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We are excited to present you with The Luggage List, the luggage review site that offers luggage reviews, comprehensive top lists, and articles to help travelers find the perfect luggage. What do actual travelers have to say about the luggage they have purchased and used themselves? We are a luggage information resource and we do not sell anything – but we do offer a special section showing you the best place to buy luggage online. Luggage comes in different shapes and sizes to serve different purposes, so we categorized the luggage in a way that can help you narrow down the best luggage choice for you. Luggage sets include at least two pieces consisting of bags that vary in size to accommodate all types of trips and travelers. Carry-on luggage can be categorized as wheeled luggage, duffel bags, garment bags, messenger bags and backpacks. Luggage prices can vary based on a number of factors including type of bag and the number of pieces included in a set, if applicable. Perfect for a 1-3 night stay anywhere (hence the weekender tag) is this fancy duffel from Cenzo. Owners of this bag are constantly impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of this leather duffel. If you’re looking for the best luggage set, we suggest this Traveler’s Choice Tasmania 3-piece set. Another continuous theme of this set’s reviews is the overall quality and durability of the shell’s material.
Perfect for a short trip, or to supplement a larger set on a longer trip, this Kipling tavel bag comes very highly recommended by those who have purchased it. The options for this bag are endless as it can be used much more than as a carry-on for air travel. This set does not have the spinner wheels that we prefer, but that doesn’t stop it from making our best of list. Drop your details below and every Wednesday we'll send you a personal email message designed to smash away your fears and move you towards a life of more travel.
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As you probably know we travel a lot, but what you may not know is that we are LONG overdue for new travel suitcases so I’ve been doing a ton of research online to discover what are the best suitcases for travel?
I’ve been searching via Google, reading blog posts and digesting endless Amazon reviews of the best travel suitcases.
From my research I’ve created this short list of the best suitcasesA for travelA to help you narrow down your own list and to save you some valuable time. I wanted to know what are the best suitcases for travel and the best brands in regards to weight, hard shell or soft shell, two wheels or four wheels, style and price point? Of course, we all have our own personal travel style, and there is no perfect suitcase for everyone, but todayA I want your help in choosing a new suitcase based on my short list of the best suitcases for travel, or maybe there’s another brand you can recommend that I haven’t mentioned?
Researching the best suitcases for travel has been time-consuming, and I’ve only looked online so far and not stepped inside a store.
Before we get into my list of the best suitcases for travel, let’s consider a few things you need to keep in mind when deciding which brand is right for you. You can click the below links to jump ahead at any time, although I do recommend you read this entire post so you dona€™t miss any important tips! I used to work for Delta Airlines as a baggage handler when we lived in North Carolina so I’ve seen first-hand how your luggage is handled behind the scenes. I decided back then on the job that I would never buy the most expensive luggage or the cheapest, but somewhere in the middle – something durable and good value for money! If it’s for road trips, make sure your suitcase will fit comfortably into the storage compartment of your vehicle.
We also have young kids so we want a type of suitcase that they can manage comfortably and grow into over the years. And I don’t need to tell you that airlines are getting tougher these days on weight limits, and we could all do without the excess baggage fees, so you want to make sure the size of your suitcase can hold everything you need safely and securely and under the weight limit! If you go too big on luggage size, the tendency will be to fill the space, just like the bigger the house, the more stuff you tend to fill it with. I don’t want to go overA 29 inches as these suitcases were popular when airlines used to allow 70 LB per bag (32kg) which is probably fine if your a rewards traveler flying business or first class internationally. After you choose your size, the next things to consider when researching the best suitcases for travel are what specific features are best for your traveling style.
For getting around town, two-wheels are better than four wheels for clearing curbs and rolling on uneven surfaces.
Two wheel suitcases utilize wheels like on skateboards meaning they only roll forward and backward, so you either pull or push the suitcase with the extended handle. Spinner suitcases are more ergonomic and don’t put as much stress on your shoulders or back like rollers.
External wheels steal some of your valuable packing space as the length of the wheels is included in the overall allowable dimensions. Travel can take its toll on your gear so the make and build or your suitcase is important for longevity. These days when we think about the best suitcases for travel we have a choice between a hard or soft external shell suitcase. They enable you to squeeze in just one more item of clothing (a con if you tend to overpack).
Not expandable like a soft shell, so if you tend to overpack this can prevent you from stuffing more in.

Also, get one with two-posts.A Our current suitcase has a two-post handle and we always use it to support either our laptop bag, camera bag, or our kids small day pack when moving through airports.
Get a suitcase with top and side handles that are durable and can withstand the weight of your belongings which will make lifting your suitcase easier. Traveling as light as possible is the way to go for us, not only to keep our backs from getting injured but for avoiding those baggage fees!
So not only should we consider how much we pack inside, but the actual weight of our suitcases.
Different compartments and pockets can be useful for separating your gear, especially any liquids or toiletries.
I’ve seen luggage sitting in the rain on the tarmac before getting loaded onto the plane whilst working for Delta. I’ve already mentioned what can go on behind the scenes with your luggage being loaded onto a plane. Designer luggage can be more about fashion and looks than quality construction, and can be more of a target for thieves.
But most of us have budget constraints and you should only get what you can afford – we want to keep as much money as possible for experiences when we travel right! But, if you travel a lot like us a suitcase becomes a serious part of your lifestyle and you want something you can count on to transport and protect your belongings, just like you want a trust worthy car transporting you! I’ve searched around for the best suitcases for travel based on reviews on Amazon, features and value for money.
For budget reasons, I’ve decided to keep the list to suitcases under the $500 price tag and above $100 for quality of choice.
I hope youa€™ve found this article helpful in narrowing down your choice and saving you time doing your own research? Yes, the Amazon links are affiliateA links but we also shop on Amazon and if you’re kind enough to purchase via our links the small commission helps to keep the lights on at yTravel Blog so we can continue to bring you our best travel tips and inspiration and save you hours of research like we have with this post! I’m almost certain we’ll go with fourA wheels but undecided on the exterior make? I have a Samsonite hardshell, one size larger than carry-on and similar to the #1 above except it doesn’t expand. I’m looking for a wheeled bag with backstraps so that I can carry it like a rucksack in crowded places. As sales person for specialty luggage I would put that Briggs and Riley Transcend at the top of your list. Christina, having traveled with both hard and soft sided bags (all 7 continents and 105 countries), my vote goes to soft sided bags. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Wheeled luggage stands upright and can have spinner wheels that are designed to roll in all directions or inline wheels that are designed to move forward or backward. As a traveler searching for luggage brands to accommodate these factors, there’s a lot to consider.
Generally speaking, you’re going to want to go with a 4-wheel spinner set over inline. Another important factor can be the brand name, which can imply a better reputation for quality and reliability. Samsonite is the best luggage brand for the money, and this is a very highly reviewed suitcase which only runs a little over $100.
However there have been reports of people flying internationally that some airlines in Europe may have different sizing restrictions, so make sure you check out our carry on luggage size chart to make sure your bag will fit in your airline’s overhead compartment.
If you don’t quite need a large suitcase, this bag is perfect for a few days’ worth of clothing and 2 or more pairs of shoes.
All three pieces have four independent wheels classifying them all as spinner luggage, making wheeling them around a breeze. The shell is 100% polycarbonate (not a cheap plastic alternative) giving this product an amazing level of toughness that will last for many years. There are a wide selection of very vivid colors (black, espresso, true blue, vibrant pink, and vivid purple).
But with so many options between different brands, price points, and features it’s hard to know where to start andA what is best for you?
Make sure you can handle the size and weight of your luggage getting to and from your home to the airport – lifting it into your car, up stairs, at check-in etc. And make sure the size will fit comfortably in your cabin if you don’t like to unpack. Make sure you consider getting one with an adjustable length, is long enough for your height,A is sturdy, and retracts completely inside the bag! And if you’re like us and dragging young kids around airports as well as dragging your luggage, how much your bag weighs is an issue. You don’t need to pay top dollar, but a well-made suitcase that can withstand the test of time should be a consideration. From my research, the best all round reviews typically fall around the $200-$400 price point and the same brands seem to get mentioned over and over. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below on what you consider to be the best suitcases for travel? I needed a new suitcase for my study abroad and this post really helped me make my decision. Almost too many options and things to consider, but hopefully this narrows down your choice!

As a repair standpoint you can’t beat their lifetime warranty against everything but cosmetic. I always end up going for backpacks (even if I think a suitcase would be more appropriate for the trip) because I can really flatten them down to store them when they’re empty. That’s the way we currently travel and the kids like their independence of packing and pulling their own gear, which is cute! The wheels can be comparable if you purchase a quality brand (famous names are not aways most durable).
Andiamo Avanti … more luxurious, but both with warranties that extend to airline abuse. We conduct extensive product review research for multiple categories and brands of luggage, and we present our findings in an approachable format so you can quickly and easily get the information that matter most to you.
These sets can offer options of larger luggage pieces that you can check in, medium-size bags that you can use as carry-ons and smaller bags that can hold personal items. Spinner luggage is much more mobile thanks to each of the 4 wheels being on an independent caster.
Users are also big fans of the removable shoulder strap and constantly rave about the sturdiness – this bag is well worth the money. One of the most highly-touted features on this set is the built in TSA lock on each of the three pieces. Some lesser-quality hard shell cases have been known to crack after repeated abuse of baggage handlers, and these bags don’t receive those same complaints.
Very lightweight with a great amount of compartments, this one also comes with a detachable shoulder strap. Reviewers have stated that they tried this luggage set after first trying a cheaper set found in stores like Target or Walmart. So if you’re also in the market for some new travel luggage, then this article is for you too! And I’ve been caught in rainstorms getting to and from the airport to our accommodation. Not the prettiest looking suitcases, but they do the job whether it is smooth airport floors or dirt roads in Africa. I do like the hard cases as they tend to have better wheels and are easier to drag around airports. If you are in the process of comparing luggage brands and want to make sure that you end up with the best travel luggage for your money, The Luggage List can help. The largest sets we found came with eight pieces consisting of check-in and carry-on sizes and travel organizer pieces. Spinner wheels give you a full range of motion whether the suitcase is being pulled at an angle, or standing straight up.
We have seen some amazing bargains on brand name items and higher prices for exceptional quality, so keep searching and comparing prices for great deals on those bags that catch your eye. To complete the set, you can separately purchase a matching briefcase, messenger bag, and more. Even though this is technically a hard shell, the material it is made of allows for a slight “give” which will save from cracks and big scratches. Finding an inexpensive set at these stores can seem like a good idea, but you are really taking a gamble on the overall quality lasting beyond a few trips. A few brands and models that have been around for a while get hundred or even thousands, of reviews..Which luggage brands are best? If you have questions about carry on size restrictions, check out our carry on luggage size chart. This zero degree turning radius of the spinner piece will be helpful when moving your bag through lines at the airport. This would be classified as a ‘soft-shell’ made up of 85% polyester and 15% nylon, and can be purchased in red, navy blue, or the standard black. Placing your laptop in that front pocket is very helpful when removing items for TSA inspection. Well worth the money, you can expect to get a long life out of this set no matter how often you plan on traveling. Both have collections with an Extra Mile Warranty … that extends to include airline baggage mishandling. Editors say Samsonite, Travelpro, North Face and American Tourister are tops; SkyRoll is a great garment bag. The major takeaway from this particular set is the great quality that you get for the price. Delsey is pretty good but since they don’t make new parts they just replace your bag as long as it is under warranty. The lock doesn’t work anymore, either, but I suspect it might have been screwdrivered. Comparable imported Italian leather pieces similar to this can sell for $100 MORE than what this bag typically goes for.
The soft bag looks really ragged and frayed and the wire frame has popped out in a couple spots.
You may pay more and get a longer life out of the above mentioned Traveler’s Choice set, but as a less expensive alternative, for the light traveler this is a very solid option that we recommend.

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