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EmailPrintA few years ago, I wrote a ridiculously popular post about Wheeled Backpacks, and Why They’re the Best luggage for long-term travel.
Pursuant to the title of the post, I extolled the virtues of long-term travel with a wheeled backpack, given the ease of using the wheels, with the additional convenience of having backpack straps to navigate long stretches of cobblestones or rough pavement, stairs, and other circumstances when rolling luggage isn’t practical.
I started traveling full-time in 2006 with a backpack, before getting a different backpack, before deciding I hate backpacks.
My choices of backpacks probably weren’t ideally suited to travel, however the vast majority of travelers I know with backpacks use the same kinds.
For the last few years, I’ve stashed my wheeled backpack somewhere and done trips with carry-on luggage only lasting as long as three months. But eventually I realized if I could survive for months on end (even in varying climates) with carry-on luggage only, I didn’t need the larger bag at all. My luggage of choice is the Pacsafe Tour Safe 21 which is lightweight, sturdy, has nifty security features, and some handy organizational features on the inside. I recently met a 76 year old woman who wears her “backpacker” status as a badge of pride…solely because she owns a backpack. Although portable luggage carts can be handy, they also add some degree of weight and bulk, and are generally intended for conventionally-shaped luggage.
My carry-on luggage system wouldn’t work without my additional daypack, which houses my computer and other essentials that never leave my side. This daypack is practical for outings to cafes with my computer, carrying shopping and groceries, and even for multi day treks such as the 5-day one I did in Peru. As an inadvertent Pacsafe poster girl, my daypack (which I won a few years ago) is the Pacsafe Ventursafe Daypack.
If however, you want a no frills ultra-light day pack, you might want to check out the little brother to the Outdoor Research DryComp Summit Sack (36 liters, mentioned above) and get the Outdoor Research Dry Peak Bagger (25 liters), which also makes a great addition to checked luggage as a compression sack while traveling, and a daypack for small excursions. Regarding the daypack, at least you can put that on your back with relative ease and comfort; for myself, I tend to keep important things like my laptop in my daypack, so I prefer to have it on my body rather than on my luggage.
I can honestly say I really like the Pacsafe gear (and no, they don’t even know who I am, much less give me freebies or pay me to say that)! I think it ultimately boils down to personal preferences, and being considerate of those around us. After having my checked luggage not catch up with me 3 separate times on a 3-week trip to India and Bali in 2010, I switched to carry on only forevermore! I think it really depends on the person and trip, such as where you are going and what all you are bringing with you. I think the issue here is how you travel, and less about your back situation and personal preference for how you look. I have traveled to more than 40 countries on 4 continents over the span of 15 years, many multiple times, and I have used the same pack, actually the same one. For those who book a vacation in the Bahamas, of course a wheeled suitcase is the best option. I have seen many, many, foolish souls running through airports, down busy streets and tripping over themselves to catch a bus, train, a plane with a wheeled suitcase. My kit is pretty tight, all ultralight, minimalist, top of the line and can handle 3 seasons.
Most of the qualities in the best toiletry bags for long-term travel also apply to toiletry bags ideal for traveling as carrying on.
It’s up to you whether or not you want to use your toiletry bag to carry on liquids with you onto the plane. We’ve chosen a few toiletry kits that have the features we mentioned and are well tested for long term travel. This toiletry bag is no larger than a standard packing cube and while it isn’t clear like traditional bags, the clamshell design allows you to open it up to breeze through airport security. Another bag with the ability to open for security, the Osprey version opens into three rather than two. While this product is larger than we would usually recommend, it’s good for long term travel because it incorporates multiple organizers into one. YOU MAY ALSO ENJOY May 06, 2016Exploring the Best Travel PillowsTravel pillows can make long journeys more comfortable.
For the past couple of years I’ve been using the North Face Base Camp Travel Canister for non-liquids, a quart-sized clear zipper pouch for liquids, and a little LeSportsac 3-zip-bag as a medical kit. Barbara King, from Great Getaway Travel, says the luggage brand DOES matter. Suitcases, especially if used for air travel, are tossed, thrown, pulled, dragged, rained on, squeezed, and any other action that would destroy a poorly made product. Also a Baggalini Town Tote computer bag with a sleeve for sliding over the Hovercraft handle. Olivia Hulett, Ricardo Beverly Hills, discusses why her luggage brand tops the list of suitcase recommendations. If you are checking luggage, pick a large, durable, lightweight 4-wheeled case that has a lot of interior organizational features including zippered pockets, shoe pouches and tie down straps. Since the wheels on 2-wheeled cases are usually inline, the bodies of 2-wheeled carry-on cases tend to be about 20% larger than those of 4-wheeled carry-ons, and more packing capacity is always a good thing. The price for this suitcase was $150 (I think) – which is slightly more than what you pay for (compared to the amount of space you pay for with the larger suitcase). Sarah-Jane Begonja, Chasing the Donkey – My arthritic spine and fingers always appreciates my 4 wheeler. My last purchase was the High Sierra Evolution Wheeled Duffel and I was pleased how it held up. To find out why rolling duffle bags make great alternatives to a regular suitcase or backpack, please read this article. Jacquie Whitt, Co-founder of Adios Adventure, has been using the Osprey Sojourn bag for the past 5-6 years. Vanessa, Turnipseed Travel, says that everyone focuses on the size of their bag, but weight is just as important. Anwar Yf  also uses an Osprey Porter 46 and sometimes a Gregory palisade bag for trips that require more space.
I use a Jansport Backpack for 2 weeks or less travel (light packer here!) with a Chloe Messenger bag to put my camera. Hope you found these suitcase recommendations and the best luggage brands for travel helpful.
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But I soon learned that the two biggest reasons I told Meg for why she had to leave all her dresses at home were total BS. While I was definitely wrong about my initial reasons, I still believe in traveling with the smallest backpack possible. But if you’re traveling on a budget, and almost all long-term travelers are, you are going to have a hard time avoiding checking your bags. Because of all the incredibly cheap, yet incredibly restrictive, foreign discount airlines.
Instead of limiting carry-on bag size to certain size dimensions (which almost any 32 liter bag would fit), these discount airlines do it by weight.
Since these smaller backpacks do look they should be allowable as a carry-on, you can always try not checking them and see if anyone at the gate will stop you. For those of you thinking about buying an Around The World plane ticket, you might have better luck since you’re flying on the bigger airlines.
After my few months of backpack research, I thought that everyone travelling would have ultralight bags. We never once came across anyone else on the road who had smaller or even the same size backpacks as us.
While I don’t think it sounds fun (at all) to carry around such a big bag, don’t think you have to go light just because that’s what travelers do.
While you probably will still have to check your backpack on most flights, you definitely can get it onto most buses as it will fit in the overhead racks. The small bag takes away your ability to over pack so that you only take exactly what you need.
There were definitely some items I packed that I never (or rarely) used – and I only had a 32 liter bag. Do not underestimate how much time you will spend walking around cities with your backpack strapped on.
You will get dropped off by buses and taxis in the wrong location and have to walk to your destination.
Watch someone with a 75 liter backpack try to find anything in their bag or pack it up after a 3 night stay at a hostel and you will be so happy to have a smaller bag.
This is a monster stress-reducer when you’re already late for that bus and haven’t started packing. My ideal solution I think is to buy a bag a little smaller than you want, fill it up, then return it for a size larger but don’t add any new stuff to it.
Your RTW trip looks great by the way… we’re from Boston originally so if you want any tips when you get there let us know! That said, while I wish I could somehow pack lighter, I am really glad we went with small bags. Plus, it is so hard to find things you could take out of a bag once you get to the 45 liter size or less!
Makes a big difference though when walking the cities… I can’t imagine hoofing it with a 75 liter bag! This was quite a helpful list of pros and cons for those thinking of going ultralight or not. Finding the right balance regarding backpack size will only come with experience and trial and error. It is definitely worth it to carry a smaller bag, but I was seriously disappointed that the budget airlines had such tight weight restrictions. My husband and I are both so happy to not have anything bigger than 40L, sometimes they seem too big. We have always managed to take them on as carry-on (flying Air Asia from Australia to South-East Asia and around Asia).
Also, when you are wandering the streets of Bangkok or navigating the bus system or travelling through the bumpy roads of Cambodia, having a not too heavy bag on your back is really the easiest and safest way to go. We have also resorted to tying clothes around our waist and stuffing our pockets full of stuff to make any weight requirements for carry-ons… you gotta get creative! Being a minimalist in travel can be a fun challenge and opens up a whole world of possibilities about how to live after travel.
That way I know I have the minimum I can pack with the flexibility of adding to the bag as I travel.

Soon with my boyfriend we are heading to SEA, being the first stop from our 9-10 months trip.
I have tried many backpacks and the one that fits me the best is Deuter Aircontact Pro 55+15 SL.
I am not going to fill it until the brim though, as I would like to carry at most 10kg (so basically 7 kg left for my clothes and stuff). A lot of the people who write about travel online have been doing it awhile and stress the importance of carrying the smallest bag possible. I can’t wait to hear more about your trip, so let us know how it goes and if you have any more questions.
You definitely want something sturdy that can protect your camera and take a beating from the travel. 3 weeks in India, Nepal on photo assignment with large DSLR with 3 lenses, flash, backup P&S, chargers. 3 weeks in Burma on photo assignment with 2 system cameras and 3 lenses: 32 liter Osprey Stratos. Epic case studies Love that the whole family just carried day packs and that you only one 55 liter bag for the group. We did a whole year of backpacking with just our 32 liter Deuter bags, so I always recommend those.
Tents and sleeping bags take up A LOT of space… when we climbed machu picchu we tied our tent to the outside of my bag and stuffed two sleepings inside.
When packing, people tend to think they must fill it to the top, because you don’t want to waste space, right?.
International Shipping - items may be subject to customs processing depending on the item's declared value.
Your country's customs office can offer more details, or visit eBay's page on international trade. Estimated delivery dates - opens in a new window or tab include seller's handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code and time of acceptance and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. This item will be shipped through the Global Shipping Program and includes international tracking. Will usually ship within 5 business days of receiving cleared payment - opens in a new window or tab. It inspired a massive string of over 100 comments from readers with their own luggage experiences, preferences, and questions. Here’s why I made the change, and criteria for when you should choose backpacks, rolling luggage, or a hybrid of both as the best luggage for long-term travel.
As a “recovering backpacker” I still had an umbilical need for straps, but also a burning desire for wheels. Initially I just stuffed what I needed into my Outdoor Research Drycomp Summit Sack which wasn’t entirely ideal for long-term travel, but which I loved as a useful component to my full-time travel entourage since it doubled as a compression sack in my larger luggage.
However she never actually puts the backpack on her back; instead she uses a portable luggage cart and wheels it around. And truly – if you never use your backpack as a backpack, why would you own a backpack to begin with? It is soft-sided so you can under-pack and cinch it down, but I think it will be too big regardless. I think I only used the backpack for one trip and then it was always with a backpack on wheels (though a bit heavy). The hubby and I are going travelling in September and are havign an ongoing debate about backpacks vs rolled luggage. The next year I travelled to Panama and 4 different cities in South America with a friend and we each had 2 carry on bags – no more hassles, and no lost luggage!
Like your Taiwanese adventures, I too am looking at spending some extended time in the future (in Peru), and I want to schlep some extra things there to make my time more comfortable. Both options offer great benefits, but both should be looked into to figure out which one best fits you and your needs. The first time I decided to use it as a backpack for stairs I realised my back wouldn’t do it! It’s a Boblbee hard shell pack, holding very little, but with some compression bags I managed to travel for months at a time. The way I travel, I keep moving and have to be quick on my feet to catch a bus, train, or run to another terminal at the airport. For the others who are part of a group, traveling together and everything is planned out, there’s no problem. I have seen people with wheeled suitcases on their back (wheeled backpack) that are struggling to stay upright and knocking people down because it’s overloaded and huge.
If you’re visiting multiple destinations over a long time period, you’ll be unpacking and re-packing constantly so you’ll want to stay organized with your items.
While you may not decide to carry on your liquids in favor of bringing larger ones in your checked luggage, you should still limit the size of your toiletry bag to use your space effectively.
While you might not want to so that you can bring more volume of liquids for your long-term trip, it’s nice to have these items with you in case your bag gets lost.
This way, you can quickly grab your toiletry bag to put in the bins for security rather than rummaging in your luggage. It won’t make it past your first destination and it doesn’t have the features other toiletry bags have. It’s designed to hold full size bottles, if that’s what you require, or it can be an all-in-one toiletry kit, medical kit, makeup kit and jewelry holder. It is possibly similar in shape to the REI above, but I can’t tell in the zipped form. Well-respected, top luggage brands although perhaps more expensive than generic luggage, often have guarantees or warranties that come with the bags. Choosing a lightweight suitcase will enable you to pack more without worrying about surpassing airline weight restrictions. Store your boarding pass and other important travel documents in the exterior pockets of your carry-on so that you can easily access them as you go through check-in and security.
However, since I pretty much live in my suitcase, the price was non-trivia considering the fact that it suits all of my needs.
Not only is it great to push with one finder, but the kids can ride on it too and it saves us losing them in the airport. It rolls along easier and I’ve been known to use it to stack my bottles of booze on top. It has a pull-out handle that zips into its’ own compartment and runners on the bottom that keep the material dry, but no frame the way an average upright suitcase has. Plus so many are now made in bright colors and are easy to spot as they come down the baggage carousel in busy airports.
I normally try to always purchase checked luggage at under 8 pounds (5 pounds is ideal) and this worked out well.
I tend to travel roughly and visit numerous cold weather destinations where my gear takes over.
It  features wheels as well as hidden shoulder straps should I be in a place without roads. One of the reasons I like Osprey is because of their guarantee. Any business wants to have a sense of longevity surrounding their business to enable them to start a rapport with customers and build relationships with clients.
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It honestly sounded like we would be laughed out of any hostel if we showed up with anything more than a 40 liter bag. You do not want it getting thrown around by baggage handlers and being lost on a foreign airline. The most common restriction we saw was a maximum of 5 or 7 kilograms and when you pack your whole life into a tiny bag… it is going to be more (ours were 10 kilos). But then you run the risk of paying extra to check the bag at the gate… discount airlines never miss a chance to charge!
Hopefully someone can tell us in the Comments section if they had any issues carrying-on when using an Around The World ticket. Meg would definitely have preferred the convenience of a few more shirts to the inconvenience of a slightly larger bag. Plus, if you travel like we do, you will spend A LOT more time on buses anyway and the ability to keep it with you greatly reduces the risk of theft. You might think that your backpack is just luggage and that you will only wear it from airport to hostel… but you would be very wrong. Since you have so much less and it is all accessible in such a small space, you can normally be packed and ready to go within 5-10 minutes. And I wanted to skip checking baggage (mainly for the time saved, because we booked world tickets with STA with fairly big airlines that I’m almost positive include baggage). My biggest advice would be to try to pick them as if they were 40 liter bags… people tend to pack whatever size bag they have to the brim.
That way you have the minimum you need plus a little room for flexibility while on the road. I remember wandering around Europe with a 75L bag back in 2005 and I was always in pain because my bag was so heavy. We packed our bags to the brim so even though they were 32 liters… they were at 10 kilos! We have had friends who studied spanish in SA and loved traveling while practicing their new language. I managed to get by with just 20, and I never regretted it, but the gear just barely fit into the pack. Those take up way too much room to fit in a bag that small plus the minimum amount of clothes I need! It’s big enough to fit a lot of stuff (even with a pair of shoes) but can still be carried onto most airlines. I think a 38 liter would be perfect for me, but i’ve gotten used to traveling with a 32 liter bag so 45L sounds huge! I would think of the smallest bag you could imagine traveling with and then go a size lower.
I also had a RTW ticket, although it only covered 6 of my flights because I bought the ticket with miles. Airlines never stop you for carrying on a third bag if it is mostly food… at least in our experience.
I ended up taking a trip around the world and used a 50L bag and the reason I did so was not because I pack a lot, but I tend to bring home more than I come with. You will definitely bring more in the winter seasons than in the summer especially hand washing clothes dry faster in the summer so packing less is easier. I think what I would ideally do next time I buy a pack is buy a small backpack, pack it as tightly as I can, return it for a bag one size bigger, and then not add anything to what I pack.
We planned our trip in 2012 to start in South America in January (summer) and then kept traveling east.
One daypack 22-32 liters each, and one 55 liter common backpack for all, mostly for triple sets of diabetes medications in styrofoam boxes (and ladies lotions…). Although I have no idea how you got a full camera into yours and still had everything else.

Then Meg carried our clothes and extra gear… but we still had porter that carried food all of that equipment!
I made that decision because I knew I could pack it a little over half way, leaving plenty of room to fit my day pack when I am not using it, as well as souvenirs I might pick up along the way. Before you leave pack your bag 2-3 times, and each time you pack it again create more space by leaving out non essential items.
Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. In the ensuing years, I wheeled my way through two wheeled backpacks (the High Sierra Overpass and the Osprey Sojourn), and I loved them both. Because just to do a flight of stairs, it was hardly worth the hassle of pulling out the straps and putting the pack on my back. I came back to the city where I’ve left my stuff while I work further with the idea of traveling full-time. Rolling bags can be to space consuming and bother people walking behind you, but that is just my opinion. I am at an age where I have discovered back pain, and yet the husband is too busy trying to discover himself rather than worrying about the practicalities of it all. Though I am currently living and working in Taiwan for at least a year and yes, I bought a large, light, wheeled suitcase to hold my 50 pounds of things I need to actually live abroad, but I also have my wheeled backpack with me and use that for all shorter trips. I wondered, how much do I really need to take with me for a week’s visit at my daughter’s apartment in Brooklyn? I just returned from a week-long trip to Florida with one very small bag (but a bit larger than a laptop bag, but it included my laptop), and it was a total success.
My style of travel was more spontaneous and unplanned, so a suitcase with wheels or a backpack with wheels would significantly slow me down.
I do not, however, think that anyone who wants to move quickly will benefit from anything with wheels.
If I really need to speed up and the terrain is awkward, I just pick up the case by the handle and go. Because i have been living in Cambodia for the past ten months and i only came with a big rolling luggage i’m a bit concerned about my trip to New Zealand.
So personally, I would stick to the rolling luggage (and save yourself the cost of buying a backpack that you might not need or like). I got in my head that there has to be some kind of new way to go backpacking Europe other than just a big ole backpack.
Toiletry bags will keep your toiletries list organized, which you’ll be using daily during your trip. You can also access items like lotion and toothpaste inside your toiletry bag to refresh during long haul flights and after red eyes. They should be a quart or smaller in order to carry onto a plane and ideally will have a clear panel to see what’s inside.
The hook allows you to hang it up and sturdy handles are made for carrying to communal bathrooms.
It comes with a mirror and hook, ideal for anything from a summer in Europe to a few months hiking the Appalachian Trail. They’ll replace your wheels within a year and have a complimentary 2 year warranty for all other wear and tear issues. It was big enough to carry all of my products for my traveling pop up events, and spacious enough to fit a week of wardrobe for New York fashion week.
The middle size is good if I need to take more stuff (which I’m trying to learn not to) and the largest is a bit ridiculous. Go with the Samsonite with the clips, bags with zips break too easily and fragile pieces are in better car in a hardcase.
A good rolling duffel will cost you around $100-$150 and look for large sizes between 28-32 inches.
One compartment serves as a garment bag, the other compartment serves a normal carry-on purpose (holding shoes, toiletries, gym clothes, etc). My first bag wore out after 4 years of traveling around South America and when I took it in for repair, they replaced it with a new bag. I’m currently trying out the Osprey Porter 46, a soft sided travel bag with backpack straps that weighs just over 1 kilo.
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Moreover, building your brand takes time, so using all techniques such as SEO, PPC, Social Media campaigns, Email Marketing, as well as Text Marketing will be a huge help to give you an archive of relevant content enabling you to be accessed by long term quality traffic. So I told Meg to get ready, because we were going to fit our lives for the next year into two 32 liter backpacks.
Our small bags were such novelties that it became a running joke how often people would ask to see our backpacks at hostels.
He is working hard to to make this life-style permanent by writing about his adventures and brainstorming money making opportunities with his partner-in-crime, Meg. A few times we have been able to carry all our bags on, but with Air Asia, I always end up paying in advance to check our main packs because the penalty of showing up and having them weigh them and having to check them anyway is so steep.
It really is true that if you have room in your pack you will somehow find a way to fill it, so with these small bags, it’s just impossible for us to weigh ourselves down. I think my 32 liter bag was the smallest I could have gone, but I would have liked to pack the same items into a slightly bigger bag. I bought a second bag that is around 40L, but its still bigger than I like carrying around.
Your disclaimer about weight restrictions on budget European airlines is a good one though. This makes sure you are only packing the essentials and you’re back will be happy later! If i reduced my 4 pair items to 1 (+ what’s on my back), I can definitely see my stuff fitting in a bag smaller than 32 liters. However, I recently did a trip around the US (NYC to Washington State) and found travel easier and was able to use a 35L bag and was just fine.
We hit Europe in april, which was a bit cold for some of our clothes, but that quickly heated up. Also, when I’m walking long distances through cities or jungles my backpack will cause ZERO injury to my back or rest of my body. I only packed mine a little over half way, which left me room to compress my backpack, using the straps, to a smaller size. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable.
More often than not the wheels worked just fine, and when they didn’t I simply carried the pack by the top and side handles until I could set it down and wheel it again. I’ve been thinking of using my 50L Osprey backpack and cinching it down to be a daypack. I found space for two hardcover biographies within my size and weight limitations, and took advantage of some pockets, too. Right after she finished tying the bag on and let go it fell forward and hit a woman’s leg standing in front of her! The heavier your load, the worse it is to use a backpack – from trying to find what you need, to hauling it on and off your back all the time. Do you think it’s stupid to always drag that suitcase to the bus and should i get a backpack? This could also come in the form of a hook that will allow you to hang your toiletry bag from the back of bathroom stall doors, hostel dorm room bunk beds and even your seatback on a plane. The plastic shouldn’t be easily punctured and should be waterproof to contain spills inside.
Four spinner wheels will really come in handy as you maneuver your bag through the airport. I did also risk carrying it on budget airline and had success in almost all of them (Ryan air, easy jet, air asia, etc.), the only flight (out of about 30) I had to check my baggage on was a Malindo flight in Malaysia, and only the return flight. But I had a few flights in SE Asia and New Zealand that were on propjets and I had to check my 40L because it’s too big to fit in the overhead compartment.
Plus we bought super cheap alpaca sweaters in Peru that kept us warm until summer finally hit the northern hemisphere! Some people bring 3+ pairs of shoes and that really isn’t necessary, I advise against it as they will take up precious space and add unnecessary weight. I could get a carry-on wheeled backpack, but the zip-away backpack straps use up valuable carry-on luggage space, and fitting a full-time travel wardrobe into carry-on sized luggage is enough of an ask as it is. I often leave from Vancouver and lately they always make me weigh it – and of course, then I have to check it in.
Recent trip to Europe I ditched it last minute for an old Skyways suitcase and cabin bag – they balance each other with strap. First, my handheld tablet computer and folding keyboard, and chager cords, after all, it’s supposed to be a laptop bag, not a suitcase.
Smaller backpacks tend to have very little back support, which is especially bad when it’s extremely heavy with all your belongings inside of it.
As I have my daypack on me with a few things in it, I am able to spread out the items in my bag top to bottom making my backpack a lot thinner, and able to squeeze into tight spaces.
I avoided toiletries that I could buy in NYC, but needed at least one shirt, my jammies, and socks and underwear. The benefits for me were avoiding the bagage carosel completely, light weight baggage, easy to carry andv stow under the seat in front of me on the plane, easy to take on my lap or at my feet in s taxi, and I saved baggage fees both ways. Spirit airlines fkying out out of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, to New York for a RT plus taxes in September is coisting me only $107.99. After college graduation and a series of useless part-time jobs, she went to Australia for a working holiday.
However, if you stuff a 30something liter bag with everything you will need for a trip it is often TOO BULKY to squeeze into anything for quick storage. I had a fanny pack, empty, my wallet, a mesh bag of medications, a small paper notebook, pen, and a foil bag of tea, after discarding another shirt, a pair of shorts, second T-shirt, a small hair brush for my beard, and paring down the socks and underwear to one extra of each. This is hardly international travel (they do serve the Carribean, too) but for short hops, you can’t beat some of prices on a discount airline. In that time, she worked as a bartender, bungee jumped, scuba dived, pet kangaroos, held koalas and drank hundreds of cups of tea. Even with all the times I did have to check my bag, I still wouldn’t choose to travel with a bigger bag. Like you said, you will end up walking around with that thing on your back a lot more than you think, and a smaller bag is well worth it.
Used small Hedgren daily with a soft Onya parachute bag for water scarf and ocassionally folding umbrella for rain (Europe) and sun (Dubai was 43C).
Now, this was a short trip but was well within the size and weight limitations of the airlines and saved me the hefty carry on bag fees each way. Toiletries and extra clothing were easy to buy, and what I brought doesn’t really have to go back with me.
On a long trip, you will have to do laundry no matter what, so a week’s worth of clothes is probably sufficient in most cases.
The people I saw with the giant bags just looked miserable, whereas I thought even my 40L felt too heavy after awhile.
The laptop bag was light, carried by the strap over my shoulder, and fit easily by my feet under the seat on the plane in front of me. I really believe I could do the same thing for a city hop at a hotel anywhere this airline flies. When I want to check it in, I use an external thin zipped bag that wraps around the whole backpack so there are no outsized luggage issues or chewed up straps.

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