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Our guide to the best hard-shell and hard-side suitcases has been updated with four additional picks for 2016. In the good old days of train travel a gentleman would have a cavalcade of steamer trunks in tow, housing all manner of wardrobe, knick knacks, accoutrement and what-have-yous.
There are some things to keep in mind about hard-shells (or hard-sides depending on your vernacular.
Best Hard-Shell for Those Prone to Lose Luggage: For Tumi’s Tegra-Lite line, they gained exclusive access to a polypropylene thermoplastic composite material called Tegris (they’re the only travel company that has access). Best Hard-Shell for Quick Strips: The inability to quickly access items is one of the biggest drawbacks of most hard-shell carry-ons, as grabbing anything packed inside entails unzipping the main compartment and cracking it open. Best Hard-Shell for Standing Out: Flight 001 have made a name for themselves with their useful yet playfully designed line of travel accessories. Best Hard-Shell for Not Breaking Anything: Pelican’s reputation for durability is legendary. Best Hard-Shell for Not Lifting a Finger: Air is in the name of this suitcase for a reason. Best Hard-Shell For Bragging: The least expensive suitcase on this list is also an award-winner. What's New, NowToday in Gear: May 6, 2016An homage roadster from a car startup, an all-in-one tech peripheral for your bike, a paperweight toy for your desktop and much more. The SKX007 Diver, Re-Made by ModdersThe Beloved Seiko Dive Watch, Reimagined 3 WaysTurning three identical watches into three drastically different, extremely unique watches. More: Hi-fiOld Glass for Your New CameraA Guide to Vintage Lenses for Your Nikon DSLRMany vintage lenses still work with modern Nikon DSLR's, and they can be had for a fraction of the price of new lenses.
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So, you buy them and then realize as you're packing your suitcase, it's never all going to fit. Luckily, buying a new suitcase in Bangkok is cheap and these are the best places to buy one. Mahboonkrong (MBK) Mall - The best place to buy a new suitcase is Mahboonkrong shopping mall. Chatuchak Weekend Market - The next best place to buy a suitcase in Bangkok is Chatuchak Weekend Market. Chatuchak Mall - A relatively new mall, Chatuchak Mall is directly behind Chatuchak Weekend Market and is open every day. Central Department Stores, Siam Paragon, Central World Plaza - Of course, if you want to splurge and buy a designer suitcase or bag, then one of the upscale shopping malls is the best place to go. If you want an inexpensive new  suitcase and don't want to spend a lot of time looking for one, then one of these places should be perfect places to shop.

Cassandra JamesAsia Travel ExaminerCassandra James went to live in Thailand for a year, 8 years ago, and never left. Beauty tips: Should you be afraid of getting eyelash extensions?If you have always had short and sparse eyelashes, it is safe to say that you have probably considered using eyelash extensions.
But whatever your criteria, there’s a lot of buying advice packed into this guide, so read on. As the name implies, the Spectra 2.0 Dual-Access solves this problem by way of a separate quick-access front panel, which features a series of organizational pockets on the inside. They’re trusted by the military, law enforcement agencies and Hollywood to store and transport all manner of precious cargo.
The popular brand is a favorite among the jet set, as their hallmark is reliable, functional travel equipment. Nicknamed MBK, Mahboonkrong is a huge mall located right next to National Stadium sky train station. Only open on Friday evenings, all day Saturday and Sunday, it's Asia's largest outdoor market with more than 13,000 stalls. Set up like the weekend market, with lots of market stalls, the only difference is it's indoors and the prices tend to be higher. Central Department Stores are all over Bangkok and often have sales on luggage, so you might find a top-quality suitcase for an inexpensive price. Of course, you could just not buy very much when you're in Bangkok and so not need a new suitcase.
Also, hard shells do tend to show wear and tear more easily than ballistic nylon — scratches and dents are more apparent on their smooth finishes. There’s also an electronics pouch on the other side that separates the bag’s main compartment from the outside world. Since it’s only available in a patriotic array of red, white and blue, there’s no way you’ll miss it at baggage claim.
Their new Elite luggage line marks a major push by the company to break into the consumer market. The secret lies in a combination of polycarbonate materials and Zero Halliburton’s so-called geometric X-Rib pattern, which provides incredible durability with minimal bulk.
When we say this is an elite purchase, we mean it: the design and construction process is patented. But we all know that if you had the money you’d probably have a sleek, all-aluminum cruiser in your garage too.
On its seven floors, you'll find shops and market-style stalls selling suitcases and other pieces of luggage. Here, you'll find stalls selling suitcases and luggage, as well as bags, backpacks, carry-on bags, etc. Both Siam Paragon and Central World Plaza are enormous and have several stores selling luggage. The case is expandable for up to 2” extra capacity, it’s airline carry-on approved, and features enough interior pockets and brackets and dividers to keep all your luxury wares safely in place.
If a buyer prefers, the electronics pouch can be removed, giving direct access to the bag’s interior without splitting open the bag.

Like the company’s iconic silver briefcase seen in countless mafia and military flicks, the Air II’s unique construction gives off a distinctly modern vibe that’s only enhanced with flashy blue and silver colorways. The main compartment of this case can expand by two inches all around, adding copious valuable space for all your sweaters (seriously, just bring one). The 10-year limited warranty is enticing enough, but the svelte good looks, multiple glossy finishes and price point make this one quite hard to pass up. This Rimowa is a sleek, aluminum-magnesium alloy cruiser, constructed to withstand temperature and humidity fluctuations that are common to tropical climes. There's a Central Department Store near Mo Chit sky train station and another one at Chidlom sky train station. Inside the suitcase is a custom fitted pillow filled with an extra soft and snugly filling that your cat or dog can sink into. We’re pleased to introduce to you the best hard shell suitcases we would find, each a convergence of all the necessary requirements, each unique in its own way. It earned a prestigious Red Dot for its smart design as well as a nod from Travel + Leisure as the best luggage of 2014. The two external zipper pulls conveniently stick into the TSA combination lock while a series of internal pockets, including a detachable luggage hanger, keeps everything in its place. Like nearly every other bag on this list, a TSA-approved lock is integrated into the frame if you’d rather not handcuff it to your wrist. The split case construction with divider panel keeps everything inside organized, and a wet pocket keeps things dry (why isn’t it called a dry pocket?).
But, though it may be ironic to pay more for less, this case weighs in at an impressive 5 pounds (okay, 4.9), which is far lighter than any others on our list. Siam Paragon is right next to Siam skytrain station and Central World Plaza a short walk from Chidlom sky train station. Simply register the unique code affixed permanently to your suitcase and Tumi will assist in tracking and identifying your stuff should it be found rolling behind someone who’s not you.
These features definitely come at a premium price, especially for the space, but the ability to leave a separate backpack or laptop case at home will be worth it to many. Custom ball bearing wheels, recessed carry handles on all sides and a TSA-approved combination lock top off this Fort Knox of the skies, making it the perfect solution for those who value security above all else. Chatuchak Weekend Market is located right next to Mo Chit sky train station and Chatuchak Park or Kamphaeng Phet underground train stations.
Smudges, dings, dents and other irregularities are intentional and do NOT diminish the quality of the piece in any way.Made from a red Vintage Suitcase. It has a rooster themed slipcover complimented by white bun feet and accessorized with bow.

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