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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This bag was designed especially for the narrow handlebar clearances and sloping tank of BMW GS models, but fits many sport-touring and enduro bikes with steeply sloping tanks. The SW-MOTECH QUICK-LOCK tankbag system enables the tank bag to be mounted or removed easily without the use of straps or magnets that may damage your motorcycle's finish.
Lightning Long XB12Ss, '09-'10 - Tankbag installation requires drilling 4 holes in plastic cover.
Lightning Super TT XB12STT, '09-'10 - Tankbag installation requires drilling 4 holes in plastic cover.
Lightning XB12S & XB12Scg, '09-'10 - Tankbag installation requires drilling 4 holes in plastic cover.
To order, determine the correct tankring for your motorcycle from the chart below, and make the correct selection from the drop down menu above. SW Motech EVO Style Tank Ring Application ChartThis chart refers to EVO Tank Ring applications only.
This medium-sized water-resistant pouch features an integrated sun visor, a water-resistant zipper, and a sturdy base for secure mounting to various mounts. Would you like to be redirected to Twisted Throttle's website or stay on the current website?
Ships from Canada, billed in Canadian Dollars, no cross-border fees if shipped to Canadian addresses.
I've been looking for a good, sport-centered tail bag for a little while now, and I decided to settle on the EVO Cargobag because of it's capacity and low profile combo. I'm not head over heels in love with it, but I am very pleased with it's functionality, looks and secureness. I had no issues packing everything I wanted to a casual 3 day weekend trip to SoCal, and I'm planning on an excursion to Utah and Zion National Park next!

I definitely recommend this product and I will buy a similar bag by the same company for my new motorcycle. Inside view of the Bags-Connection Daypack showing how smaller items can sit in the channel around the plastic base inside (L). The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems.
De Engage van Bags Connection is een kleine tanktas die met behulp van het Quick-Lock systeem en de bijgeleverde tankring snel en eenvoudig te bevestigen is. Het installeren van de tas op deze motorfiets vereist het boren van 4 gaten in het plastic paneel wat over de tank heen zit. Het installeren van de tas op het merk Buell vereist het boren van 4 gaten in het plastic paneel wat over de tank heen zit.
Regardless of how long you ride or how hard you ride, DAKAR panniers are built to survive in the roughest conditions.
The new ION series from SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection is a budget minded tankbag that is not built on a budget. The system includes the tankbag, upper tankring and a separately available tankring that is designed to be installed onto the motorcycle. Your bars may have to be rotated slightly forward, but you will be able to retain the crossbar.
Rubber-covered eyelets allow you to pass through electrical or audio cables, and the clear window allows touchscreens to be used.
I also was Hoping to switch back and forth from my GPS to my radar detector without too much hassle. When you get it attached and sinched down, the bag is moving anywhere, and I like that a lot. Once the system is assembled, the tankbag can be snapped securely into place or removed by pulling a release lanyard at the front of the tankbag.

I don't have worry about it shifting around when the wind picks up on the highway or when I dicing through mountain twisties outside of San Diego. So I have picked up one of those dense plastic type cutting boards and am modifing it to fit onto my existing tail rack with zip ties to make mine wider to get the bag up further. I never worried about anyone getting into the large compartment because it has a luggage lock on it. I also cannot see any instrumentation and even on a smooth road it bounces all over the place making it impossible to see anything inside while moving even if it didn't have a lot of glare.
Although I didn't have it packed to the fullest (not needed for such a short adventure) it was stable and super easy to strap down.
It was simple to remove when necessary (5 minutes to remove and add) but I left it on my bike most of the time. If you need a 100% weatherproof solution and don?t mind slower entry, use the roll-top GPS Dry Bag. What I don't understand is why the company just didn't make the bag waterproof instead of having a portable inside waterproof liner. I would rather have a waterproof stretch cover for the outside of the bag if that's the case. I'm going to visit a welding friend to have him make the accessory stand about 1-2" shorter which may make a difference but I'm kinda doubting it.

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