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One of the best features many cross body purses share are convenient compartments that allow you to organize and have easy access to your belongings. Whether you’re going on a business trip, beach vacation, or round the world trip; there are a variety of styles and makes to fit your needs. Sometimes, the safest place for your passport is in the guesthouse reception’s safe or a hostel locker so avoid bringing everything out.
In areas where bag snatching is very common like parts of Malaysia and Thailand; wearing your purse across your body won’t necessarily protect you. It’s best to find ones with adjustable straps to make sure you can get it to the length desires.

Before I leave my accommodation each day, I put some money (enough for a bus ticket or coffee depending on what I will be doing) in my pocket so that I am not opening my bag all the time.
Not only are they practical and chic but they can also be a safe option for you on your trip. A leather fabric would look great in a trip to the city and a nylon easy to clean fabric works well on trips that are more off the beaten path.
Whether it’s a general brand like Fossil or a travel brand like Pacsafe, avoid straps that are too thin and easy to cut. Keep only the minimal cash you need for the in your purse and stash the rest in your underwear using these theft-proof items. Learn more about how to keep you passport safe when you travel.

They are maybe more theft-proof, but they also stay securely on my shoulder where others do not. No need to full around with keeping it over your shoulder, and it’s less likely to get snatched. They also are easy for thieves to get their hands into without you looking so one that zips is essential.

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