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Recent CommentsNew Regulations for Visa Extension in Thailand May: Hi Mary, We are in a similar situation (overstay by one day in Phuket).
New Regulations for Visa Extension in Thailand Giusi: Hi everyone, has someone recently experienced to come back to Thailand by land after spending 3 days to Laos? Thai Airways International has just announced that they will increase the baggage allowance for all of their passengers by 10 kilos. Economy class passenger will be allowed one extra baggage and the total of 2pieces are free of charge.
1) First originating point of the journey is Asia except Japan and the destination is Japan, USA, Canada or Latin America. Travel Beyond Entertainment Travel Management, as one of only three airline recognised music touring group travel agency specialists in the whole of Australia.
The airline has grown from strength to strength over the last decade, it is also currently the only international airline in the world serving over 200 routes globally providing efficient connections from its centrally located hub in Istanbul Turkey.
Hand Carry is currently 7kg for adult passengers and 7kg for child passengers able to carry their own hand carry. When an airline revises its baggage allowance and fee for international flights, its regular passengers hit the panic button. However, Etihad Airways did just the opposite and revised its baggage policy for transatlantic flights to the pleasure of its customers.
The new Etihad baggage allowance for Economy flights to and from Brazil consists of two pieces of check-in baggage; each weighing up to 32 kg. Etihad Airways’ Economy Value and Economy Freedom guests can carry two pieces of baggage with a weight limit of 23 kg (51 lbs) for each instead of one piece of 30 kg (66 lbs), on certain routes. Etihad Airways’ excess baggage fee structure has been revised only to benefit passengers flying on long-haul routes.

Etihad Airways has deployed a new baggage tracking system to monitor the location of travelers’ bags from check-in to destination airports.
We book online cheap flights from USA and Canada with Etihad Airways and other international airlines. ANA is to increase the free baggage allowance for passengers traveling in economy class on international flights.
With tickets issued on Jan 8, passengers will be able to check in two pieces of free baggage as opposed to the one piece under the current rules. This is to counter China eastern who takes a large chunk of traffic by offering 23 x 2 piece baggage. This means that Economy will increase from 20kg to 30kg, Royal Silk from 30kg to 40kg and Royal First from 40kg to 50kg. Whether airlines increase check-in luggage fees or decrease baggage size and weight limits, travelers end up paying extra bucks in either case. As per the latest revision, Etihad Airways baggage allowance has increased, while luggage fees have dropped. Fliers can check in one, two or three pieces of baggage according to their travel class, fare choice, route and the status of their Etihad Guest loyalty program membership. Economy Class passengers can carry 2 check-in bags with total weight of 46 kg on Etihad’s flights to and from the US and Canada. Etihad Gold and Platinum Guest members can check in one extra piece of baggage weighing up to 32 kg apart from the regular check-in baggage allowance for them. FlyHigh publishes news, stories and articles related to travel, food, culture, tourist places, airlines, airports and lounges. The free allowance for weight and size will remain unchanged, as will the free baggage allowance rule for first and business class passengers.

However, in the wake of an influx of requests for an amendment to the rule, as well as a growing number of foreign passengers who carry large amounts of luggage, the company decided to once again return to the two-bag policy. This new measure is believed to be a temporary one in order to be competitive against other airlines. For instance, British Airways’ new cabin baggage policy came to the displeasure of air travelers.
The newest Etihad baggage allowance and fee structure is in keeping with the airline’s new Fair Choices released in August 2015.
It is a fair and transparent baggage policy in tune with the best practices in the air travel industry, according to Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways’ Chief Commercial Officer.
As per the new Etihad Airways baggage allowance, the weight limit of check-in bags (one or two) should not exceed 32 kg on Economy flights to and from all other destinations. The increased check-in baggage allowance for Etihad Guest members is not applicable to flights to and from the US, Brazil and Canada. British Airways reduced the size limits of hand baggage in a bid to maximize storage space in overhead bins of aircraft. You will get another 30% discount on Etihad’s excess baggage fees if you pre-purchase the extra baggage allowance directly from the airline within 24 hours before your flight. Even boarding is denied to the Premium Economy and Economy passengers carrying handbags larger than 40x30x15 cm.

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