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This perfect piece of carry on luggage is great if you are the outdoor type, its design is certainly rugged and tough.
Constructed from hard-wearing polyester and available in two bright colorways, this two piece set is a great pick in the expandable category for best carry on luggage 2014.
If style and looks are your thing, this gorgeous bag is our top pick for best carry on luggage 2014. It is always good to keep travel essentials such as travel documents, your cell phone, MP3 player and book easily accessible when you’re travelling and this bag offers that functionality and even more.
And it doesn’t end there, the main bag also has more straps to allow you to attach other bags  and bungee cords which allow you to slip things behind then, securing them to the outside of the bag. Constructed from 100% plastic, the winner in the durability category for best carry on luggage 2014 is this little gem from Rockland. Finally, the all-round winner in the best carry on luggage 2014 race is this fantastic bag, made by Travelon. We hope this article has been helpful in identifying the best carry on luggage 2014 and taken some of the hard work out of finding the perfect luggage for you. I would like to share my experience with you.On this website you will find travel tips and travel packing tips and I hope some inspiration to make your next vacation the best ever. You wouldn't want to be caught of guard.Keep up to date on things like the way we must carry our liquids and gels on board.

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It is constructed of a super-strong material, Tedelolon, and the dimensions are perfect for passing carry on luggage restrictions, it is just 15 inches wide and 20 inches high. Although it is constructed with a polyester outer, hardly the most luxurious fabric, the styling is fabulous. It has to be said that it is not the prettiest piece of carry on luggage we have ever seen, however its three bags in one system is too good to resist when looking for the best carry on luggage 2014. At 20 inches high and 13 inches wide, it certainly conforms to size restrictions and available in four floral colorways, it’s bright enough to get you noticed. It ticks boxes in every category and more, it is roomy, the inner compartment has space for a laptop. The tote bag is cute enough to double up as a purse for vacation days out and the case comes complete with in-line wheels, placed at the corners of the case to provide stability, and a retractable handle.
It has little touches and flourishes, such as the signature hardware, which truly make this the best piece of carry on luggage we have seen in a while. It can be used as a wheeled bag, a backpack or a day bag and features one main compartment with straps to hold clothing in place. The case is very lightweight which allows you to pack more stuff, always an important consideration, and its rigid construction means clothing won’t get creased if other bags are placed on top in the over head cabin bin. We do online inspection and final inspection.ExperienceWith more than 10 years professional design and manufacture experience.
The compression straps mean that items can be squeezed down so you can fit more in and the fact that it is lightweight, weighing in at just over 7lbs means that getting more stuff in won’t take the carry on luggage over any weight restrictions.
The case zippers out to provide a massive 25% extra packing capacity which is pretty impressive when you consider that the unexpanded dimensions are just 14 x 9 x 22 inches and weighing in at just 9 pounds, this case is lightweight too, an important feature in expandable luggage.

The bag itself is also functional featuring a large interior pocket, plenty large enough for your garments and other essentials, two large external pockets for your travel documents and in-flight entertainment items  and a double handle carry system.
The Multi-directional spinner wheels and telescopic handle make moving the case around a breeze and reviewers are very impressed by this piece of carry on luggage.
It is functional and has plenty of pockets both inside and out and in addition it is petite enough to fit beneath most airline seats which means you can have access to your stuff in-flight. Maybe it’s all about style and good looks for you.  Or perhaps the ability to store your travel documents and items for in-flight entertainment in easy to access pockets is the critical factor. Not to mention the price which is perfectly reasonable when you consider all the features it packs in. There are plenty of external pockets too for travel documents and a second bag can also be secured to it with the strap made specially for this purpose. The price of this piece of carry on is also extremely reasonable and over-all, it wouldn’t look out of place being taken off a plane at Cannes by a film-star!
Reviewers simply adore it calling it ‘lightweight, durable and well made’ and a ‘great little guy’! Moving the carry on luggage around won’t be a problem either as it has a handle and wheels. It features sturdy wheels and a telescopic handle in is simply the best looking and best performing bag we have seen on the market in this category.
In order to help on the journey to finding the best carry on luggage available, we’ve compiled this list, based on the six aspects mentioned, to help you find the best carry on luggage 2014.

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