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Qantas will change international baggage allowances from counting number of bags to counting their weight, bringing them in line with Emirates, as the Qantas-Emirates alliance starts up on 1 April.
Business class passengers see their allowances more than halved, from 96 kg split over three 32 kg bags to a limit of no more than 40 kg in total. The changes take effect on 31 March, for all passengers who book flights on or after 26 February. Instead of getting an allowance like 'two bags at 23 kg each' under old the piece and weight system, you'll get something like "32 kg" under the new weight-based model. Previously, Platinum members had an allowance of 4 x 32 kg bags in business or first, and 3 x 32 bags in economy and premium economy. Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since.
The piece concept will be gone, so you could check in two bags (or even x number of bags) as long as the total is 30kg. Wow - that is quite a step down for high value customers, and quite a step up for low value ones. Yes - this is major news for someone like me, who travels between syd and lon 4 times a year, paying my own economy class fare. After trying Qantas Silver for a year, I discovered Emirates' generous 30KG DEFAULT limit regardless of any points, saw they had A380 and a good product of their own, so I switched, plain and simple! I hope Qantas will make it clear on their website of the newly announced provisions for OW Emeralds, of 20kg on top of applicable class limits and for this to be communicated to check-in staff.
What happened to Qantas saying that where Frequent Flyer benefits apply, the higher one would be the norm?
Dr T, I don't necessarily disagree in most cases, but I've done a bunch of conferences where being able to chuck a couple of boxes of printed materials plus some promo swag into my suitcase has been a real benefit. And, of course, the corollary is: if using the full allowance is such an exceptional case, why get rid of it? So Qantas, starts off with a weight system, changes to a piece and weight system in May last year and is transitioning back a weight system to avoid confusion in the Qantas-Emirates Alliance. It is quite amusing that a Plat FF travelling in international economy has  LESS allowance than domestic economy.
Qantas Airways is the largest Australian airline, flying to destinations both domestically and around the world. Excess baggage is charged on a per kilogram basis, with the rate depending on the origin and destination of your flight. You hardly want to be using a different set of golf clubs while gracing the fairways of Barnbougle Dunes, taking money off your mates on Boxing Day or simply having a twilight hit with your ol’ man. But the baggage allowance rules and cost for flying with golf clubs differ from airline to airline, and to avoid getting slugged at the airport before you fly, you might want to check out these details.
Keep in mind each airline allows for a certain allowance for hand luggage so if you can get all your clothes in a bag on the plane, then your golf clubs may be the only piece of baggage you’ll need to check-in. All details below are summaries for the basic level fares and does not take into account baggage allowances for business fares or travellers with airline memberships. Passengers flying on Qantas domestic flights are given a 1-piece baggage allowance with a maximum weight of 23kg. If you pre-purchase an extra piece of luggage online it’ll cost you $30, but it will cost you $40 if you do it at the airport. If you want to pre-purchase an extra piece for your golf clubs, it’ll cost you $35 per flight. Jetstar baggage rules are based on a weight-based allowance system and you can choose what your total baggage allowance depending on your travel needs.

Just make sure that your golf clubs and all your gear weighs less than the weight limit you purchase. Sports equipment such as golf clubs are now also included in your checked-in baggage allowance at Tiger Airways. Rex passengers can travel free with golf clubs, provided the total weight of all your checked-in bags sneak in under 15kg.
If we had to pick a favourite airline for travelling within Australia with golf clubs it would be Jetstar. But like all the options, just make sure you’ve purchased your allowance before you get to the airport otherwise you may get charged more than your green fees.
If you organise your golf trip through Go Golfing, they allow you to take your clubs for free. Amongst its restructuring plans Qantas plans to create a new premium Asian airline, plus a new Japanese low-cost carrier in partnership with JAL and Mitsubishi.
Qantas has admitted deliberately leaving passenger baggage behind in the USA because of concerns over fuel consumption.
Qantas is the only airline in the world to fly the Boeing 747-400ER, where "ER" stands for "Extended Range".
These jumbos have specially designed fuel tanks designed to hold more jet fuel, which allows Qantas to fly the world's longest 747 route – from Sydney to Dallas. However, the return leg from Dallas requires a stopover in Brisbane so that the aircraft can refuel because even the 747-400ER lacks sufficient fuel capacity to fly from Dallas to Sydney directly, given it faces strong headwinds on the homewards flight.
Qantas' need to leave three containers of baggage behind at DFW demonstrates just how tight the route is in terms of the fuel required to cover additional contingencies such as changed weather conditions.
A Qantas spokesperson confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that "a number of bags were offloaded from the QF8 on 21 May due to load restrictions as a result of unseasonably strong winds.
Dan is a tech enthusiast who frequently qualifies for enhanced airport security screening due to the number of cords and gadgets stuffed into his cabin bag. When Qantas decided to fly this route it would have known that at some stage (and perhaps quite often it would need to do this).
Qantas was quick to advertise the benefits of this route, but it did not make public the possibility of having baggage offloaded. As for your assumption that the people were simply "returning home" (and I assume you mean they didn't need what was in those bags), what are you basing this on?
If people should boycott Qantas and this route for their not advertising the slight chance of having your bag 24 hours late, then they should boycott airlines like Emirates and SQ. That is deceptive behaviour, not offloading a few bags on a rare occasion when the weather is particularly severe. As for your questioning of my assumption regarding those who have their bags offloaded - it's an official policy at most airlines (including Qantas) to remove cargo, then pax bags, then pax. When UA started flying the ORD-HKG route for part of the year they would only book the flight to 50% capacity. This months Qantas inflight mag the cover story is about the new direct to Dallas & Fort Worth services, scanned the article but don't recall it being mentioned that it was only people that were going direct, not their luggage, not having a good time lately eh Qantas! Question is did QF prioritize Cargo ahead of the luggage (annoying but understandable business decision) or can they only fly the route reliably with significantly less than full load?  If it the latter I am assuming this is going to be a very regular occurrence.
Golds were allowed an extra 23 kg bag in premium economy or an extra 32 kg bag in economy, while Silvers (and Qantas Club members) received an extra 32kg piece in premium economy or economy. It would be difficult to police when QF travellers are told they have too much weight when they want to get onto EK metal from, say, Dubai to London. We’ve known some golfers to shove all their extra gear into the golf bag and just travel with the clubs.

If you forget to pre-purchase you baggage allowance you will only be allowed to buy an extra 15kg at the airport for $70 for flights under 1hr 45mins, or $85 for longer flights. At least with them you aren’t limited by the number of bags you can check-in under the purchased weight limit.
If only the 787 was around -- we would probably have seen this launch as a daily direct service in each direction, and there wouldn't have been any of these issues!!
Therefore, by your logic, Singapore Airlines and Emirates (who I regard as two of the best airlines in the world) should be boycotted at all cost, because their hard product often doesn't match up with what they advertise. In an unofficial extension of that, if they have to take bags off to reduce weight then they take the ones that appear to have the least invasive impacts of people's travel plans. I am surprised to think that QF did not know how many people were on the flight before hand and most of them will be carrying at least 20kg of luggage. Your luggage allowances are changing." style="display:inline-block" title="Flying Qantas internationally?
I have been on multiple trips in the last 2 yrs whilst Platinum, and even when I go Skiing I take ~25kg, and sometimes if I have been doing lots of shopping I will check in my Cabin bag with 15kg shopping, so less that 40kg. I have been to Hawaii on a 10 day trip and only taken hand luggage of no more than 10kgs and that includes the weight of the bag. But if you’re going to do a lot of travel with the clubs, purchasing a large golf travel bag that will hold your bag and all your gear may be a good idea. Jetstar won’t guarantee being able to purchase excess baggage at the airport, but if you do it will cost you $50 for up to 15kg.
If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on Airports International website. Proimos " alt="Qantas is accused of leaving baggage behind deliberately to manage fuel consumption. With me anyway, I brought about 37KG (uh, accidentally) with me in the form of my suitcase, and a large rug I bought for someone.
Leave your LOUIS VUITTON streamer trunks at home and pack a light weight bag and save your backs.
However, Checked Baggage may at times need to be transported on a later flight, in which case we will deliver your Checked Baggage to you unless you are required to be present for customs clearance.If transferring from a Qantas Domestic flight to a Qantas International flight, or vice versa, within 24 hours, the International Baggage Allowance is accepted on both flights.
I accept that this logic is not always 100%, but it is still used so one would assume it works reasonably well in the majority of cases. If its total linear dimensions are between 105cm (41in) and 130cm (51in) then it will be taken as equivalent to a 115cm (45in) bag in the Carry-on Baggage Table.We recommend arriving promptly to board your flight to ensure you can place your musical instrument safely in an overhead locker. Proimos " style="display:inline-block" title="Qantas is accused of leaving baggage behind deliberately to manage fuel consumption.
The airlines (not least Qantas) don't try to hide this fact, it's just so rare that it's not really a common concern.
Can't imagine that happening with Qantas, new allowances and 'get all Emirates with luggage' or not! Any excess may need to be carried in the holdNote that even if your baggage meets the above requirements, we may refuse to carry it if it is not properly and securely packed. Finally, remember that no single item of checked baggage may exceed 32kg (70lb) and all cabin baggage must fit under the seat in front of you or in an overhead locker, including musical instruments.

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