Berkeley, and each one has its own qualities to recommend itself. Living on Northside, some of my favorite moments in college happened while with friends at Cheese Board, sharing the delicious pizza and welcoming environment that make it a Berkeley tradition.
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Great China reopened its doors in December after a disastrous fire burned down the original restaurant. Whether it’s for a quick lunch or a dinner date, Great China effectively takes an upscale approach to Chinese cuisine. Overlooking Asian Ghetto and the never-ending scene of people walking up and down Durant Avenue, Cafe Durant is essential to any Berkeley student’s food excursions. Although a dollar or two more expensive on average than its East Asian counterparts nearby in Lotus House and in Asian Ghetto, Kimchi Garden compensates with its enormous serving sizes and side dishes. Kimchi Garden has menu items for everyone, ranging from vegetarians (get a hot pot bibimbap with no meat) to carnivores (bulgogi plate all the way). You weigh the bowl, pay the cashier and walk out; today you will eat on the wooden bench outside the store.
If you’ve ever fallen asleep on the 51B, you know how unexpectedly beautiful the Berkeley Marina looks after a long semester of being cooped up in the Stacks. A long ways down Centennial Drive, past Memorial Stadium, Witter Rugby Field and Strawberry Canyon Pool, lies the entrance to the fire trails. International delicacies, homemade sauces and spreads line the perimeter; bulk bins house an array of grains, spices, dried fruits and granola.
With Berkeley as one of the hipster capitals of the country, it’s not surprising that there is an Urban Outfitters right across the street from campus. Although the appeal of Urban Outfitters is often called into question when looking at the price compared to quality, one of its redeeming factors is its constant sales. Urban Outfitter’s extensive selection of eye-catching products, from moustache-decorated shot glasses to Polaroid cameras, sets itself apart from clothing stores of similar quality and pricing and makes it the go-to shop for last-minute gift ideas.
Getting across Sproul during campaigns or welcome week can feel a little bit like a dangerous run. By utilizing a political science approach to understanding George RR Martin’s first book in the series, the class instructors ensure that those who take the DeCal will walk away understanding the important aspects of the book.
By the end of the course, students will realize that when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. Against Southern Methodist University, the senior buried a contested 3-pointer to give his Bears a one-point lead with 15 seconds left.
The Bears may have faltered down the stretch and missed out on March Madness, but it would be a mistake to forget about Cobbs’ season. While UC Berkeley offers many suitable spots for tired students to lie down and rest their midterm-wearied bones, Memorial Glade is undoubtedly the fairest of them all. Because of its endless selection of foods all purchasable en route to class, it’s safe to say GBC sits not only in the heart of campus but also in the hearts of its students, earning its title as the best place to use your meal points. Of course Missy Franklin would take home the title of best female athlete in the Daily Cal’s Best of Berkeley survey.
The students have spoken: For the second year in a row, public policy professor Robert Reich has been chosen as the best professor on the UC Berkeley campus. Outside of the classroom, Reich offers a dazzling resume that justifies his academic stardom. All you need to do is stake out a bench, make eye contact, rub your fingers together and pretend you have food.
Don't forget to rate and comment if you like this best place to get a tattoo on your body designs. Once a year, The Daily Californian asks you, the readers, to vote for your favorite sights, tastes and figures from the Berkeley community. Surrounded by trees and potted plants and adorned with wooden tables and chairs, La Note’s back patio is the best place in Berkeley for a sunny Saturday brunch in what will feel like a French garden. Come for the patio but stay for the French restaurant’s gourmet cheese omelettes, lemon gingerbread pancakes and lattes served in ceramic bowls and accompanied by chunked brown sugar. And where better to slurp on a large bowl of beef noodle soup than at Berkeley’s best, Pho K & K? It hardly sounds like breakfast, but I’ll gladly make excuses to start my day with a fresh roll from Cinnaholic.
Piling your roll high with toppings can get pricey, but you can save a few bucks by ordering one of their daily specials: premade flavor combinations created by the experts with tons of toppings for about $5.
Located less than a mile away from campus in the Elmwood area, the Zagat-rated restaurant serves up authentic Greek fare such as dolmas, cheese filo pastries and levant sandwiches. To this day, they stay true to the original recipes by incorporating fresh ingredients and traditional Mediterranean cooking styles.
I had heard about the store from various sources, each telling me that it is certainly the best ice cream place in Berkeley.
The constant additions to their repertoire of flavors, from darjeeling-sour cherry and Earl Grey to the classic chocolate and vanilla, and the restaurant’s policy to make batches just big enough to be consumed within a couple days guarantees that anything bought from Ici will be as fresh as possible. But in this mecca of filled cups and fat straws lies an oasis on the edge of Asian Ghetto — Sweetheart Cafe. Jupiter, a classy late-night establishment in Downtown Berkeley, is the best place to meet up with friends after a long week and enjoy a few brews.

It’s pretty enough inside and offers professional service that will make the prices seem way too low. Brazil Cafe also offers salads, rice bowls and, of course, their delicious and refreshing mango smoothies. Top Dog is synonymous with late night food; its juicy, flavorful hot dogs are an integral part of any late-night adventure.
Perched in the heart of student life on Telegraph Avenue and Channing Way, it’s there for a quick burrito fix between classes. As a pizza lover, the restaurant will always hold a place in my heart for its eclectic pizza offerings and commitment to quality food, using locally sourced ingredients. As well, it is easily the least expensive food option in the area, with single slices at $2.50 and whole pies at $20. Now at a new location, on Bancroft Way and Fulton Street, Great China provides the same hearty dishes but in a strikingly different decor.
Although waiting for a table may take up to an hour on the weekends, Great China’s service, food and decor are all worth the wait. Slowly rising from your slumber, you reach for your phone to check all the drunk messages you sent and pictures you took, attempting to recollect everything you were up to the night before. With a huge menu of relatively cheap burgers, breakfasts, burritos and so much more, there’s no better way to cure the hangover blues than with a few friends and good food that hits the spot. My personal favorite is its spicy seafood soft tofu soup — the perfect response to a cold, wintry day in Berkeley.
The towering California Theatre around the corner certainly has more raw cinematic gravitas but with just three screens, its offerings are seriously limited.
The recent rain has made the surroundings lush and green, and the soil is soft, without being muddy. This is a grocery store that emphasizes variety, with hard-to-find items as well as commonplace goods plentifully stocked to satisfy any culinary dream. Although the meat and seafood are a bit pricey, all the selections are high quality and fresh.
A hot-food section displaying sandwiches and Chinese dishes in all their pre-prepared glory awaits your empty stomach. With its large assortment of graphic tees and expansive vinyl collection, it ranks among the likes of Anthropologie and Free People as one of the trendiest stores to shop at. Through resources such as Facebook and Groupon, Urban Outfitters ensures that all prospective buyers will be alerted of a price drop in any of the store’s selections. Of course, SMU would respond with a 3 of its own, and Cobbs’ last shot of his Cal career clanged off the iron as time expired. 1 and then-undefeated Arizona with his fall-away dagger, not that anyone has forgotten or ever will. Both convenient and iconic, the Glade’s location right outside of Doe Memorial Library gives it the perfect combination of availability and comfort that is essential for a good nap spot. Since its founding in 1948, the octet has represented the university at campus events, at Cal football games, at intercollegiate a cappella competitions and even overseas on international tours. No one knows where they come from or where they go at night, but for those on a mission to befriend these friendly critters, look no further than the Dwinelle benches. The closest squirrel will gaze longingly in your direction, perhaps hesitating before wiggling over to greet you. Click share button below "Please like to download" first and download button will be display. The votes are in, and you’ve chosen the winners in 41 categories pertaining to food, the city and the campus.The winners reflect the people and places that have shaped the Berkeley experience for generations of students.
Located on Shattuck Avenue between Durant Avenue and Channing Way, be warned that the line tends to be long on the weekends. With large portion sizes, vaguely healthy options and finger-food style, this joint is a hot spot for Berkeley foodies.
If you want something more traditional and cleaner in taste, get the spaghetti alla primavera.
Both the rumors and the long line surrounding the shop fueled my anticipation, and surprisingly, my high expectations were not only met, but exceeded. Its overwhelmingly large menu offers everything from the classic bubble milk tea to more regal selections such as the pineapple royal smoothie. Get the Lion King Roll or the Cherry Blossom to satisfy your sushi cravings or splurge on the unforgettable Kobe burger. Topped with delicious grilled onions and made with scrumptious, freshly baked bread, this savory sandwich is guaranteed to intoxicate your tastebuds. Whether it’s just for a midnight snack or to satisfy the munchies, Top Dog is a popular destination for the college crowd.
Despite being located in the midst of numerous other restaurants, Thai Basil consistently draws a crowd.
Despite the fact that Thai Basil is one of the few restaurants to remain cash-only in recent years, customers have not been discouraged.
But if you’re looking for all-around excellence in your Mexican patronage, Gordo Taqueria is your answer.
It stays open later than most Southside locales, fulfilling the needs of those craving a late-night snack. You look up, tilt your head slightly to the left only to see Yogurtland’s hanging sign. You are hitting 777s on every yogurt slot machine you play — plain tart, pistachio, red velvet. Conveniently located near campus with long hours of operation and good prices, Industrial is the best place to take your hard-earned financial aid money.
The moment you pass the red-and-white striped banner and enter the store, you’ll notice the pleasant, welcoming smell of books. Text that person you’ve been crushing on and tell him or her to dress warm and meet you at the bus stop. The United Artists Berkeley 7 has a great quirky vibe with its old-school arcade games and killer lineup of Thursday night $5 cult movies. It’s quick and staffed by stylists who are not only excellent at what they do but also really enjoyable to talk to. He is worshipped across the Internet as Based God, presiding over all that is swag with his more than 155 MySpace accounts. Instead, the thrill lies in the political maneuvering — how the main players all have their own agendas and will stop at nothing to reach their end goal. Yet, when Cobbs hoisted his last shot, I couldn’t have been the only one expecting it to go in, no matter the degree of difficulty the shot required.
Now that spring is here, you can expect the Glade to blossom with ukuleles, beach balls and plenty of Buzzfeed-worthy dogs, so you can be entertained while you drift off to sleep. In their beds?), when a group of alumni commissioned its more than $1 million dollar construction in order to honor the student, staff and faculty who served in World War II. The UC Men’s Octet is not only a timeless symbol of the University of California but also a favorite of the campus and community. As a member of a vastly diverse a cappella scene on campus, the UC Men’s Octet distinguishes itself by blending the traditional style of Cal fight songs with covers of more modern works.
The ample sun, lush plants and abandoned food particles littering the ground create a veritable squirrel heaven.

His eyes will shine with gratitude as you recline in comfort, basking in the glory and ease of your success.
These are the places where we get coffee with our friends, the restaurants we take our parents for brunch when they visit, the campus celebrities we see when we walk past Memorial Glade. But no problem: just be ready to peruse nearby Pegasus Books for a while after putting your name in.
The meat is fresh, the noodles are perfectly cooked and the broth is neither too thick nor too watery.
Diners can choose to sit inside among hanging plants and eclectic decor or enjoy their meal outside at the mosaic sidewalk tables. Sample the expertly cut sashimi, and if you’re not sure what you like, the chef can choose for you. Its diverse menu consists of popular favorites such as pad thai, pad see ew and pineapple fried rice.
With long hours and its proximity to the campus, Thai Basil makes a trip to the ATM worthwhile for both the campus and community.
Its most popular dish, chicken tikka masala, and the warm, doughy naan that was handmade to order won me over, and it is now one of my Berkeley food staples. Then you walk down the assembly line, now splashing your yogurt masterpiece with colorful accoutrements like Jackson Pollock on a blank canvas. The space is clean and engenders trust, unlike many dark and scary tattoo shops in the Bay Area. Show up there with coffee or hot chocolate in a sealed container and announce that you’re going on an adventure. Bring a companion or don’t, just make sure you leave your headphones at home and your cellphone in your pocket to enjoy the uninterrupted sights and sounds of the Earth. Be sure to make an appointment far ahead of time if you want to get cut by Jeannie (my personal recommendation) as she is often booked up early — especially before school vacations. Squirrels drift from the bushy fringes of Strawberry Creek, sniffing for crumpled GBC wrappers and pawing at the ground in plentiful herds. Pho K & K also has a variety of Vietnamese dishes that are all just as excellent as the next. Visit Cafe La Med on College for a date-night dinner, lazy afternoon lunch or weekend brunch. After grabbing a beer, beeline for the outdoor patio, which is perfect on most spring evenings and features live music from Wednesday to Saturday nights.
Joshu-Ya is also a safe bet for a mixed group, serving everything from an upgraded burger and duck-fat fries to economical bento-type assortments for lunch — and it even serves a few options for the vegetarians and vegans among you.
With one location on Durant Avenue in the heart of Southside Berkeley and another on Center Street in Downtown Berkeley, Top Dog is accessible for a large number of people. After your meal, don’t forget to check out the dessert menu, which features vegan milkshakes, hot fudge sundaes and a seasonal selection of pies and cakes. Order the steamed black bass, a whole, tender fish sitting on a bed of green onion and soy sauce. The shop hosts artists who specialize in text, tribal, color, black-and-white and portrait work.
My personal favorite spot is the third floor, where you can find everything from graphic novels to books on politics and philosophy. Tell funny stories for the 25 minutes it will take for the bus to arrive, then wink at the end of the line.
It is perhaps this gesture to an older, simpler, more delicious time that draws in eager customers, usually lined up out the door. Hidden gems include their sago drinks, in which the classic black boba is replaced with white, caviar-sized balls.
Not to be missed is its tapas menu, which includes crisp pork belly tacos and unique kimchi-bacon sliders.
But the difference between a solid Bongo Burger and a $12 gourmet burger with a knife stuck through it is marginal and certainly not worth it.
From the time you step into Saturn, your dining experience is bound to be truly out of this world.
My other favorite part of the restaurant is the delightful, free tea with sugar you are able to serve yourself endlessly. Choose your image or poetry or affirmation and put it in the hands of a qualified Industrial artist.
The earlier in the day you get there, the better, as Edge is quickly becoming the most popular spot for students to get a haircut. When he isn’t onstage preaching inspirational speeches about rescuing cats, fans questionably offer up their girlfriends to him. And if you’re experiencing a case of the late-night drunchies, or just feel like treating yourself to little pieces of heaven from a grease-coated paper bag, get an order of the popcorn chicken.
Quarter pound for quarter pound, Bongo is your champion And it earns it: Its burgers are 100 percent Angus beef from Niman Ranch, so their cows are fed an all-vegetarian diet.
Mexican food is everywhere in Berkeley, but if you’re looking for the best of the bunch, then Gordo is the place to go. In a laid-back atmosphere, House of Curries is perfect for a chill, yet quality, meal out with friends.
Make an appointment and put down a deposit, and your dreams can become a permanent part of your body. Still, if you have time to spare, nothing beats curling up with a good book in one of the store’s few seats. Wait until the sun starts to set and the whole coast lights up gold, and don’t say anything.
That’s probably because whatever is trendy is always there, gently used and a lot cheaper than it was new. Like condoms, bitchface is not 100 percent effective, but it works best in combination with at least one other prevention method.
Its selection is curated more carefully than that of most other thrift stores, yet still very cheap.
Bongo has been in Berkeley since 1968, and it sports three shops conveniently located to the north, south and west of campus. If you’re buying, Crossroads is selling everyday pieces, as well as those once-in-a-lifetime finds that may help you define your own signature style. Very focused on name brands, Crossroads can help you aspire to your postgraduation wardrobe before you have that graduate salary. Just remember: Before this season even began, she had five Olympic medals sitting in a closet somewhere. Chances are you didn’t need a 150-word blurb to tell you that, but now you have an idea just how fast.

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