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Luxury Luggage Brands are hard to find, especially if you pack a lot and travel frequently!
We love the Pegase Collection, it is the perfect size for a week in Europe or just a weekend in Las Vegas!
We recommend the Tegra-Lite extended trip packing case because it is light weight, comes in several color options, and it large enough to fit everything! Bottega Veneta alligator suitcases, price available on request, are the high-end luxury luggage that every girl dreams of owning! With these luxury luggage lines, being seen at the airport after a red-eye flight,  just classier!
Rimowa Luggage, made of state of the art polycarbonate plastic that is extremely strong and   lightweight with a sleek professional modern appearance, has a high level of appeal for today’s top business men. Britto Luggage by Heys USA is also made from a strong polycarbonate composite that is protected  by a clear coated paint that gives the bags a sharp glossy appearance. Margaret has lived, studied and worked in Rome, Italy and Paris, France; she has also traveled extensively throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Africa and North America. Previous story Luggage Options for the Everyday Traveler – Spinners, Samsonite and more!

Favored by jetsetters and business travelers alike, Rimowa is known all over the world for its ‘space age’ ultra-lightweight luggage, which is equally as durable.
With a history spanning over 150 years, Rimowa became the first brand to manufacture aluminum trunks in 1937, inspired by the material and design of aircrafts.
Today the company continues to make improvements and adjustments to its products, such as noise-reduced wheel housing in several of its collections, including Salsa Deluxe (pictured), Limbo and Topas – all of which feature Rimowa’s signature grooved finish. Known for their durable leather and timeless style, this brand has everything you need to pack for a short trip or long vacation.
This line of luggage is adored by celebrities like Carmen Electra, pictured above and business travels alike. The Alu-Frame luggage line is gorgeously styled and a must have for men who enjoy luxurious vacations. These colorful trunks, supple Italian leather, and immaculate styling are all part of Bottega Veneta’s brand.
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Well just like anything in life, it depends on the person’s perspective that is making the decision.

Since then, it has also invented luggage made from polycarbonate – the same material aircraft windows are made from.
Savvy travelers and style conscious celebs love this brand of luggage because it is tough enough to fly internationally. These include Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube Channels or custom websites. To see our site correctly, please update to the latest version of IE or use a real browser like chrome, safari or firefox. Tumi luggage is also not as pretentious as some other luxury brands, their signature style is muted and professional. Of course both types want the best materials and craftsmanship; however when it comes to appearance and design these individuals might be looking for something entirely different.

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