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China Southern Airlines flies to mainly to destinations within Asia, with a few intercontinental flights as well. Each piece of checked baggage may not exceed 50 kg in weight and 40x60x100 cm in dimension. Overweight baggage fees are calculated on a per kilogram basis for all flights where the weight concept applies. 2a€?The drawer should attach the photocopies of the proof of identification of the passenger (such as seaman certificate, study-abroad proof, labor visa or immigrant visa ), passport and visa to the back of the bill the very day when the ticket is issued. 4a€?For flights between Zone 5 and Zone 1 in Europe: If the overweight luggage is a golf bag (not exceeding 23KG), no overweight luggage fee will be charged (only on the carrier flights of CSA).
2a€?Russian Air Route is the air route between China and Russia (including Europe and Asian parts). 3a€?Overlaid excess luggage fees will be collected when checked luggage meets the criteria for two or more excess baggage types (excess item, overweight and oversize).
4a€?The rules only apply to journeys from Singapore to China, excluding journeys from China to Singapore. 2a€?Overlaid excess luggage fees will be collected when checked luggage meets the criteria for two or more excess baggage types (excess item, overweight and oversize).
Global airline network SkyTeam has set standardised extra baggage allowances for its high-tier Elite and Gold Elite frequent flyers, which will come into effect next week on 1 September. Passengers travelling from Australia on China Eastern, China Southern, Delta, Korean Air or Vietnam Airlines -- and on across its fourteen member airlines' networks -- will either receive extra weight or an extra bag, depending on the airline's own policies.

SkyTeam Elite card-holders, the first tier that frequent flyers are awarded, similar to Qantas Frequent Flyer Silver, receive either 10kg extra baggage allowance on airlines that work on a weight basis, or one extra bag on airlines that use a per-piece system. Top-tier Elite Plus members (Gold and Platinum on most airlines) get 20kg on top of their normal allowance on airlines that use the weight system, or one extra bag under per-piece rules. Yesterday, Qantas confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that its own high-tier frequent flyers only get extra baggage on oneworld airline flights if the flight has a QF flight number. The per-piece system (also known as the piece concept) applies to most trans-Atlantic flights, plus in this case Delta's trans-Pacific flights.
Unfortunately, the rules aren't hard and fast: SkyTeam said in a statement that, "in some cases, depending on the itinerary, restrictions might apply" and suggested that travellers contact their airline for full details.
Aviation journalist and travel columnist John took his first long-haul flight when he was eight weeks old and hasn't looked back since.
For our national routes, every piece of check-in baggage cannot exceed 50 kg and must have a volume under 40x60x100 cm; for international or regional routes, every piece of check-in baggage cannot exceed 32 kg, and the total sum of the three edges of each piece should not exceed 158 cm (62 in). In this case, a flat fee is charged for bags weighing between 23-32kg (50-70lbs), and 32-45kg (70-100lbs).
If precision instruments are transported as luggage, they shall be subject to prior consent of China Southern Airlines. The issuing agency should notify the passengers that they need to produce originals of the ID certifications while checking in.
Elite and Gold Elite frequent flyers now get an extra baggage allowance." alt="Checking in for a SkyTeam flight?

Star Alliance Gold frequent flyers also get an extra 20kg or piece, depending on the airline's system. Any item in excess of carry-on baggage weight, number or size as listed above will be required to travel as checked baggage.Each passenger can carry one foldable infant carriage into the cabin. Elite and Gold Elite frequent flyers now get an extra baggage allowance." style="display:inline-block" title="Checking in for a SkyTeam flight?
The carry-on infant good and supplies can be brought into the cabin after they are shown and explained to the security officer. If you carry a small musical instrument such as guitar, violin, under the premise of complying with cabin luggage stipulations, you may bring them into the cabin, if the size is too large and you need to carry, you may consider purchasing extra seat for large instruments.
Please make the application for occupying seat for luggage when you make a reservation, the luggage can be carried after the approval of CNS. The total weight of luggage carried on reserved seat shall not exceed 75 kg, and the total size shall not exceed 40 x 60 x 100cm3.Special BaggageWhen dealing with the formalities for registering, your baggage will be weighed.

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