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Although I'd come across Seldon Yuan's Bandolier Bag (created under his SSCY moniker) before he submitted it to our call for submissions our All City All Stars exhibition during ICFF this year, I didn't realize that he was more than just a designer: we ended up selecting his other entry, a sculptural work called "Center of the Youniverse," for the exhibition. The Chill Can is a package design with a twist: If the name didn't tip you off, the thing chills itself.
In their quest to cover the full range of wallet needs, the relentlessly-evolving Bellroy has released a new model that's the opposite of the carry-all Travel Wallet: The Card Sleeve Wallet. There have been at least a couple ultra-popular wallets on Kickstarter lately, typically variations on ad hoc solutions dressed up in premium materials. This bag defines versatility, with a quick pull of the straps, use of the zippered straps you can easily convert your backpack to a sling bag or a shoulder bag hobo. This multi-function bag is convertible to a handle back, backpack, single-shoulder bag, messenger bag etc.

Featuring our favorite glazed Italian leather in a vintage style messenger taken from the Ellington archives.
The Fat-Boy convertible backpack bag is heavy-duty and well designed with lots of functional compartments and features. When we met in person, he mentioned that he was also working on poetry and a novel, supporting himself as a web developer. Aside from design, his interests include art, music, cycling, urbanism, food, patterns, maps, coffee and em-dashes—seriously, he includes at least one in every post he writes.
Tuck away the cross body strap and wear the bag as a backpack, or zip up your backpack straps and wear the bag as a messenger bag. Since then, he spent the summer working on a public sculpture, which is currently on view at Socrates Sculpture Park, and he's scarcely had a moment to catch his breath as he's been selected for the next year's Bronx Museum of Art Biennial.

The zipper pouches on the outside give you easy access to cell phones, keys, and baby toys – 8 pockets total. Tired of having to take off a backpack to access it and annoyed with trying to ride a bike with a tote bag, they've combined the features of both to create a perfect hybrid for travel by bike or by foot.
With a few simple steps the bag converts from a tote bag to a backpack and back again.Jack-of-all-trades though he may be, Seldon's work consistently reflects his detail-oriented dedication to producing excellent results, whether it's a work of art, design or writing.

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