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Compare easily the products using the T-Fitness test judgement and find your appropriate equipment. Write a product rating now and win a gift coupon of 500 € or the refund of the paied purchase price.The choice is yours! MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts, is a popular combat sport that incorporates stand-up striking martial arts, as well as wrestling and ground-based grappling martial arts. This bag is a good weight for wrestling drills that involve picking up the bag and carrying it any distance.
The Everlast Poly Canvas MMA martial arts bag is a slightly lighter than most heavy bags that you might find in a standard MMA  gym. It comes with adjustable chains ideal for hanging, connected to the bag by reinforced sewn web straps. Definitely read the other reviews on this site for more information about the best MMA punching bags. TKO may not be the biggest name in martial arts, it is still a well known company that produces many great products. The TKO Muay Thai Heavy Bag is an average sized Muay Thai bag that you might find in a Muay Thai or MMA gym.
The bag comes hydraulically stuffed with a blended fiber filler for even weight distribution. The TKO heavy bag can be secured to the ground by the loop at the bottom if a swinging bag is not preferred or practical in the training space because of its height. The TKO All Purpose Canvas Heavy Bag is significantly lighter than most punching bags that you might find in a boxing or MMA gym (unless they are training children). Due to the weight of the bag, this TKO heavy bag will definitely swing freely with even medium strength kicks or punches. This wall mount is definitely worth considering if you want to buy (or already have) a TKO punching bag (or actually any brand).
Of course, just like a heavy bag stand, a wall mount restricts 360 degree access to the bag.
Everlast is one the most popular martial arts equipment brands in the world and they make some of the most well known heavy bags. The Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag is made of an interconnected matrix of webbed synthetic leather and vinyl. Power hitters will be pleased to see that the base doesn’t move at all regardless of the height setting. Since the Omniflex swings back into place with nearly the same force as it was hit, heavier punches will cause it to actually swing towards the striker, providing an ideal angle for practicing uppercuts and also giving you something to avoid with head movement. The Everlast PowerCore bag has a very durable surface that is made of a mixture of black synthetic leather and vinyl. The main feature of the PowerCore punching bag is the set of three metal plates arranged in the core of the bag that help to add stability. BOB’s body is significantly tougher than the head, with the plastic base only reaching the upper torso area.
The XL body opponent bag is made out of high-strength plastisol and is stuffed with high-density urethane foam.
The XL improves on the BOB’s novel design by including thighs, which adds to the versatility of the product for MMA fighters or kickboxers who are interested in practicing low kicks on a realistic target.
Although Century has improved on the design, the XL still has the same drawbacks that we mentioned in the original BOB review above.
If a body opponent bag isn’t something that interests you, then definitely make sure to check out our free standing heavy bag reviews for advice on other great training MMA bags.
If you really want to maximize your training or workouts, a hanging heavy bag is an absolute necessity.
Made from a variety of materials, the free standing punching bag is supported on a structural base that can be filled with water or sand. The BOB Heavy Bag from Century is one of the best free standing punching bags on the market. The main feature of the Century Heavy Bag is the human shape allowing you a realistic training while still maintaining a over average durability of the material used.
We therefore highly recommend the Century BOB for all boxing enthusiasts wanting to invest in a product from the world largest manufacturer of martial arts and fitness apparel.
The Everlast Omniflex free standing heavy bag is constructed from a durable, webbed, interconnected matrix of black synthetic leather and vinyl. We highly recommend the Everlast Omniflex bag as a good supplement for trained fighters looking to work on cardio, power, reaction time, and also some basic head movement (the bag snaps back into place with close to the same force as it was hit, which means that it could potentially hit you in the face after a well committed punch or haymaker). The Original Century Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Bag is the first standing heavy bag that Century released over a decade ago, and is a staple at many martial arts gyms.
The free standing heavy bag is made of high-density, force dispersing foam with a durable, long lasting vinyl cover.
The bag is smaller than most freestanding heavy bags and so we recommend this bag to shorter adults and children, who will find it more stable when adjusted to a shorter height. The Everlast PowerCore free standing heavy bag has a shell that is constructed from a durable mixture of black synthetic leather and vinyl. The Everlast bag is relatively forgiving, and the surface of the bag is fairly durable, however it does have one significant design flaw.
Therefore, we would recommend it to aerobic fitness users as it serves that purpose well enough. The Power Systems PowerForce free standing punching bag is one of the largest free standing bags on the market. An excellent feature of this bag is that it contains a heavy-duty rubber coil in its two-piece base, and a removable collar that allows the bag to swivel more when hit, making this bag exceptionally stable.
We recommend this bag to aerobic fitness users and serious fighters alike, as it serves both of these groups well.
The Ultimate Fighting Championship, or UFC, is known primarily as a mixed martial arts promotion, but what many people don’t know is that they also produce MMA gear under the UFC brand.
The UFC MMA Training Heavy Bag is a standard weight punching bag similar to other bags that you might find in any boxing or MMA gym. The UFC OcTek MMA heavy bag is on the lighter side of heavy bags, but still not the smallest that you might find.
Rather than being suspended by chains, this UFC heavy bag is hung by the so-called “Flex4” suspension system, which are four hard compound rubber straps that makes for easy setup, provides less noise than a bag hung by a chain, and also adds to the bag’s overall stability. The UFC Heavy Bag 3-Piece Combo set comes complete with a 70 pound heavy bag, a heavy gauge zinc plated steel heavy bag mounting system, and a pair of MMA training gloves. The bag is made of vinyl, and comes pre-filled with shredded cotton and polyester fibers that is mixed with sand.
The bag itself is ideal for aerobic fitness users who want to get a good workout in, as well as children and lighter fighters.
The UFC Training Station is a free standing heavy bag, which is adjustable in height, ranging from 51 inches to 67 inches.
Unfortunately, because of these extra features, as well as some design issues, this UFC bag has a number of drawbacks that might dissuade serious MMA fighters from purchasing it.
If you are looking for one of the best free standing heavy bags, check out our other Free Standing Heavy Bag Reviews. Muay Thai has its roots in the techniques of Muay Boran, a 2000 year old Thai military martial art. Finding a good Muay Thai heavy bag is essential for training, but with so many different heavy bags from various brands it can be a challenge to find the right one. The Ringside Muay Thai training bag is tall and slender, with a 70 inch height and 13 inch diameters The bag weighs 100 pounds when filled and comes in a dark black color with a Ringside logo on the upper front.
The top of the bag remains dense, while the bottom remains forgiving, which is important for aspiring Muay Thai or MMA fighters, as it prevents injury while perfecting the devastating Muay Thai low kick. All Muay Thai style bags have the tendency to swing when not anchored to the ground because of their unique long and skinny dimensions.
The Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag measures 72 inches in height with a 14 inch diameter, and weighs a very heavy 150 pounds. This punching bag is exceptionally durable and it should stand up to powerful kicks and punches for a long time. The Combat Sports Muay Thai training bag is 72 inches in length and has the smallest diameter of any bag we’ve reviewed here at just 12 inches.
The synthetic leather material is forgiving, and feels more comfortable to strike with unprotected shins or knees than a punching bag made from canvas.
If you want to see even more heavy bags from popular brands like Title, Everlast, Ringside, Century and more, visit our heavy bag review guide.
Once assembled, the XXL weighs in at approximately 270 pounds, which includes the weight of the base.
Other Wavemaster products are significantly smaller and, although they tend to be adjustable in height, we do not find them to be nearly as stable as the XXL.
The XXL is a newer model compared to other bags in the Wavermaster line and it was designed to be easier to fill. Free standing heavy bags are perfect for home use, as they do not require a large training space, nor do they require any modification to the room.
The XXL is also excellent for cardio-based exercise classes at fitness gyms, as they can easily be rolled out when needed and then put away when the class is done. The XXL makes an excellent addition to any aerobic-kick boxing class, as the primary function of a free standing heavy bag is to develop cardio. With adequate space, a fighter can practice drills using their footwork with an emphasis on circling or angles against a stationary target and then apply these drills in sparring practice or in fights. If you live in an apartment or close quarters neighborhood, the noise level of the XXL may become a problem depending on the surface you place it on. It’s also very important to note that the Wavemaster XXL is not a completely rigid punching bag. Secondly, a moving bag is far more realistic to hanging heavy bag, which are the most ideal for training.
In many ways the Wavemaster XXL punching bag is the ideal free standing heavy bag and while expensive, we believe the bag provides very good value for both recreational fitness users and serious martial artists alike.
The Original Wavemaster is the first Wavemaster punching bag that Century released over a decade ago. The Powerline Wavemaster was developed for power hitters who want the benefits of a free standing heavy bag, but with additional padding.
The Cardio Wavemaster is much softer to strike than the Original model, however, since it is clearly intended for aerobic workouts, it lacks the stability necessary for developing power. Several brands make free standing heavy bags that compete with the XXL training bag, including Everlast, Title and Ringside and even the UFC.
Whether you are training for your next big competition or just getting into martial arts, a great heavy bag is a definite must have. There are many excellent heavy bags available and we created the interactive chart below to help you find great martial arts training bags. The Century Wavemaster XXL is definitely our favorite free standing heavy bag and the top bag we recommend for home use.
The bag itself is on the little lighter side, so if you are heavier (more than 160 pounds) or are looking to develop power then you probably want to consider a heavier bag.
There are two kinds of bags that most people choose from: hanging bags and free standing bags. The bag weight also depends on experience and power. If you have been practicing for a long time and have powerful strikes you may want to consider using a heavier bag. Free standing: This kind of bags have listed weights much higher than regular hanging bags because they include the weight of the base. Muay Thai: Muay Thai bags are longer than traditional training bags and as a result weigh more. There are many types of materials used in the filler of the best punching bags and each one provides a slightly different experience.
Vinyl bags are made to feel similar to leather in both look and feel and they can be a good choice. Then our team of sports scientists, serious athletes, and service technicians of many years of experience evaluate the products of different categories.
Get the possibility to help other customers with your experiences to make a purchase decision. A common issue for MMA fighters doing heavy bag training is that the filling tends to settle to the bottom of the bag, which makes the bag too hard to kick or knee effectively without risking injury. The Omnistrike MMA punching bag addresses this issue by wrapping the bottom third of the bag in C3 foam, which is more than ideal for kicking and kneeing.
This MMA bag is an excellent size for children who are getting into martial, as well as lighter weight fighters, as it provides little resistance.
The combination of the vinyl shell and the fiber filler makes this back more forgiving than most heavy bags of equal weight.
While Everlast, Century and Title are probably better known for heavy bags, TKO makes several quality punching bags that deserve consideration.
It is 72 inches tall and weighs 125 pounds, which is comparable to most other Muay Thai bags. This is nice as it should give you a consistent resistance experience when striking any part of the bag. Because of its softness and smooth surface, we would recommend this bag to a wide variety of people. The bag is constructed from polycanvas and it has seams that are made reinforced nylon to keep it from bursting.
It has fairly high shock absorbency, which combined with its weight makes it a very forgiving heavy bag.
What’s nice about using a wall mount is that it can be easier to set up than a heavy bag stand. One of the very cool features of the mount is the pull pin swivel system, which lets you move the bag to the side when not in use.
In this post, we review both the Everlast Omniflex and Everlast PowerCore free standing heavy bags.
Rather, the bag swings back on the flexible neck to a maximum angle of about 30 degrees and then snaps right back into place. On the lowest height adjustment, the Omniflex also allows MMA or Muay Thai fighters to simulate clinch knees effectively, as they can pull the bag down into their knees, essentially replicating the mechanics of pulling an opponent into a knee strike. The bag is a great choice for trained fighters who are looking to supplement their regular training with a dynamic piece of equipment, which can be used for a variety of fight-related drills.
Additionally, since it is a free standing punching bag, you do not need to make any modifications to the room the bag is in and there are no hanging contraptions.
The core of the bag is surrounded by a layer of foam, which adds protection and helps disperse force from punches, making the bag somewhat forgiving to a strikers hands.
Because of the metal plates at the core and force dispersing foam, the design of this bag is such that the neck ends up bearing a significant amount of the impact force. Unlike traditional circular heavy bags, these punching bags are are designed with a muscular human torso and head that comes complete a glowering, menacing face.
Like other free standing heavy bags, the bag weighs in at approximately 270 pounds with a full base, which can be filled with sand or water. The actual plastisol surface is also little rougher than some other normal heavy bags, so unprotected glancing blows may result in the striker leaving some skin behind. Simply put, BOBs are a more accurate simulation of striking a real person than any other free standing heavy bag on the market. However, we believe that it is worth the extra cash as there is a lot than can be done with this versatile product. If BOB could give a thumbs up, he would, but since he doesn’t have thumbs we will do it for him. The XL still has the same muscular build and angry face as the original BOB, however, the torso has been extended lower to include thighs. The bag is a more accurate simulation of striking a real person than any other free standing heavy bag that we have used. The screws in the back that keep the bag secured to the base still have the tendency to loosen after use, so we recommend that you tighten them with a screwdriver from time to time. However, for the majority of martial artists, boxers, and fitness enthusiasts, purchasing a hanging heavy bag is not realistic.
Since the heavy bag is not secured to a ceiling fixture, you are able to move it around your home and store it appropriately. The outside material may be synthetic leather, vinyl, rubber, or a combination of all three.

Also, as mentioned above, the durability of the punching bag will ensure that it can be used for years to come.
Be sure to read carefully when purchasing a bag to ensure it will be able to absorb a high percentage of pressure per square inch. Not only is the striking surface made with an extremely durable rubber material but also the base is constructed from a hard plastic and PVC combination. This allows the bag to swing back at an angle of around 30 degrees on impact and then quickly spring back to its original position, without the base moving noticeably. We also recommend it for aerobic fitness users looking for a fun way to let off some steam without fear of injury.
It is the predecessor to an entire line of Wavemasters, each of which are based on the original with various improvements on its design.
It has a series of three metal plates at the core of the bag, which serve to contribute to the stability of the overall bag, with foam providing protection and force dispersion on the surface. With a name like PowerCore, we would expect this heavy bag to be able to take powerful strikes, but this is in fact a misnomer. However, we would not recommend this to aspiring MMA or Boxing fighters who are interested in developing power in their punches and kicks or even to larger fitness users who naturally pack a stronger punch.
This bag is a little more difficult to set up and move around than other freestanding heavy bags because of its size and recoil spring, so some assistance is probably necessary in the setup phase. Like any other company, the UFC heavy bags run the range from ok to great and in the article below we review 4 of their top heavy bags. The bag is 52 inches tall and has a large diameter of 16 inches, making it one of the fatter 100 pound heavy bags on the market. However the filler does have the tendency to settle to the bottom a little bit after regular use, although not dramatically. It is constructed from synthetic “OcTek” material, which is an strong interlocking woven vinyl material, and is filled with a mixture of shredded cotton fiber and sand, making it very forgiving, yet still stable. These two features are excellent touches, which simply illustrate how well designed this training bag is, as most bags less than 100 pounds tend to lack the stability requirements for most adult MMA fighters. The oversized diameter gives this bag a larger striking surface, which makes the UFC OcTek MMA Heavy Bag ideal for a variety of strikes — not just punches, but also kicks, knees and elbows. It is an excellent size for wrestling drills that involve lifting and carrying a punching bag over any distance, which is something that MMA fighters might find themselves doing in training from time to time.
The shell of the bag portion is constructed of OcTek material, which is a strong interlocking woven vinyl material. As a free standing heavy bag, it provides enough padding for aerobic fitness users to strike with hand protection, however we would not recommend it for heavy power kicking as these strikes will go right through and reach the hard plastic centre, which could lead to potential injury. In the 1920s Muay Thai evolved into a formalized sport, with Western style boxing gloves, boxing ring, and timed rounds. In the article below, we review 4 of the top Muay Thai punching bags from major MMA brands like Ringside, Outslayer, Combat Sports and Title.
The bag weighs 100 pounds and is notable for it’s rich red color (black version is also available). However, while the Title Classic Banana Heavy Bag does swing, it is less than many other Muay Thai punching bags. Outslayer stands firmly behind the quality of their product and offers a very good 10-year warranty.
This pre-filled bag weighs in at approximately 100 pounds and comes with a standard chain for hanging purposes. The bag is available in a dark black color and comes constructed with an outer layer of synthetic leather, which is designed to enhance durability. The foam filler is designed to distribute force evenly, which makes the bag relatively forgiving when punching and kicking. Unlike many other heavy bags that only come in black, the XXL has three great colors, including red, blue and black. With a diameter of 18 inches and a height of 69 inches, the XXL is easily one of the largest free standing heavy bags available on the market today.
The XXL’s superior stability allows for a wider variety of uses, which is one of the main reason this punching bag is great for both recreational users and also serious martial artists and fighters. Water is the most common filling choice for free standing heavy bags and Century made sure that the XXL’s base is less likely to splash out of the filling cap. Most other smaller free standing heavy bags would not necessarily meet the stability requirements necessary to train fighters who are looking to compete in MMA or boxing. Distance and timing, however, are not as much of a factor with free standing bags when compared to hanging bags because they remain stationary.
Water will inevitability move back and forth with each punch or kick, which may cause the XXL to move across the floor and potentially tip over. We would not recommend storing the punching bag outside exposed to weather; however, it is possible to place it within a garage or basement setting.
However, there are a few other Century Wavemaster heavy bags you may want to consider. These include the Original, Powerline, Cardio and Kid Kick. It allows a more precise training with the help of differents scoring zones displayed on the punching bag. It has double the padding of the Original, and although adjustable, it is still significantly smaller than the XXL, which means it’s not as versatile of a bag. This punching bag should only be used in pure cardio workouts where significant power in kicks and punches isn’t used. But with so many different brands, products and styles available, it can be hard to figure out which is the right bag for you.
The chart includes top bags from popular MMA brands like Everlast, Century, Outslayer, Ringside, Title and more.
The bag is well made, durable, and provides a great forgiving experience even with power punches and kicks. However, for many users this bag is perfectly fine and can be used until you are ready for a bigger one. Both have their advantages and you should choose the kind that is most suitable both for your training needs and the martial arts style you plan to practice.
The base of the bags usually keep them pretty sturdy, which makes this kind of punching bag is good for both kicks and punches.
They were specifically designed for Muay Thai training (and not MMA), which features a lot of leg kicks. However, many people like to use them for other kinds of martial arts training, so whether to get this kind of bag really depends on your training. Of course these guidelines should be used roughly as there probably won’t be a bag that is exactly your weight.
Also, a Muay Thai heavy bag is meant primarily for kicking, which is more powerful than punching, so more weight is needed to stabilize the bag. Sand bags tend to be heavier than bags with other materials, so if you are looking for a heavier bag then you will want to consider using sand. Many people like to use water filled bags because it provides a realistic striking experience .
There are several different materials that most bags are made from and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. When hitting it (especially with punches), it has a great natural feel and definitely provides a better premium striking experience when compared to other materials. Please make sure to confirm the specifications and availability as details may have changed. Heavy bag training is incorporated in both striking training, like traditional boxing or Muay Thai workouts, and also ground striking, or “ground-and-pound” workouts.
There are also two handles on either side of the bag which can be grabbed on to for kneeing purposes, simulating a Thai clinch. This bag is an exceptional piece of equipment for MMA fighters because its multiple, dynamic uses and well thought out design. We would also recommend it to recreational users who are not concerned with their power and are just looking to improve their fitness. It is not packed too tight, but the filler has the tendency to settle, although not that much.
In addition to punches, the smooth striking surface makes it an excellent choice for developing power in kicks, knees, and elbows.
You can also visit our interactive chart where we list the specs of over 30 of the top training bags. In the reviews below we cover a TKO Muay Thai bag, a TKO punching bag and a TKO heavy bag wall mount.
The bag is constructed with slick PVC coated vinyl and the seams are made with reinforced nylon, which should keep the bag intact even after heavy beatings. Aerobic fitness users would get a lot out of training with this bag, as would lighter beginner Muay Thai and MMA fighters.
The bag’s light weight means that it can be hung easier, which is especially useful for a home environment.
One of the bags we really liked and think is a great investment, while the other bag didn’t live up to our expectations. This gives the bag a more dynamic feel than most other free standing heavy bags, allowing the striker to work on developing power, timing, cardio and even some basic head movement and uppercuts.
These are just a few examples of drills that can be done with the Omniflex that cannot be done as effectively with a standard free standing heavy bag. We also recommend it for beginner martial artists who are looking to develop power in their technique without concern for injury. Regardless of skill level, we found the Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag to be an excellent investment for martial arts training. This bag could also be appropriate for children, as it is short enough for many kids on its lowest height setting, and forgiving enough that they shouldn’t hurt themselves when punching it.
These bags are very popular because they provide as close to a realistic training experience as a punching bag can provide.
We highly recommend that you use wear gloves while hitting the BOB and to exercise caution when aiming at the various targets.
They offer more realistic target practice than any other product, allowing the user to practice striking the head, neck, ribs, and abdomen. These screws can be re-tightened, however, so we suggest you keep a screw driver handy and make sure to tighten the screws periodically in order to avoid losing them. However, the surface is not as smooth as other heavy bags making it a little rough to strike.
We believe that it is ideal for serious martial artists and fitness users alike, as the stability allows it to take accurate power shots and combinations from fighters, while cardio fitness users have an amusing target to hit while getting a good workout in.
The bag also has the same durability issues that we discussed, but again, these don’t seem to be a major concern.
A hanging heavy bag requires additional support structures to be installed inside your home. There is an array of benefits to opting for a free standing punching bag as well as a few inconveniences to take into consideration. If you are a personal trainer and want to use the free standing punching bag with a client, you can easily transport it to your studio or client’s home.
Popular brands are built to be used by professional martial artists and therefore are made to absorb thousands upon thousands of kicks and punches.
The plastic base can be filled with water or sand, with the entire apparatus weighing in at around 130 lbs when filled.
This allows the bag to absorb significantly more force than most free standing punching bags.
However, we would not highly recommend it to people over 6 feet tall, as it becomes wobbly and unstable when adjusted to their height and may slide along the training surface, or worse tip over. The punching bag has a high density plastic neck and base, which can be filled with sand or water.
The problem with the bag is that the plastic neck has the tendency to crack from the force of powerful strikes. The bag’s cover is a mixture of nylon and canvas and weighs well over 300 pounds when the base is full.
With the collar in place, the PowerForce bag is still very stable as it just snaps back into place after punches faster, making this mode more ideal for combination punching.
It is also more expensive than most other standing bags, however its size, stability and durability are well worth the extra money. Make sure to read all the reviews so that you can decide if a UFC punching bag is right for you. Because of these dimensions, and the synthetic fiber filing, the bag is relatively stable and very forgiving. This means that the bottom might get a little harder than the top, but not so much that it hitting it would cause injury as long as proper precaution is taken. We recommend this bag to aerobic-fitness users because it is light and forgiving, but also provides some resistance. Instead of chains, the UFC 70 Pound bag hangs from heavy duty web straps, which easily connect to the training bag mounting system and can be conveniently mounted on wooden ceiling supporters. Heavier fighters (160 lbs and up), however, should consider purchasing a heavier bag UFC bag (or another brand) in order to properly develop power in their shots as 70 pounds is too light to offer the necessary resistance. Under the shell you will find a matrix of force dispersing closed cell polyurethane memory foam style padding. The filling assembly has some water leaking issues, and a common complaint is that some of the plastic pieces, such as the height adjusting insert or the plastic screws, tend to break after repeated use.
Today it is widely considered to be one of the most effective methods of stand up fighting, and is a mainstay in MMA fighters’ training camps. This liner gives the bag a cushioned, worked in feel directly out of the box, which helps to prevent hand injury. The bag is constructed with high-quality triple-layered synthetic leather, making it very durable.
The bag is packed very tight and can be a little harder than some other bags, but it is by no means rock hard and should work in a little bit after considerable use. The bag provides significant resistance and is ideal for developing power in all Muay Thai techniques, especially kicks.
Because of this, we would not recommend this bag to aerobic fitness users as it might be too hard for recreational use.
This bag comes filled with compressed fabric, as opposed to sand, which prevents settling and empty spots (there is also an unfilled option). The Muay Thai bag is also designed to hold up to to 300 pounds without warping or breaking should you want to add extra weight. Because this bag is relatively light for its size, and lacks a foam liner to absorb power, it will have the tendency to swing quite a bit as it lacks the stability of heavier punching bags. The filling does seem to have the tendency to settle with repeated use, which could cause the bottom of the bag to become quite hard and the top to develop empty spaces.
All the colors are very nice, but we particularly like the red and blue colors since they stand out compared to other bags. In fact, the XXL’s size is what separates it from the rest of the heavy bags in the Wavemaster line.
This helps to avoid getting the training surface wet, which could potentially be a safety issue. It is for this reason that we would recommend the Century Wavemaster XXL training bag to people who are looking for something that can be used at home and don’t want to hang a heavy bag from the ceiling.
However, since the XXL’s size and stability allow it to stand up to power shots better than most standing punching bags, we recommend it to aspiring fighters as an excellent supplement to their training.
This is why we suggest the XXL punching bag as a supplement for people training to be fighters, in addition to their more dynamic hanging heavy bag workouts. Filling the XXL with sand will ensure a much more stable base, alleviating the concern of punching or kicking too hard.
If you were to fill the base with water and let it sit in an area with a low temperature, the water will freeze and potentially crack the hard plastic base.
Placing the punching bag on concrete, hard wood, or tile has been found to be extremely noisy as the XXL may move across the floor or the base may constantly be moving in an up-and-down fashion, producing a consistent knocking noise. Training with a bag that moves in response to your strikes is ideal for developing realistic strikes and fighting techniques. While a very good bag itself, well trained martial artists or people with significant power may find the padding on this bag inadequate. It is significantly smaller than the Original and it is also based much closer to the ground, which makes it an ideal choice for kids who are too small for other bags. You can also check out our complete Century Wavemaster reviews for more information on other great products.

You should also read through some of the reviews on this site so that you can select the best bag for your training needs. The foam layer that covers the top portion of the bag should provide ample protection when striking it even with power punches and kicks during your heavy bag workout.
If you are on a budget then this kit is a great choice as you get everything you need to start training at a very affordable price. Muay Thai bags are always hanging bags, but they are different than the traditional kind of bag. Once the bags are connected to a ceiling or wall they can’t be easily moved, so if you buy a hanging bag you should be committed to keeping it in the same place for a long time.
Free standing bags can also be placed on the floor and can be used for a great ground and pound workout that involves knees, elbows and other strikes. Many people feel fine with the 100 pound Mauy Thai bags, but if you weigh more, have powerful strikes, or are experienced you may way to get a heavier bag. This means that they are nice to use as they provide an even resistance throughout the whole bag. As mentioned above, some bags use a mix of sand and fiber or fabric to help avoid the settling issue.
Water bags tend to mimic the effects you would get if you were competing against a real person more so than other materials. Many people who like to punch without gloves prefer leather bags because it doesn’t cut up their knuckles like other materials sometimes do (we still always recommend using gloves though).
Of course the major advantage to vinyl is that you likely can buy one for cheaper than a similar quality leather punching bag are they are usually quite durable. However, they are often much cheaper than leather and vinyl bags, which can be a big advantage if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. This shock absorbency, combined with its highly durable synthetic poly canvas, means that it will maintain its shape and should last a very long time. We would not necessarily recommend it to heavier fighters (160 lbs and up), who would likely require a heavier bag in order to properly develop their striking power. It weighs in at 100 pounds, which is a pretty standard weight bag that you might see in any MMA gym.
Definitely read the reviews to find out if one of these products are right for your training needs. Also, the PVC coated vinyl surface makes it comfortable for using unprotected weapons like kicks, elbows or knees. For serious fighters looking to improve their shin conditioning and kicking power, we might recommend a Muay Thai bag that is a little harder and offers a little more resistance. Training with a wall mount is a good way to practice your striking techniques with kicks and punches. Make sure to read the reviews so that you can decide whether either of these punching bags are right for your martial arts training. The Omniflex is also great for aerobic fitness users who are looking to improve their cardio and relieve some stress.
While this sounds good, we found this to actually be a design flaw and we will address this later on in thew review. We have also heard similar complaints from others who have said that the neck may crack after a particularly hard shot, rendering the bag essentially useless. Read our in depth reviews on both the BOB regular and BOB XL to decide if this is the right bag for your training needs. BOB’s surface is made out of high-strength plastisol and it is stuffed with high-density urethane foam. We believe that they are not only ideal for martial artists or fighters who want to work on their accuracy, but are also a fun and entertaining alternative for aerobic fitness users who just want to get a good cardio work out. In general, we found the original BOB to be well-suited for realistic training practice and highly recommend it. These support structures protect the foundation of your ceiling, allowing you to maximize power kicks and punches without worrying about causing structural damage.
It also allows for wider functionality as uppercuts can also be trained on this bag, which is not something that can commonly be trained on most heavy bags. The bag was simply not designed to take hard shots, rather it was designed with aerobic fitness users in mind. The padding is thick, however because of the size, weight and material, we would heavily recommend that users wear at least 12 oz. As such, we recommend this bag to aerobic fitness users as well as MMA athletes who wish to work on kicks and knees as well as punches. We also recommend it to aspiring MMA fighters who are looking to develop their technique on steady punching bags without injury.
The MMA training gloves may offer enough protection for aerobic-fitness users who want to experience the novelty of wearing UFC brand MMA gloves while exercising, however they do not provide enough protection for serious fighters or power hitters. The hard plastic base features core strengthening stations and resistance band channels (although it does not come with resistance bands), making this not only a training bag but a full “training station”. The extra workout features also tend to break down after heavy impact. Therefore, we would not recommend this UFC training bag to serious fighters. The heavy filling prevents the bag from swinging wildly, which can be an issue with longer heavy bags. We would not recommend this bag for a fighter who is training to compete under a rule set that does not allow low kicks, as they would simply be better off with a traditional western boxing punching bag. It is packed with a foam liner, which feels great when hitting it and also adds to the bag’s stability. We would, however, recommend this bag more for advanced MMA and Muay Thai fighters who have built up some conditioning in their shins and need a long lasting, durable Muay Thai punching bag that won’t warp or break down when hit hard.
This bag is not hung by a chain, but rather by 4 straps that are constructed from the same heavy duty material as the bag. However, this should only by done by people very experienced in Muay Thai as 150 pounds is heavy enough for nearly any fighter to get enough resistance to develop power in their technique. This bag might be a little hard for aerobic fitness users, but we would definitely recommend it to MMA or Muay Thai fighters who are looking for a bag to blast day in and day out. This can also lead to some warping around the center of the bag over time when kicked repeatedly with heavy power. We do find the plastic base to be a little high for small children who run the risk of missing the padding and injuring their toes.
The XXL has a slight ebb and flow of movement to disperse impact tension equally throughout. Due to the bag’s versatility, we recommend the XXL to both cardio users and mixed martial arts fighters.
The bag itself is filled with fiber and sifted sand and provides very good shock absorbency from punches and kicks. The key thing to note is that there are many great punching bags in all the different styles, so we encourage you to choose the kind that you like the best. Since it’s very long (around 6ft for most bags) it is great for both low and high leg kicks and knees. Water also provides an even resistance experience throughout the entire bag, so you don’t need to worry about certain parts of the bag being harder or softer.
We personally prefer leather bags, but we’ve used them all and below we explain the different materials in more detail. Leather also tends to last longer than bags made from other materials and has a very high durability level.
Vinyl bags are probably the most popular kind of MMA bag due to the combination of decent price and good build quality. Besides costs, canvas bags can also handle getting wet much better than leather or vinyl bags. There is a significant amount of give when you hit this bag, which can help prevent injury.
It is, however, a good size for MMA wrestling drills involving lifting and carrying a heavy bag over any distance. Therefore we always suggest you use gloves when hitting a training bag, as you risk losing a great deal of skin off your knuckle (or knees or elbows) should you try to strike the bag with powerful bare-knuckle punches. Larger adults or fighters will not get the resistance that they need from it. The bag may also be suitable for children who are just getting started in martial arts training.
The handle on the mount extends 27 inches from the wall, so there is sufficient room for striking. Just take care to to pay attention to where the wall is as you don’t want to miss the bag and hit the wall instead. The Omniflex is an interesting choice for a punching bag because it features a flexible neck joint between the base and the bag, which absorbs nearly all of the force of impact.
This makes the BOB a more accurate representation of the density of a person than other similarly styled free standing heavy bags. The foam and plastisol, while effectively simulating a human body, tend not to be as durable as other free standing heavy bags. The bag weighs approximately 270 pounds when the base is full, however the larger size makes the bag a little more stable than the original BOB. However, if you want a bag that also allows you to practice the accuracy of low kicks in combination with the rest of the body’s targets, then the XL punching bag is also a very good choice.
These installations can be extremely costly, averaging thousands of dollars, and may take days to complete. This bag is fairly stable, and somewhat padded, but is not as forgiving as more padded standing heavy bags and could potentially lead to foot or ankle injuries if kicked too hard or improperly. It is also easy to assemble and store and weighs in at approximately 250 pounds when filled. This helps to ensure that the chains do not get tangled and makes for an easier hanging process.
Its wide diameter creates a larger striking surface area, which really lets the striker to dig their shin into the bag, helping them to build their kicking power.
For these users, we would recommend getting bag gloves that offer a little more protection. Aerobic fitness users may enjoy the size and shape of the bag, so this could be a consideration for them. The cowhide is exceptionally durable, and ensures that the bag will retain its shape even after repeated blows. It would suffice as an aerobic fitness bag because of its relative softness, but does not hold any clear advantage over other aerobic heavy bags.
The bag comes pre-filled with resistance fiber, which prevents the bag from warping and the filling from settling to the bottom. This isn’t a major problem and one way of addressing these issues is to empty and re-fill the bag from time to time if needed. Parents and martial arts instructors who teach kids classes should take this into consideration before allowing smaller children to hit this bag. The XXL improves on the original’s design by increasing both the size of the bag and the padding significantly.
If you are in the market for a high-quality heavy bag then you should definitely check out the Wavemaster XXL. If you punch the bag it will probably be fine, but a hard kick on some bags may make them wobble a little too much. However, if your focus is on boxing or a mix of punching and kicking then you probably want to stick with a traditional bag instead of a Muay Thai bag. If you weigh more 170 pounds then you probably want to consider bags closer to the 100 pound mark or over. So if you have powerful punches you probably want to consider a heavier bag so that it will be more sturdy. If you don’t access easy access to the normal bag fillers you can do that, but we suggest sticking with bags that come pre-filled with standard materials or adding the standard fillers yourself.
This also means you don’t need to worry as much about injury your joints or other parts of your body when hitting the bag. Then there is the Body Opponent Bag that is shaped like a human and is a great bag, but doesn’t really fit into any of these categories.
There aren’t many cons to leather bags, but the top one that most people mention is that they are usually more expensive than vinyl or canvas bags.
If you want to put a bag in a place that is exposed to the elements (like in your yard) then a canvas bag could be a good cheap option. It’s a good choice for MMA fighters who are working on their kicks and knees as it is more forgiving than a heavier bag that has less give. These dimensions are moderately larger than a standard boxing heavy bag, giving it a bigger striking surface, which is good for kicking purposes.
This makes this bag exceptionally forgiving to joints and fists compared to most other free standing heavy bags even when hit with heavy power shots. For example, an exceptionally powerful striker may eventually knock their BOB’s head clean off. The base is made of hard polyethylene plastic and it’s is rounded which makes the it easy to move and store when needed. The solution to safely training at home for a fraction of the price is a free standing punching bag. Ringside’s bag is a well designed, comfortable bag that will stand up to heavy use and is a necessity in any Muay Thai or MMA gym. The bag is 18 inches thick and stands at 69 inches tall, so there is a very large striking surface. If you are looking for good starter bag then you should definitely read the reviews to find out more. This allows you to work on your timing, speed and accuracy, which provides a more realistic workout experience.
One other issue with free standing bags is that some of them don’t have enough thick padding and if you hit it too hard you can feel the base (check out our Wavemaster XXL Training Bag Review for a great bag with a lot of padding).
Muay Thai bags are also much heavier than traditional punching bags and are often more expensive due to the increased length and material necessary to make them. All the main filler materials have their advantages and disadvantages, which we explain in more detail below.
Another key advantage to water based bags is that they can be unfilled and moved around much more easily than other materials.
One thing to note is that we strongly recommend you plan on using gloves with a canvas heavy bag, especially for boxing training. This bag is essentially the same bag as UFC MMA training bag (which is also distributed by Century), however it can usually be found at a significantly lower price. Less serious damage might include the nose or other pieces of the face falling off after repeated blows.
They can also usually be easily rolled into place when needed and then quickly stored afterwards. This makes the bag great for practicing punches, kicks, knees, elbows and more at different height levels. Second, the weight is positioned better in hanging bags compared to the free standing kind, and this will help you work on techniques that develop your power more easily. Some sand bags use either a foam layer or are mixed with shredded fiber or compressed fabric to help mitigate this issue. If you think you’ll need to move your bag around then we strongly suggest you consider a water bag.
Canvas can cut up your knuckles after repeated punches (especially if you hit it on the seams with your fists) and gloves will help solve this issue. One disadvantage to water bags is that if they break they can cause a huge mess and be difficult to clean up. Durability with canvas bags is another one of the major cons when people discuss canvas bags. Free standing bags vary in size and quality, and as a result some are more recommended for more serious MMA or boxing fighters than others.

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