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Two exquisite pouches have been created for Mimco as part of their collaboration with Ethical Fashion Artisans with a community in remote Africa - Maasi. We think everybody should be able to travel this world of ours, no matter the size of your bank account, so keeping a look-out for the cheapest, yet still awesome places to go is second nature by now. Georgia is a place I havena€™t been, but when I heard how cheap it was and seen how beautiful, I put it on my list of to-goa€™s.
When it comes to Central America, you tend to hear about the beaches and jungles in Costa Rica, volcanoes in Guatemala and diving in Honduras and Belize. I was trying to decide on this next cheap destination, and although I almost chose Yemen with its Socotra Island, I ended up going with Tunisia. A friend disagreed with a couple of these pics and after a discussion i found out his way of thinking.
About Latest Posts Justin CarmackWanderer and diver at True NomadsI've been on the road for 4.5 years now, visiting 71 countries, 6 continents and endless adventures. Hi, i have reading out and i will definitely bookmarrk your site, just wanted to say i liked this article.
Indonesia, Myanmar, and India are really high on my list so it’s great to see they are still cheap!
I’ve been on the road for over a year and a half now and stayed in Estonia for 3 months and Perth for about 8 months. The working holiday visa is easy to get- I was approved instantly- but you can only work with each company for 6 months.

Interesting list- I’m hoping to get to Nicaragua pretty soon so am glad to hear it’s still cheap! Whilst Myanmar is very cheap in terms of eating and drinking, accommodation is certainly not.
Estonia is definitely on my list but I hope there are some quiet places left (maybe off season?). In partnership with the NGV MIMCO have captured some of their favourite women of the arts, what they've learnt from their mum and what they love about motherhood. Petersburg (and Stockholm a ferry ride away), with their outrageous prices, Tallinn and the rest of Estonia can still boast backpack-able prices. This amazingly beautiful and diverse country has been attracting backpackers for a good while now, and for plenty of good reasons.
What most don’t realize is that Nicaragua has all those things and more, and in some cases, better quality.
They are both amazing places to backpack, with their awesome landscapes and people, but since this is about CHEAP destinations, I figured Tunisia was much cheaper to get to, from most of the western world. Them head next-door to Thailand’s forgottenA neighborA  The beaches and jungles and reef diving is just as good, but much more untouched. He told me that the cheapest places to backpack are the US and Canada, because they are the easiest to dumpster dive, train hop and camp out-doors. Myanmar has really been moving up my list of places to visit soon – I really need to make it over there.
It is one of only two places in the world where someone immediately attempted to sell me heroine. Now mainly all of the hostels in Tallinn are run by and filled by loud, male, Australian tourists who are quickly turning the town into a Eastern European version of Australia. I have to admit though, I nearly fell off the chair when I got to the bottom and saw Australia!! I tried to come up with different countries than the regular ones on the backpacker trails. Estonia’s twin countries, Latvia and Lithuania, are pretty similar in prices as well.
A good friend, who has been all over Africa, once told me that Ethiopia is probably the most beautiful country on the whole continent. I once talked to a guy that owned 7 hostels in Eastern Europe, and he told me that he and others were starting to open hostels in Georgia because the prices were still low and it was just getting discovered by backpackers and tourists.
The violence and dramas seem to be in the past, and you should be taking advantage while you still can.

Burmese people could really use our tourist dollars as well, but try not to give the government a cent, just the locals. He said he could go to any church or fire station or whatever and ask for a place to sleep and was never turned down.
I always have to tell my friends that Costa Rica is really expensive to travel because they automatically think Central America = dirt cheap. Estonians are friendly welcoming people and the cobble stone street of Tallinn are straight out of medieval times. I’m an Aussie looking to get off these shores for travel experiences because it is sooooo expensive to do here. It’s also impossible not to pay the government a cent since most tourist zones (Bagan, Inle) have a $10-$15 foreigner tax upon entry.
So it’s a good idea to visit now before it becomes another mainstream destination on the Lonely Plant trails.
The government works hard at keeping the drug wars out of tourist areas, and these days thata€™s nearly everywhere in Colombia. In ten year Myanmar will probably be the next Thailand and over crowded with drunken vacationers. I guess if you think this way and are that hard-core of a traveler, it’s hard to argue with his reasoning. When all you hear about from South America is Copacabana, Patagonia, Machu Picchu and the Galapagos, people tend to forget poor old Colombia.
So while every regular backpacker in the world is heading to Thailand, you should be getting off the beaten track a little and going a little farther south to Indonesia. Colombia might not be quite as cheap as Bolivia or Peru, but my advise is to check out something different. The problem is I hear about a lot of backpackers that really want to go to Australia but avoid it because it’s so expensive (seriously, $10 a pint??). But what a lot of them might not know is how easy it is to get a Working Holiday visa, and how many jobs there are in Oz.
You can literally hop from job to job,A town to town,A and see all of Australia, and leave there with more money than you came with. Eastern Europe fascinates me but does not seem as safe as for example Croatia which is not cheap but a great country.

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