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Quality luggage should be one of the things that anyone with plans to travel shall include in their to-do checklist. Now, there is the choice that befuddles every aspiring traveler for quality luggage: to get a relatively cheap luggage or to get one that is really more expensive yet very durable.
To get quality luggage, you must check first the type of thread used in the luggage of your choice. Also you have to consider other things in quality luggage: such as handles, wheels, and zippers. Have you been searching for the best luggage brands for travel that are lightweight yet durable and solid? These Samsonite luggage are expandable made of filament polyester fabric with air expanded polyethylene. Pros: We bought one of these Samsonite luggage during our recent trip to Europe for 2 months. Cons: However, there are times that you might need two hands to roll and wheel these luggage in a straight line. Pros: The Fiero HS Samsonite Spinner luggage is a hard case material made of 100% Polycarbonate.
Overall, these are super comfortable, durable and strong luggage that are suitable for international travel. Pros: These 5 piece of luggage set from Samsonite brand is definitely a good set for family who enjoys traveling whether it be internationally or on a road trip.
The internal structure is quite good has the cover of the luggage has a compartment inside allowing you to store your underwear or even toiletries. Overall, these set of bags are still idea for a family traveler or for anyone who prefers to travel with matching set of lugage. The American Tourister is also one of the best luggage brands that are popularly known in the market. Pros:  These 360 Hardside 3 Piece Nested Set are available in 3 different colors that suits your style. One of the best things about these luggage is the spinners between rolling them wherever we went (airport, port, hotels, streets and even so much easier to drag them from the ground into the taxi).
Cons:  Along the edges area, there is no strong support and therefore the luggage sags easiily if significant weight is applied to it while rolling especially in rough surfaces like cobblestones and even walking up the stairs. Travelpro is also another popular brand as it consist of various styles that are made of durable and lightweight fabric.
Pros: The Travelpro luggage maxlite is made of 100% polyester with fabric lining and zipper closure providing durability and flexibility.
One of my friends used this luggage while traveling around Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Cons: There are no cons at this stage, however we will update once we find something negative about this luggage. Pros: The Delsey luggage is very lightweight and of very high quality considering for its hardcase. Cons: The flexibility of the shell would have been much nicer if it was more durable or stronger as it feels slightly flimsy and that could break easier. These are available in various colours and sizes to choose from with Free Discounted Price, Free Shipping & Return.
Pros: Another best brand you could find in the market is the Briggs and Riley Expandable Upright Suitcase featuring its well designed, multiple compartments and extremely durable. This luggage seems classy and sophisticated but it can also handle its long distance travel for long periods of time. Cons: The only negative thing about this luggage is that it only has two spinner wheels considering for the price you pay for. Most of the names in my list are quite visible in the International market but that does not mean all the brands are necessarily available in every country. The first name in my list is that of Ogio, a brand known for producing an extraordinary line of suitcases.  Apart from suitcases, Ogio also has some decent backpacks and layover travel bags.
If you are a guy who is ready to pay a little extra for adding few years life to your luggage then Eagle Creek is the brand for you. Nothing flashy, no over the top designs, minimal complications, just pure class and elegance. People often associate this company as one which can only produce good backpacks and hence underestimate there potential as all round luggage brand. Coming in at number five in my list of top 10 luggage brands is Samsonite, a company which offers an astonishing blend of quality and style. Cool, stylish and compact, these are the qualities which you can easily find in most of the products manufactured by Patagonia. Founded in the year 1993, Briggs and Riley is a New York based company which is famous for its everlasting luggage. At number two we have Tumi, a very reputed brand when it comes to prestige travel and classy business bags. Ruling the charts of top 10 luggage brands is this Swiss giant Victorinox, a company which produces everything from knifes to watches with same grace. Luggage is a necessity which almost everyone needs at some point or the other so why not pick a good one which can last for years rather than buying cheap bags every time you have to travel.
Mount Prospect, IL – FEBRUARY 11, 2016 … Irv’s Luggage joins Briggs & Riley’s national charity initiative “A Case for Giving,” taking place in both of our locations at 2200 S. Heys America Luggage is on the forefront of the fashion luggage industry, using the works of artists Romero Britto and Fernando Volken Togni to design suitcases and travel bags that truly reflect your personal style. This should be an Olympic sport … stuff your favorite duffel bag with as much as humanly possible. Spinner luggage refers specifically to the presence of 4 wheels on the case, allowing you to roll the bag in an upright position alongside you, instead of pulling the bag behind you. There are three main kinds of fabrics that are used in luggage: nylon, leather, and polyester. Polyester luggage is subject to denier levels as well; like nylon, fabrics with higher denier numbers are more durable.
Many vertical luggage contain handles that are locked in two stages: half extension and full extension.

If you have to bring a lot of things for your vacation, a trolley luggage greatly reduces the burden of lifting the full weight of your cargo.
Toothed zippers have larger 'teeth' than coiled zippers; these are usually made up of plastic and are more durable. Therefore, it is best if you stick to the known brands if there are many choices available since these are proven and tested for the best quality. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
We always travel with our favourite luggage that allows us to store our things, able to handle long distance travel and that can take us to any destinations.
These are also well known for their design, expandability, lightweight, durability and quality. This brand is probably one of the best options if you plan to be traveling internationally and for long periods of time. She had no problems with the quality of this bag, as it provided her with flexibility when it came to packing lots of items. Also, the non-retractable handles sit quite against the case and it gets a bit stiff when you attempt to pull them out to carry the bag. The Traveler’s Choice luggage is one of the best brand as many travelers find that these are extremely spacious, well made and very attractive.
This luggage is available here in different colours to choose from with Free Shipping & Return.
Most of its travel bags have lots of pockets which prove to be very essential while travelling.
Another thing which I think is pretty appreciable of this brand is that it lays a lot of emphasis on producing lightweight luggage bags. The locking mechanism used by this brand is of high standards, it hardly wears down with time. Features like webbing handles and side panels are there in the bags to make your experience of travelling less tiresome. This company is so confident about its products that they give a lifetime guarantee on them which also includes airline damages. One of the major reasons why I have ranked Tumi so high in this list is because of the functional superiority they have established over the other brands. Luggage is also of one its specialty and being a veteran company in this department, it is the benchmark of top notch bags. All these top brands and products are more than handy when it comes to traits like quality, durability, style and versatility.
After bagging a little experience behind my back, I shifted gears to writing for a few established websites which helped me in inculcating a profound sense of writing quality articles.
Not only are there many different brands, there are also a vast number of styles and features. It means afternoons at Wrigley, boat tours on the Chicago River, nights grilling on the patio, and full on party season. Heys has succeeded in creating exciting new luggage collections that will make you want to rush out and purchase a new bag today! If you plan to go on a vacation to, let's say, the Caribbean; surely you will have to bring clothes and other articles of clothing enough for at least a week. Because nothing else in the world can bring you one week's worth of clothes and other stuff as effectively as the best quality luggage available.
For example, if you are an infrequent traveler, you might as well go to the cheaper brands that, hopefully, will give you the best bang for your buck immediately. Since polyester fabrics are less sturdy than those of nylon and leather, backpacks and other luggage suited for infrequent travelers are made of polyester. The best local deals come from luggage specialty shops, where discounts are offered even to those with the highest quality.
They persist with a single brand and that is the main reason why most of the companies have a very loyal set of fans. This brand may not go down well with people who like their luggage to be clean and classy because at times these extra pouches give a very clumsy look to the bags. If I have to pick a particular category of luggage which I like about this brand then it would have to be the expandable trolley bags. I don’t like the collection which they offer in the smaller size department of bags but when it comes to the big or even giant ones, Samsonite is a real superstar. Aluminum framework is being used inside the bigger luggage bags like suitcases and roller ones.
It is Briggs and Riley which introduced the concept of NXpandable system which provides you with more storage capacity when you expand the bag. Their innovative concepts and new designs have led them to the business in the recent years. These top 10 luggage brands are competing fiercely as the market is so open these days and it is the public which benefits from this healthy competition. The hardside spinner luggage uses the latest innovations in polycarbonate materials resulting in durable, lightweight luggage that looks incredible. For bags that are as bulky as the example shown, a great traveling partner will be quality luggage.
Imagine the punishment that a piece of luggage receives every time different baggage handlers transfer the luggage from the terminal to the vehicle. Otherwise, if you are one who travels a lot, then high-quality luggage definitely fits the bill. The great thing about leather luggage is that this is waterproof; you don't have to worry about your clothes and other stuffs being wet, though leather can absorb heat from the environment into your luggage too much.
There are handles that are specially designed for comfort, curved handles that follow the outline of a gripping hand from the inside is an example.
Also, wheels that are installed slightly into the frame of the bag are better than wheels sticking out of the bag; the latter is at more risk of being separated from the bag in case of mishandling.
But the best deals come from electronic retailers as discounts can be greater than those from stores as a result for the lack of an overhead. They are a global manufacturer and retailer luggage with a variety of products ranging from suitcases to backpacks and travel accessories.

To make your job a little easier, I have prepared this list of top 10 luggage brands which produces top notch gears for its consumers. Traits like diversity and versatility have also been taken into consideration while preparing this countdown of luggage brands. Durability factor of its luggage is really good; they will stay with you for years without actually getting worn out. It hardly tries experimenting; sticking to the traditional formula is what American Tourister believes in. As far as the quality is concerned, you will find many other bags better than these but considering the price which they offer, probably not.
It is these bags which come to the rescue when you run out of space for that one extra item.
They are sturdy, wheels are smooth, handles are strong and the fiber is of immaculate strength and quality.
This beautiful combination of metal, fiber and fabric plays a vital role insuring the longevity of the bags. Saying in the words of Briggs and Riley ‘Simple as that’, explains the whole ideology behind their working style. The suitcases are created using the best of engineering mechanisms which ensures that they stand way above the rest.
When the next time you plan to travel, make sure you have one of these luggage bags along with you. Also, you will expect your luggage to be piled with, and on, other types of luggage and load. In the short term, cheaper luggage can set you back for less but you have to spend more on maintenance, and possibly a replacement, as future travel dates come and go. Threads with higher denier are denser threads; hence nylon with high denier count shall be considered seriously as this thread is tough.
Their good reputation, rich history and the quality of their products are what makes Samsonite stand out in the market. I know you must be having all sorts of doubts in your mind regarding price, quality and durability of bags.
Following are the names which I feel are the current leaders in the market of travel and luggage.
There are not many options when it comes to style and design, but its quality makes up for that.
This particular trait of theirs also goes against them on many occasions, as of now people are bored of the same old stuff and want to try something new. High Sierra makes sure that you are never short of pockets for keeping those miniature but essential items. Samsonite has now become very conscious about the finishing and polishing of bags, as it eyeing the upscale market where the big daddies of luggage industry play.
They have many water repellant bags for people who have to carry their luggage in adverse conditions. They focus on ultimate quality more than anything else and that is one of the main reasons why people have shown so much faith on them over the years. There are very companies in the market which have the mettle to compete with Tumi in terms of design, quality and versatility. These bags are extremely sturdy in nature and can manage easily even in the extreme conditions. Great quality luggage creates the least fuss for a traveler; bad luggage can break or burst open anytime during the trip. The highest denier count is 2520; this count makes the fabric are extremely resistant to damage. Making it one of the best brands when it comes to buying a luggage for all purpose of travel. As a solution to all these questions, I have picked the best luggage producing companies which are apt to cross the above mentioned benchmarks. Overall Travelpro is a brand which is capable of satisfying your needs to requirements up to a great extent but if you are looking for something exceptional then this may not be the most apt choice for you.
It is also a major reason why you have to empty your wallets more than usual for buying one of their items.
Now they are at number three in my list of top 10 luggage brands but seeing their constant progress, they are bound go even higher.
With around 125 patents to their name, Tumi is continuously bringing in path breaking ideas which will revolutionize the face of luggage industry.
One thing which I would like to tell you before you are out buying them, they come at a hefty price which can easily sway your mind against them. Nylon fabrics of lower denier count are great for backpacks for its balance of flexibility, toughness, and lightness. As I already told you, it’s only the price department which forces people to have second thoughts otherwise its very cool. Last year when I was looking for a bag to tag along with me for a wedding, I actually ended up buying two, seeing the attractive offer they had. I will suggest you not to go for its suitcases, they hardly make them and whatever they make is not up to the same standards. They are currently one of the most popular companies in the entire world when it comes to manufacturing funky backpacks. This staggering price is because of the excellent quality which they have and another reason for that is the brand name which they have built over decades.
Despite its Samsonite brand’s high price, you can definitely find all types of luggage with a high quality and that can also handle in any extreme situation.

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