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Whether you’re travelling long haul or hopping on a local flight, keep your luggage safe with one of these nifty locks. As the previous security expert at O.R Thambo International airport, Steve Chart is an authority on luggage safety.
Pick an ordinary bag and stay away from blatantly expensive-looking luggage, which are more desired targets. These are our favourite locks, but we highly recommend luggage straps as being the most effective, do you have any tips for keeping your luggage secure?
The heavy-duty combination-code Yale TSA Luggage Strap is available in red and grey and makes your bag look like a safe. Use the WordLock and you don’t have to worry about forgetting a numerical code – this combination lock requires a five-letter word to open.
The Cape Union Cable 3-Dial Combination Lock‘s steel thread easily loops through luggage zips and is Travel Sentry Approved (TSA is a compulsory feature for travelling to the USA so airport security can unlock your bag). Features:QUALITY- Forge locks use the NEWEST technology combined with our environmental & healthy lead free 100% zinc alloy + steel shackle.
LOCK SAFE PROTECTION: TSA Agents Never Leave Your Bags Unlocked After Inspections, Because They Cannot Remove The Key Without Relocking It. STURDY AND DURABLE LOCK: High Quality Zinc Alloy Construction To Last For Many Trips, and Experience The Longer Lifespan of Lock With The Best Locking Mechanisms That You've Ever Used.

BEST LIFETIME GUARANTEE: If, For Whatever Reason, You Don't Absolutely Love Your Kolumbo TSA Lock, Just Return It, And We'll Refund Every Penny (Or Replace It, If There Is A Problem). Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. Frequent travelers know that when TSA inspects your bags, they usually leave them unlocked. With our lock alert, you can instantly know that TSA inspected your bags, and immediately check the content to make sure everything are alright. Our high quality construction makes the Kolumbo TSA Lock the most secure and durable lock on the market. The Kolumbo TSA Lock is environmentally friendly, SGS approved, free of lead and other hazardous metals.
Steve recommends you secure your bag with a bright luggage strap (see below) – any tampering will be apparent and can then be investigated. Made from seatbelt-like material, the 182 cm adjustable snap-lock buckle will keep your bag secure.
It’s made from steel, so is hardier than the other locks featured here, but the bar will be too thick to lock through smaller zips, so check it against your luggage before purchasing.
It’s made from durable cast zinc alloyed construction and is ergonomically designed for easy to hold use.

The Extra Durable Lock That is Not Easily Cracked Gives You Perfect Security and Protection, So You Always Have Peace of Mind On Your Trips. Our Open Alert is specially designed so that only you can reset it by using your own combination.
When you don't have to struggle to set the combination, you are more relaxed and free to enjoy your most pleasurable trips. Kolumbo understands this perfectly by introducing the only TSA Lock with Lock Safe Protection to ensure that happens in order to keep your belongings safe. Plus, the extra durable lock mechanism prevents the lock from easily cracked and stays sturdy even in the tough baggage handling environment. No keys need to carry or worry about and changing your combination is a breeze.SAFETY- Ensures re-locking from TSA inspection with no damage.

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