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Following are some recommended Bag Organizer Inserts if you are planning to buy one for your Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM and GM.
Emma 28 by CloverSac is our preferred choice when it comes to choosing a purse insert for Neverfull MM. It has structure cards that can be inserted at the side and the bottom to add overall structure to your Neverfull so no base shaper is required.
LV Neverfull MM – you can use Extra Jumbo Size in zippered or non-zippered if you like a really snug fit, or use the Jumbo size in zippered or non-zippered if you want to fit a tablet, notebooks, or files between the bag and the organizer. If you are looking for a bag organizer for your Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM, MM or even GM, CloverSac has one of the best bag organizer to keep your things organize inside your handbag. All bag organizers by CloverSac come with a centre compartment pockets that can be removed in case you need more space inside your handbag.

Louis Vuitton is not a very structured handbag, what we meant by being not structured is it is not able to stand by itself.
All bag organizers by CloverSac also comes with 3 plastic cards that can be inserted at the both sides and the bottom.
These plastic cards help to make the entire structure of the bag organizer sturdier, making it one of the most structured bag organizer in the world today. About UsCloverSac specialise in designing handbag accessories such as Purse Organizer Insert, Base shaper, Purse Raincoat, Dust Bag and Bag Storage Pillow Insert. In our opinion, the Extra Large works Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM even though both are recommended. Owners of this type of purse know that there is only ONE small pocket inside an open interior and finding your stuff can be an ordeal.

With hundreds of different types of bag organizer and purse organizer insert sold in the market with some even costing as cheap as USD$5.00, why bag organizer by CloverSac? If you have a water bottle you will like these centre compartment pockets as it can be slot water bottle easy. The purpose of this product to provide the Neverfull with organization for your things and prevent the bottom from sagging due to weight. Our two sided Bag Organizer holds at least 10 compartments, surely anything and everything for your everyday needs!

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