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There are limits on the number of pieces and weight of baggage allowed, which vary with where you are travelling. For delayed baggage, if you have your reference number you can check its status with our online baggage tracing service. If I asked you to remember a time when you felt upset, frustrated, angry, heart broken, grief stricken or in shock, I suspect a specific memory will quickly spring to mind. Some people can let go of negative emotions when they happen but most of us hang on to them.
I was working on a family member when I noticed he had a trapped emotion that originated in my mother. It’s my experience that a significant percentage of physical illnesses, emotional difficulty and self-sabotage are actually caused by these unseen energies. The morning after our session, Ann found her ability to concentrate had returned and stayed with her throughout the day.
If you have experienced traumatic events such as abuse, a troubled childhood, neglect, war, loss of a partner through death, divorce or break-up, such things as anxiety, depression, phobias, or feeling out of control might be all too familiar. We started to work together in August when her seasonal insomnia was starting to act up. She found she was able to sleep more consistently then she had prior.
Children and animals can have trapped emotions too though they tend to have less trapped emotions to clear. I was asked to work with a client’s daughter, Erica, who loved horses and was soon to participate in a riding competition. I can identify what the emotion is, when it became trapped and where the energy resides in your body. There are many conditions that have been helped by the Emotion Code such as abdominal pain, joint and back pain, chest pain, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, migraines, cancer, anxiety, depression, phobias, panic attacks, addictive behaviors and more. You will find a list of physical conditions and emotional symptoms that have been helped by the Emotion Code on the Who’s it for? Please understand the Emotion Code and the Body Code are not intended to replace your medical providers or your treatment plan as I do not medically treat or diagnosis. Releasing trapped emotions makes conditions right for the body to heal so physical and emotional difficulties often disappear or become much more manageable. Your conscious mind may not remember why a specific emotion became stuck in your body at a certain age, and you don’t need to remember. The amazing thing about energy work is I don’t need to be in the same room with you let alone the same state for me to learn what your body has to tell us or for you to have positive results. For both the Emotion Code and the Body Code, I act as an interpreter for you by using a technique known as muscle testing to receive the answers your subconscious provides. Within just a minute or two, we can identify the first trapped emotion, when it occurred, and where it’s lodged in the body.  Then, I run a magnet over the governing meridian to “erase” the vibrational energy of the trapped emotion just like a credit card is erased when a magnet runs over it. The governing meridian runs from the forehead to the lower spine.  Chinese medicine teaches us that the governing meridian is like a river flowing with life giving energy. When I work from a distance, I run the magnet over my governing meridian while I’m tapped into your energy field. Some of the emotions that affect us were passed down from our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents, etc. The Emotion Code allows us to identify the trapped emotion, who it came from (mother’s side or father’s side) and in what generation the emotion became trapped.

Samantha was in the hospital with acute pancreatitis when her mother-in-law, Roberta, called to ask me to work on her. After getting permission from Samantha to work on her, Roberta and I conducted a distant Emotion Code session on her behalf. I worked with a mother and her daughter who had each acquired the trapped emotions of “depression”, “betrayal”, and “indecisiveness”. These trapped emotions had been passed on the female side of the family from mother to daughter, generation after generation. Ann, 88, has had problems with restless legs for years that bothered her when she goes to bed at night. Only 3 (three) extra pieces are allowed as checked baggage; All additional pieces will be transported as cargo, depending on available space, on board of the passengers flight or the freighter. Discount on excess baggage For excess baggage taken on flights between Paramaribo and Amsterdam, the excess baggage costs can be paid in advance at the SLM booking office or at one of the authorized travel agents.In that case you are entitled to a 20% discount applicable on the excess baggage rates. This entry was posted in Tossed Salad, Tracy's Posts and tagged baggage, conflicts, emotional baggage, entourage, freedom, neurotic, purge, travel by Tracy Westerholm.
My only fear is that I will forget too many special memories and so I have this attachment to old photographs as a reminder to them. Isn’t is great to be able to learn from wise people like Jan without actually having to go through the experience she did.
The emotional baggage that has accumulated throughout my life is a little harder to dispose of but I’m working on it. See checked in baggage and cabin baggage for details, including restrictions on the excess baggage and liquids, aerosols and gels you may carry onboard with you.
It’s the stuff born from difficult and negative experiences yet has the power to keep us stuck in our love life, our work life, our family life, and so on years after the event is over. What happens when we don’t release them is they become trapped in the body and create all sorts of imbalances that can have detrimental effects shortly afterward or many years later.   Not only can trapped emotions live in our bodies long after the event, they can even be passed on at the time of conception from generation to generation.
Brad is working with a caller who is having breathing problems on the “You Wealth Revolution” program with host Darius Barazandeh.
She was feeling “antsy” and having problems concentrating on her work projects in order to meet her deadlines. This was a huge change from how she’d been ruminating constantly about her friend’s death in the previous days.
When a child has experienced trauma, abuse, neglect, or abandonment, trapped emotions can manifest in extreme forms including temper tantrums and anger issues, suicidal thoughts, and self-abuse.
The problem was Erica had become quite accident-prone and had had several injuries recently. Energetically, I tap into an individual’s energy from a distance to find and release the baggage that is having an effect on you in the present and is ready to be released. Each one is released simply and easily with no need to relive the negative experience that produced it.
I simply work on energetic imbalances and leave it up to your body to make whatever adjustments it needs to make. Similar to what we find in hypnosis, your subconscious knows what happened in the past and it knows what you need to do to make your body well. I ask a series of questions and receive affirmative or negative responses while I muscle test myself.

Releasing emotional baggage sends revitalizing energy to the surrounding areas of the body. At the same time the trapped emotion is released from you, it is also released from the ancestry lineage whether or not the person is living or has passed on. We found the inherited trapped emotions of “terror” and “resentment” that came from her mother. In their case, depression runs in the family as well as a chromosomal defect that is passed through the females from mother to daughter. Applicable to Economy class baggage allowance 1 piece : Only 4 (four) extra pieces are allowed as checked baggage, however simultaneous transport of the numeber of extra pieces depends on availability of space. Applicale to Economy class baggage allowance 2 pieces : Only 3 (three) extra pieces are allowed as checked baggage, however simultaneous transport of the number of extra pieces depends on availability of space.
Items in excess of 32 kg (70 lbs) will not be accepted as baggage and may be only be transported as freigt.For transport of (additonal) extra pieces of any extra piece of 32 kg (70 lbs) as freight please contact SLM Cargo Department.
She passed the trapped emotion of “grief” down to my brother who then passed it on to his child. Her problem was persistent hip pain in her Sacro-Iliac joint that made getting out of bed and her workouts very painful. She was told her face was lighter and brighter and the dark circles under her eyes were lightening up. Clearing a child’s trapped emotions helps them in their crucial developmental years and leaves the baggage behind so their not bringing it into their adult years. Muscle testing is another term for kinesiology and is used widely by the Chiropractor community.
Before Samantha was born, her mother had been severely abused by her first husband and passed several trapped emotions on to her. We released the inherited trapped emotions from both Samantha and her mother. The next morning her doctors were so impressed with how she was doing, they discharged her.
Eventually those tissues will fall into resonance with the vibrational energy of the trapped emotion thus experiencing that energy on a continual basis. Jewel felt relief when we released two specific emotions that were trapped at age 20 – “lost” and “sadness”. I find that many of the stronger emotions are inherited, which means they’ve had an impact on their life since birth.
She entertained the idea of traveling across the globe with a new friend, which was something she previously would never have considered. Roberta also told me that Samantha’s mother received a benefit as well and was feeling lighter and happier the day after the release work.
The good news is when trapped emotions are released people often go on to live healthier and happier lives.

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