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The Bersa Thunder is a self-defense gem that maintains a quiet, but loyal, following here in the United States. So why should you consider a compact 7+1 single-stack .380 ACP that tips the scale at 20 ounces when tiny little pocket models are available?
Charter Arms currently produces over 70 variations of their compact defensive revolvers, with several models available at or below the $400 price mark. An excellent example of durable carry gun at a fair price is the Undercover .38 Special five-shot revolver. What's more, FMK is not afraid to let customers know just how they feel about this country.
Kel-Tec provides a number of reliable and affordable pistols, one of which is the model PF-9. The blued steel slide is topped with a fixed 3-dot sight system, with rear cocking serrations. Smith & Wesson has recently announced the release of two new self defense semi-autos designed to deliver reliable performance at an affordable price. The stainless steel slide, paired with the black polymer frame, offers a distinctive two-tone finish along with aggressive front and rear slide serrations and a standard 3-dot sight configuration. If you are looking for an affordable concealed carry revolver that speaks with authority, look no further than the Taurus Polymer Public Defender.
The Polish P 64 is a reliable and inexpensive concealed carry pistol that packs quite a punch.
I bought a Polish P 64 on a whim, because I wanted something a little less bulky than the G-23 I was carrying. If you are looking for an inexpensive and reliable concealed carry pistol, then the Polish Radom P 64 is a good bet. The ever famous first question – I don’t have a lot of money to spend, but I want a reliable pistol for my CCW, what should I get? Third – I found a Hi-Point for 215 bucks down at the pawn shop and it’s brand new, what do you think?
Throw everything the salesman at the Retail Chain Sporting Good store told you out the window. They may not be the fanciest guns on the shelf, and some of them will not last through the thousands of rounds some of the more expensive guns can handle.
It's an impressive pistol for the price, showing excellent craftsmanship and reliability often lacking in affordable imports.

While Charter revolvers often cost less than their competitors, this doesn't mean they're "cheap." Years of experience have gone into the design of these revolvers to make them sturdy and dependable.
Rated for +P ammunition, this all-stainless steel gun is available with an exposed hammer or in a double-action only configuration. The overall dimensions of the pistol are similar to a compact Glock or medium-frame Taurus.
Although other concealable autos chambered for .380 ACP had been on the market for years, something about the Ruger LCP set the market ablaze with an invigorated passion for small pistols chambered for mid-sized calibers. Although the original P89 models are no longer in production, the polymer-framed P95 is still available at a fair price.
The ergonomic grip has an 18-degree natural point of aim and aggressive front and back strap texturing. This is a scaled-down version of the popular Taurus Judge and is intended for concealed carry. Load it with birdshot for snakes and pests, buckshot for wide-pattern stopping power or .45 Colt loads for deep penetration. A restricted shooting budget is a reality for some of us, if not all of us, at some point or another. However, the guns here will fill a pocket, purse or holster, and will provide personal protection at a reasonable price. While pocket-rocket .380s can be almost painful to shoot, this pistol is comfortable and easy to manage with plenty of grip to hold on to, not to mention the easy-to-use sights and the smooth, crisp trigger pull.
Charter Arms proudly manufactures 100-percent American-made revolvers with all of the parts constructed in-house or by vendors within 50 miles of the plant.
Guns in this size range offer a useful balance of shootability and ease of concealment for legal carry. While the media has moved on to 9mm and .45 ACP pocket pistols, Ruger's LCP remains a popular choice for concealed carry.
While this pistol is utilitarian in design, it works reliably, it's easy to service, and plenty of holsters and spare magazines are available for it.
In other words, it has a long heavy trigger pull for the first shot followed by a short single-action trigger thereafter.
A number of accessories from companies you trust, including Crimson Trace, Galco, DeSantis Gunhide and Blackhawk! This revolver features a revolutionary lightweight polymer frame, along with new updates for improved handling and accuracy.

This Defender features an extended ejector rod for positive shell extraction, recoil absorbing Ribber Grip, fiber-optic front sight, and the integral Taurus Security System (TSS).
You have to have a Glock, Smith and Wesson, etc… I am not a salesman or representative for any Firearm Company, so I am going to give you the honest truth and how to weigh your options. Whether its college tuition, a new baby or a less-than-stellar pay grade at work, a skinny wallet may seem like an imposing barrier to obtaining a reliable defensive handgun. If you’re willing to pay around $70 dollars more, you can shave four ounces off the weight with the Undercover Lite models. The 9C1 weighs 23.45-ounces unloaded, accepts 14-round magazines, and it features an accessory rail for lights or lasers.
FMK also offers the Bill of Rights version of the 9C1 with the first ten amendments to the U.S.
However, it offers greater stopping power than the diminutive P3AT in .380 ACP while remaining small enough for pocket carry. It's definitely a short-range defensive pistol with its small sights, but the LCP functions reliably with a variety of .380 ACP loads.
Sometimes folks think they have to settle for a cheap, possibly unreliable handgun until their luck changes.
One of this pistol's standout features is its exceptionally comfortable grip configuration and low-recoil feel. If you feel the need to enhance your LCP with a laser sight, trigger guard models from Laserlyte and Crimson Trace are available. If you would prefer a stainless steel slide, it will scoot the price about $30 dollars higher.
With an MSRP of $399, this pistol is hundreds of dollars less than other polymer, striker-fired pistols in its class. Buying this affordable pistol will keep your dollars right here, supporting a company that’s willing to stamp their patriotic devotion to this country into the guns they sell.
Just like their other pocket autos, it has a locked-breech design, which allows the pistol to weigh less while keeping the slide easy to cycle. This is not the lightest or fanciest carry gun on the market, but it certainly is one of the most reliable in this price range.

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