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Gym bags are essential for those with busy lives, especially those who go from work to the gym, and back to work again without ever seeing their house.
Just like their coveralls and other classic apparel, Carhartt’s Legacy Gear Bag is rugged, functional, and will stand up to decades of trips to the gym.
Although the Speedo TriClops Backpack was designed with triathletes in mind, it easily tackles gym bag duties thanks to a roomy interior, separate compartments for your footwear and other dirty items with a built-in drainage system for wet swimwear, a separate fleece pocket for sunglasses or electronics, a quick-access zip system, and an ergonomic 3D molded back panel and shoulder straps with perforations for increased air flow and ventilation. Under Armour knows a thing or two about sports gear, so you’ll definitely know your gym gear is in good hands with their Hustle MD Gym Bag.
GoRuck designed their 20 Liter Gym Bag up to military standards, meaning when it’s not hauling your gym gear, it could very easily carry 400 pounds of weight through the mud, rain, and snow without breaking a sweat. I got lot of questions about fitness equipment in my mailbox, and I really want to help you guys, so I started few blog posts with best training equipment for men and women, and today I want to present this. Everyone needs one of this nice bags for yourself, and I choose 5 Best selling Gym bags from Amazon to show you.
If you read my post about all the crap I keep in my bag, then you know that this thing can hold A LOT! I use this bag every day for gym use, and the bag is very convienent in that it has room for all that I need to complete my gym activities.

A gym bag that works for one person may not work for another, which is why we’ve created this short list of the best gym bags available, for gym buffs with varying lifestyles and gym bag requirements. I’ve had it for a while now, but since I started this blog I thought I’d write a review of it.
It’s not as long, but it’s a little wider than most other bags that I have used in the past. I hate having to dig though my bag looking for certain things, so since it has so many pockets I can designate them for items that I use often, such as my gymnastic wraps, or my jump rope. I have more gear than I ever though that I needed to have, and keep adding stuff, but there is ample room for it. Us CrossFitters use a lot of tools, and given the amount of garbage gym bags out there, I’m confident that spending the extra cash on the King King Bag is money well spent.
It is very easy store in the locker that is supply by the gym, and doesn't create any bulky problems that you exprince with other large odd size gym bags. Before I bought my King Kong Bag I probably went through 3 different bags that just didn’t cut it. It is made out of a thick canvas that feels strong and the seams are nicely sewn together so you don’t have to worry about them splitting.

The outside compartment on one side has a mesh pocket with a zipper and plenty of room for other necessities. The only problem that I had with my previous bag was that the zipper broke from after 2 years of use.
Either they didn’t have enough room, or worse they were cheaply made and they would fall apart. On the other side there are two shoe compartments that easily fit 3 pairs of my big ass size 12 shoes.
Obviously it is a little bit more expensive than other bags, but after I decided to take the plunge I immediately knew it was worth it once it finally came in.
The straps are harnessed to the bad with metal clips instead of cheap plastic so they won’t break after repeatedly being picked up and set down. The nice thing about the compartments are that they are sealed so you don’t have to worry if your shoes stink.

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